Your Decision Time: The 2018 11-inch iPad Pro VS 12.9-inch iPad Pro was compared

Just $ 200 11-inch and 12-inch 2018 iPad separates professionals. This is a fairly narrow difference, and we have been told that this is a tough call – so AppleInsider is here to help.

2018 iPad Pros

Both the iPad Pros – despite the size – there are only internal specs. This means that you will not perform better to choose each other, so the decision actually comes to the screen size.

One of the different reasons will prefer a special shape on the other, there are three where one model is excellent on the other.


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12.9-inch iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard Folio

At 12.9 inches, the Apple Smart Keyboard folio fits a full full-size keyboard. It makes it easy from the computer to the iPad Pro. 11 inches, however, is very small, and requires a more compact implementation.

The 11-inch compressed down keyboard is still a good typing experience, but some people have to use it.

Whether you’re using smart keyboard folio or on-screen keyboard, typing is better at a larger size.


That big performance also lends itself well to multitasking.

A 11-inch display is a beautiful piece of glass for watching photos, watching movies or playing games. But when it comes to multitasking, it can be a fast cramp.

Along with this, you can see a video in the picture, Split screen tabs are typing and Safari, and you can access Twitter via Slide Over. At 12.9 inches, there is enough space for each of these tasks.

When typing on the screen instead of the keyboard, it cramps more than the smallest of the two. The on-screen keyboard takes a bigger part of the screen, giving a chance of serious multitasking closer to impossible,


Apple has reduced the size and weight of iPad Pro this year to a great extent, but 12.9 inches is still heavy. If you are going to use it for reading, keep it for a long time, or turn it around your bag often, 11-inch shines.

11-inch iPad Pro

With the smart keyboard folio associated with the 12-inch model, it actually weighs slightly higher than the previous iPad Pro with smart keyboards.

If you still want the best screen as light as possible, then select 11-inch.

Decision time

There are still many variables that we can not take into consideration, personal preference playing a big role. Sometimes you want the biggest screen or are not worried about the bones of $ 200 which make the difference.

Everything is cut and not dry from it, but if you are planning to use the iPad Pro in one of the above scenarios, then hopefully it will increase your logic if you choose each other.

Where To Buy

Apple authorized resellers are currently challenging 2018 iPad professionals on time for the holidays. Save $ 50 to an 11-inch model on the latest 12.9-inch tablet or $ 60. Resellers like Adorama and B & H photos, will not collect sales tax in many states too. For the latest deals and product availability, make sure to check out our iPad Price Guide.

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