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Word processor for Mac and macbook

processor for Mac and MacBook

processors for Mac Whether you are a professional writer who wants to write your next novel or someone who only needs to write documents, reports or letters, you do not have any Apple computer or laptop to do this.

However, you will need an easy-to-use word processor to use it, but there will also be enough tools to use it. We have chosen a variety of programs for you, ranging from the simplest to the most advanced.

Microsoft Office Word for Mac 2019

processor for Mac and MacBook

For a long time, the Mac version of Microsoft Office Word was much simpler than the Windows version. This changed with the 2016 Word update and has been retained in the 2019 update.

Word is a program that provides you with everything from a word processor, which allows you to write a simple note for a detailed report with all kinds of graphics. It also includes some smart features.

One of its features is that it has an integrated Microsoft translator function that allows you to translate text into another language. Without a doubt, what we love most about Office 356 is its online integration that allows you to consult documents on your Mac, iPhone or any browser.


processor for Mac and MacBook

The Apple Page program is excellent software to make your software beautiful and elegant, so that you can take advantage of the best tools available. It is like that even in its last update.

Best of all, it is a free program and allows you to access your documents from your MacOS or iOS device very easily. In addition, it is compatible with handoff, meaning that you do not need to close it to open it in another.

We like to see that Apple is still betting on offering a wide variety of templates that make it very easy to create a beautiful document. Nor will it cost you much to add photos from the ‘Photos’ app and change the color and font of your texts.

 iA Writer

processor for Mac and MacBook

If you like writing about minimum processors, don’t worry: The Mac App Store has many options that will serve you. In this regard, we recommend IA Writer, which is the oldest and also the best.

One of its most appreciated features is ‘focus’, which makes the text – phrases or paragraphs – that you are writing always appear in the middle part of the page. This helps to avoid distracting attention.

IA Writer is very easy to work with and we particularly like that it underlines verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives and meanings with different colors. It also has a gallery of documents, easily exportable to WordPress and Medium.


processor for Mac and MacBook

You may not have heard of him before, but the truth is that Scrivener has many fans around the world who use it to write novels and scripts. The reason for its popularity is not difficult to understand.

On the one hand, it has many ideal templates for novels, stories, scripts, nonfiction documents, and even poetry. It also has a gallery of documents and another in which you can save notes you have taken while researching a topic.

You can also create a short summary that will be saved next to your main document, as well as add keywords and other metadata. It also makes it very easy to print or export your documents.


processor for Mac and MacBook

Another ideal tool to avoid distracting is Byword the use of the Markdown style design to create compatible content for web pages. You can also add footnotes, tables, and cross references.

Its interface is somewhat similar to IA Writer, though somewhat simpler. It also includes the famous typewriter function, which slides while typing the text and thus does not mislead you.

If you are someone who wants to use it on your iPhone or iPad as well, you should know that its iOS app allows you to synchronize documents stored there with your iCloud account.


processor for Mac and MacBook

The Ulysses application allows you to fulfill your writing needs in a very simple way. It includes items found in IA Writer, such as markdown support, but has a document gallery similar to Scrivener.

It also has an app for iOS devices, which makes it very easy to edit your documents on your Mac and your iPhone. Your documents are saved in the app in a gallery with the same interface as a finder.

You can customize the interface to your liking by betting on lighter or darker colors, according to your preferences. Apart from this, it also has a typewriter mode which will put the text in the center of the page as you type.

LibreOffice Writer

processor for Mac and MacBook

LibreOffice is a free office suite, similar to many programs offered by Microsoft Office. As the name suggests, Writer is a LibreOffice word processor, compatible with .doc and .docx documents.

It includes functions that will allow you to create circulars, letters and documents for mail. It has all the tools of style and format you would expect from a program like this and also performs an autocomplete function.

With Author, you can also create tables of contents and indexes for longer documents. If you feel that all of this is not enough, you can download all types of document templates from the LibreOffice website.(processor for Mac and MacBook)


processor for Mac and MacBook

There are many applications available for the Mac typewriter style, but the truth is that most users have always opted for Final Draft. In fact it has been used by many Hollywood scriptwriters, but its price is not available to everyone.

This is when Slugline comes into play, a very inexpensive application that also contains many things. You won’t have to worry about drafting your script because it will do it for you, such as capitalizing characters.

Of course, other formatting options have to do with your keyboard, such as putting a word between the asterisks so that it appears in italics or between the two so that it appears bold.(processor for Mac and MacBook)

Google Docs

processor for Mac and MacBook

Google revolutionized the way in which many of us today have to work with building many web applications that we previously had to install on our computers. This is the case with its famous word processor docs or documents.

This is more than a decent option for creating text documents, which you’ll only see, as you can access them from any device with Internet access where you can log into your Gmail account.

But the most interesting thing about Google Docs is that it allows you to share documents with others very easily. All you need is a Gmail account. You can only allow them to read it or they can also edit it.(processor for Mac and MacBook)

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