Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T : Date, price, specifications

Redmi Note 8 will be introduced at an event next week in Madrid, and we already know about some of its specifications of this new terminal, which can also see pictures circulating on the network.

Xiaomi wants to start the month of November with a new launch in smartphone terminals and it seems that the time has come for the new Redmi Note 8T model which will be positioned below the Redmi Note 8 Pro in terms of price.

In fact, one of its main features is that we are able to know thanks to some filtered images, the fact that it includes chip support with NFC technology, favoring the use of mobile payments, among other advantages.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T: Availability and price

Although the availability and price of the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T is something that we will not know until next November 6, for which the date of holding an event in the brand Madrid, we already know some important information.

It is very likely that the Redmi Note 8T is priced slightly higher than the Redmi Note 7 model at € 179, and in turn, less than € 249 which is the current cost of the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

In fact, everything suggests that its price for the Redmi Note 8T will be located below the € 199 barrier, including a quad camera with more specific specifications of 4GB RAM and 128GB storage.

It seems clear that its availability will be immediate, so that Xiaomi may have units for sale in view of the most important technical dates of the year, proximity to the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday festivities 

What specifications will the Redmi Note 8T have?

Photos made public have some key features, such as the fact that the Note 8T will have the same screen size as the Xiaomi Note 8, with a 6.3-inch diagonal with Gorilla Glass 5 protection.

Also, inside we will see the Snapdragon 665 chipset with 4 GB and 64 GB of storage RAM, in terms of the most economical input range model, as it does not download that there is a version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. .

The image published in various channels and media also suggests that the battery on this terminal will be large capacity, especially 4,000 mAh, in addition to supporting wireless charging with the included charger of 18 W.

Last but not least is the fact that it will include, among its specifications, a somewhat unheard of NFC chip by Xiaomi in this price range, at least so far. 

Recall that the only Redmi Note that contemplates NFC technology is the Redmi Note 8 Pro whose price reaches € 249, which could be a definitive blow on the table by Xiaomi to democratize the arrival of terminals with NFC at a low price, something that the entire fan community is demanding. 

Together with the Redmi Note 8, the company is expected to launch another model that we still do not know of any detail, but which we will not lose sight of in order to offer all the news that is carried out in the event. 

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