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Tp excellent fans for the summer of 2019

mejores ventiladores verano thumb800

Summertime has arrived and the increase in temperature has started. For this, it is necessary to always be a powerful fan, which will help you to cool down the house and save you from the heat by fainting.

In addition, fans are very green compared to air conditioning and can get similar results at a more affordable price. Check out our Purchasing Guide to know who are the best fans on the market today.

Purchase guide for a fan

1. Desktop, tower or standing fan?

The first thing to take care of before buying a fan is the device’s style and size. There are three main types of fans: desktops, towers and permanent fans, though there are also ceilings and water fans.

Desktop fans are small, placed on tables. If you are around then they will help you stay calm, but reducing the temperature of the whole room will be a bit difficult.

Besides, despite being small, most have to be bigger than desired and will take a lot of space. The smallest, apart from this, are also the least powerful, because they usually work connected to a USB port.

On the other hand, stand-up fans are similar to desktop fans, but with long support. The fan is big in itself, which means more power, and will allow you to cool down a large room.

The disadvantage of this type of fan is that the part in which the fans are kept, usually takes too much space and the truth is that it costs to find a stylish one. If you do not want to know what a fan is, then you have difficulty.

Finally, tower fans typically have the same height as the standing fans, but with a more stylish design. The fan is located in the body of the device and not in the upper part.

Tower fans are usually somewhat less powerful for simple fact that they have fewer space, but perhaps the fact that they are small that attracts them. Apart from this, they are usually more stylish too.

2. Fan with blades or without blades?

The next thing to keep in mind is if you want a design with blades or without blades. Blade fans are standard, while bladeless fans have become popular thanks to Dyson, with non-visible blades.

The benefits of fan without blades, in addition to the aesthetic, is that they are quieter and less dangerous. Of course, in return you should invest a much higher amount of money to be premium devices .

3. Additional functions: heat, air purification, and more

In the end, you should also appreciate that some modern fans include other functions beyond the development of fresh air. Dyson, for example, offers models that act as fans in the summer and heaters in the winter.

You can also buy appliances that are both air purifiers and fans. They will first clean the air in the room and then filter the filtered and clean air from polluting substances and allergens.

Increasingly, fans are also created, which includes intelligent work or compatibility with a virtual assistant. This will allow you to programmatically, remote control, or disable it using voice commands.

Excellent fans for the summer of 2019

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Purifier

  • RRP: $ 649

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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Purifier is the perfect fan. As you can guess by name, this tool will serve both to cool your home and warm it when the temperature falls on heating.

Apart from all this, it also has the ability to purify the air. In fact, you can control the air quality of the room at any time and just take a look at the included LCD screen.

This will also help you check the speed and temperature of the fan. Dyson technique is always a guarantee. Remote control will allow you to remotely control the configuration of your fan and activate intelligent mode.

Floor fan Universalblue Zermatt

mejores ventiladores universalblue zermatt thumb800

If you do not want to spend too much on a permanent fan, UniversalBlue Zermatt models can be a good option. The advantage of this device designed in Spain is also capable of remotely controlling.

Something that you definitely would like this fan is that it can be used both in standings and desktop. Just adjust the height of support of your choice and keep it at a suitable distance.

You can choose between the three modes on the basis of that speed at which speed you want to run the fan. With remote control, you can choose silent mode to use it while sleeping and can program it for 7 hours.

Personal fan purifier Dyson Pure Cool Me

  • RRP: $ 349.99

Those who are looking for a fan to take to the office, they will find a very good option in Dyson Pure Cool Me, however for this price you may prefer to leave it at home. It’s so beautiful that you will be scared to take it out of the house.

Of course, when you use it, you will not want to separate yourself from it. It has been made so that the fresh and pure air bursts go directly to your face, so that you feel refreshed all the time while working in front of the computer.

It is a pity that Dyson Pure Kool I is not compatible with intelligent tasks, but of course this price is a little lower. Apart from this, if you are not worried about the quality of air breathing, then investing is not worth it.

Rowenta Turbo Silence Extreme floor fan

  • RRP: $ 139.99

What we usually complain about fans users is their noise. Yes, they keep you very cool during those hot summer days, but sometimes they can not be a pleasant moment because they are so noisy.

A possible solution is to bet on a fan who promises to be silent. This is the case of Rowatta’s turbo silence extreme. It is a permanent fan with a height of 40 cm and there is a technique that does not allow it to make too much noise.

Thanks to the help of remote control, or the buttons of the same fan, you can take advantage of the intelligent mode offered. Thus, the nocturnal silence situation will be ideal for your sleeping.

Dyson Cool table fan

  • RRP: $ 299.99

mejores ventiladores dyson cool desk thumb800

Diane Cool is one of the best options to enjoy Dyson technology at the lowest cost. Of course, you can not enjoy all its intelligent tasks, nor can you use it as air purifier and heater.

In fact, the “small” you can enjoy it will be designed without blades and with the remote control it will have the ability to remotely control. In this way, you can turn it on, change its position and wake up the night mode without thinking.

Of course, remember that this is a table fan, which means that you can only make the most of its benefits if you are relatively close. In our opinion, it is still a little expensive, but not as much as the other Dyson model.

Dimplex 360 cooling fan

If you are not ready to spend a lot of money for desktop fans, then you might want to know that the Dimlex 360 is a great option and at a much cheaper cost.

This fan provides a very compact refreshing experience and you can take it wherever you want. The best part is that it is capable of rotating 360 part, which means that you can cool every inch of your face.

We also appreciate that when you are active, you do not make too much noise. It is important if you want to use it while sleeping, as well as the ability to program it to shut down after 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours.

Tower fan Taurus Babel RC

mejores ventiladores taurus babel thumb800

Another type of fan who is getting more popularity is the tower. Although it is not the most powerful fan class on the market, it allows the whole room to be refreshed and does not take too much space.

A good model is the Taurus Babel RC, which is also quite affordable. Without raising every time you have the possibility of remotely controlling the three methods of operation.

Thus, when you need a little more air, or want to use it while sleeping at night, you can easily change from normal to Breezy mode. It will also help that this fan is very quiet and you can program it for up to 7.5 hours.

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