Transfer photos from an iPhone, Mac or camera to your iPad

IPads are also ideal for capturing your photos or taking photos, but it is not always clear how to transfer images to their apple tablet from iPhone, Mac or Camera. We explain how to save a photo on an iPad.

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The iPad is an excellent tool for viewing photos, either due to its high quality screen or its dimensions. However, taking photos is not as popular. We are many who prefer to use the iPhone or a digital camera.

But what if you want to admire your favorite photos on your iPad, but you do not have to save them on Apple tablet? Then you have to resort to one of the ways that we present here to transfer images to your iPad.

Specifically, we will show you how to move photos from any device to any device using cables, airdrops function, streaming photo cloud service or iTunes synchronization.


Method 1. Transfer photos using a compatible cable

2018‘s iPad Pro models use a USB cable cable instead of lightning, which makes it easy to pass the photo from camera to your iPad. You should know, yes, the right cable and you may also need an adapter.

Once you have solved it, you have to connect the camera to your iPad using this cable and adapter. You can then open the ‘Photos’ app, where you should get a new option to import images.

From there, it should not cost you to reach the camera’s memory and copy all the photos you want to keep on your iPad. If you connect the SD card reader directly to the tablet, then you can follow the same process.

On the other hand, who has an iPad with a Lightning Port, you have to buy an adapter that allows you to connect the camera directly to this input of your tablet, but this process will not be as simple and fast as the iPad’s case. with.

 Method 2. Pass the photos using AirDrop

Those who find it difficult to transfer photos using cables and adapters will find their best ally in the AirDrop service. Simply follow the steps below to do it from an iPhone or iPad.

. Make sure the service is activated on your iPad by going to ‘ Settings ‘, followed by ‘ General ‘ and ‘ AirDrop ‘. Choose who you want to receive documents from (‘ Only contacts ‘ or ‘ All ‘) and you have already activated this option.

. Also make sure that both the iPad and the other device from which you want to send photos have access to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The ‘Share Internet’ option must be disabled.

. Now, open the ‘ Photos ‘ app of the device from which you are going to send the photos, select the photo you want to send and touch on the share icon. If you want to send more than one, you must click on ‘Select’ and choose all the photos you want.


. Finally, you will see the photos that you will pass to your iPad at the top of the screen, as well as several options at the bottom. Among them is a list of devices with AirDrop enabled. Find the one corresponding to your iPad and touch on it.

In case you want to do it from a Mac, this is also possible if you have an Apple computer or laptop with a later Yosemite version installed. If so, you can follow this simple process.

. As in the case of the iPhone, you should make sure that Bluetooth and AirDrop are activated on both the Mac and the iPad. In addition, we recommend that you place them close to each other to avoid connection problems.

. Right click on the photo saved in any folder on your Mac and select ‘ Share ‘ from the list, followed by ‘ AirDrop ‘. You will see a corresponding icon with your iPad. Click on it and the photo will be sent.

. Alternatively, you can also open a new Finder window and select ‘ AirDrop ‘ from the menu on the right. From there you can drag photos on the icon that corresponds to your iPad to send them to your tablet .

Method 3. Save your photos using ‘My Photos in streaming’

My photos in streaming’ is an integrated service in iCloud, the storage system in the cloud of Apple. It facilitates the possibility of sharing photos and other documents between your various Apple devices.

On a Mac, you have to click on ‘System Preferences‘, then click on ‘Icloud‘ After reaching there, make sure the option ‘photo‘ has been selected, click on ‘Options‘ and make sure that ‘My Photos in Streaming‘ has also been selected.

On an iPhone or iPad, you have to go to ‘Settings‘ and select the ‘Photos‘ section. In the next screen, you have to activate the ‘My Photos in Streaming‘ option.

Once you activate this option, you will need to go to the iPad where you want to transfer photos, touch ‘Album‘ and open the album ‘My Photo Streaming‘. You’ll see all those pictures of your iPhone and Mac will appear there.

> Method 4. Synchronize your iPad with iTunes

Another way to transfer many photos at once from your Mac or from a camera connected to your Mac is through the synchronization option offered by programs such as iTunes and ‘Photos’. You must follow these steps.

. If the photos you want to send are stored in a camera or on your iPhone, you must connect the device to a Mac. However, if you already have them stored on your Mac, you can go directly to step 4.

. Open the ‘ Photos ‘ app on your Mac and click on the device in the list on the left. Then, create a new album by clicking on ‘ Import to ‘ so that the photos you are going to save are in the same place.

Then, you can click on ‘ Import all new photos ‘, or select those you want to save and click on ‘ Import selected ‘.

. Now, disconnect that device from which you sent the photos.

. Next, connect the iPad to the Mac using a Lightning cable or USB cable and open iTunes. You must click on the iPad icon at the top to access the summary page of the tablet .

. In the left-hand bar, select ‘ Photos ‘ and check the ‘ Synchronize photos ‘ box. Next to ‘ Copy photos from ‘, click on ‘ Photos ‘ and select those you want to pass, whether they are all saved or a specific album.

. Finally, click on ‘ OK ‘, followed by ‘ Apply ‘ and that’s it!

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