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Where should you buy an AirPods at the best price

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Many people are already tempted to buy the wireless headphones designed by Apple. AirPods is an excellent tool, has a unique design and best compatibility with products designed by Cupertino.

In March last, Apple was surprised by the second generation of AirPods, although they offer some improvements in the previous model, yet there is a long way to be the best sound quality headphones in the market.

In any case, if you want to pick AirPods while walking on the road or in the gym, then we have created this article so that you can know where you can buy headphones and new wireless charging case at the best price.

Where to buy the AirPods 

New AirPods can be purchased directly from the Apple website. Its price is € 179, which is the price of first-generation airports in their day. If you want them in case of wireless charging, then you have to pay € 229.

As always, the official distributors of Apple products are also in their list AirPods 2. Apple generally does not give up, so it’s worth a look at the following online stores for discounted prices.

Where to buy the first generation of AirPods 

Both Apple and the company’s main official distributors do not provide the ability to buy first-generation AirPods. Yes, you can do this, on the other hand, on websites like eBay, although they can not be new.

Where to buy the wireless charging case

With the arrival of new AirPods, the first wireless charging case came also. Although Apple has not yet sold its own wireless charging base, it is possible to recharge its airports box with the bases of other brands like Belkin.

As we said earlier, you can buy this case with the purchase of new AirPods for € 229. If you already have AirPods, you might want to know that they are also compatible and you can buy it for € 89 separately.

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