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Use a Mac keyboard on a Windows computer

apple device ballpens cellphone 257875 1

If you have recently moved from a Apple Mac to a Windows computer or if you have installed Windows on your Mac, it is very likely that you will see that the standard Apple keyboard is a bit different for Windows normally.

In this article we have put a major distinction between the table on the Windows keyboard and the Mac keyboard so that you can understand how to use the Mac keyboard on a Windows computer.

Will an Apple keyboard work on my Windows PC?

It does not matter whether you use Windows PC or Apple Mac, your Mac keyboard should work perfectly with any of these devices.

Most models, including the magic keyboard, can be connected via a USB cable or a Bluetooth connection, so there is no additional adapter required to connect the keyboard to any device.

Obviously, as we explained the above lines, you will see that some keys on the Mac keyboard are different from the Windows computer’s keyboard.

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Which keys are different or missing?

In most cases, the design of PC and Mac keyboards are the same, but there are some different keys.

First and foremost, there is no ‘Windows’ key in a Mac keyboard. More precisely, there is no key with the Windows symbol in it, but the ‘CMD‘ key works like this when pressed.

Alt’ and ‘Alt GR‘ are slightly different: there are only two ‘Alt’ keys in the Apple variant. To use ‘alt GR‘ you have to press the ‘control’ or ‘ctrl’ key at the same time.

Similar to ‘delete‘ and ‘back’ with mac, something similar happens, in which only the small keyboard has a ‘delete‘ button, although it acts as a ‘backwards‘, because this character is left to the left of the cursor Side removes

To get a Windows version of ‘Delete’, hold down the ‘Control‘ or ‘CTE‘ key and press ‘D‘ or hold down the ‘fn‘ (function) key while pressing ‘Delete‘.

You will not find the ‘Print Scratch‘ button on the Mac keyboard, so if you want to capture what you see on the screen, then you have to use the Windows clipping tool. To find it, open Windows ‘Start‘ menu and type ‘Tool Cut‘, then select it from the resulting results.

The only main default in Windows is the ‘menu‘ or ‘application‘ key which allows you to launch the relevant window (basically similar to clicking with the right mouse button). Mac keyboards do not have them and currently there is no combination of shortcuts to activate them.

There are some other features that are missing, including ‘insert’, ‘upload page‘, ‘download page‘, ‘block number’ and others, but they can be obtained through an on-screen keyboard in Windows.

To find it, go to the ‘Start’ menu and then go to ‘Settings> Ease of Access> Keyboard‘ and enable the ‘Use on-screen keyboard’ option.

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This keyboard can be truncated so that you can open it when you need those special commands.

To get the full pause of the various shortcuts available on the keyboard, you can also download the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator application. This free software gives you the possibility of reassigning keys so that they produce the characters you selected.

Launch the application, click ‘File> Load existing keyboard’ and look for your particular model. Next, you can click the boxes on the left side of the keyboard and see which combinations you need to use for all extended characters.

If you want to change a key, select the corresponding check box (in other words, if you want the character to appear when you press ‘Shift’, make sure that you have selected that box), on the virtual key Click and enter the symbol you want to use instead.

Microsoft has included a comprehensive help section, so if you want to get the most out of the app, be sure to check it out

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