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Top importent tricks to increase your iphone speed

Like most readers of MacWorld Spain, of course you have an iPhone, and you have come here hoping to find a solution that troubles anyone: a slow smartphone.

There is an indication that you may be running out of empty space when you notice that your iPhone is slowing down, even if it is one of the new models or if you have installed the latest version of your operating system.

It is a fact that all electronic devices lose momentum over time and as we fill it with files and programs. IPhones are not an exception, although it is true that they usually notice less.

You can only think that your iPhone is slow because you compare it to new models, but if you really believe that your interface does not respond in that way, as we do not remember the small steps presented below We do.

You will find more ways to increase the speed of your iPad in our articles dedicated specifically to Apple Tablets, and other tips to improve your Mac’s performance in this other publication.

Trick 1. Check the operating system updates

Assuming that your iPhone is compatible with the latest version of the iOS operating system, we always recommend installing it because it will solve small computer problems with the latest patches.

To check that you’ve downloaded it, just go to your iPhone’s ‘Settings’, select ‘General‘, then ‘Software Update‘.

Now, this seems a good solution only for the new model, because the smartphones that are already a few years old, installing a new version can be contrary to what you want and your device may also slow down.

On the other hand, it is true that Apple has ensured that this will not happen with the new iOS 12 and if you install, then you will see a clear improvement in performance in the older models too.

Trick 2. Close all open applications

When you have verified that your iPhone has installed the latest iOS, you can continue the tricks given below, which start by closing all open applications on your smartphone.

To do this, you have as easy to double-click on the Start button and slide the app to close them. On iPhone X, you have to slide down from the bottom, hold down your finger until the red cross appears and slide every app.

Apple says that due to the opening of many apps, the speed of their devices is not slow, but our own experience shows that following this small trick can help. We only hope that there will be a way to stop them all together in the future.

Tip 3. Turn your iPhone on and off

The time has come to turn your iPhone completely off and on again. To do this, you must first press and hold for a few seconds the top button -in the iPhone 5s or earlier- or the side button -in the iPhone 6 or later- and a volume button in the X.

Then, you must slide the switch that will appear on the screen next to the message ‘Slide to turn off’. Wait about 10 seconds for it to finish turning off and press the same button again for a while.

You will know that your iPhone is starting correctly when you see the Apple icon appear. We do not recommend doing it very often, but if you do it from time to time you will notice an improvement in the performance of the applications and the system in general

Tip 4. Remove applications that you no longer use

If you’re running out of space on your iPhone, it’s time to eliminate those applications that you no longer use. Having little free memory on your smartphone is surely one of the main reasons why you have noticed that it is slower than normal.

If you do not know which apps to get rid of, you can check those that are occupying more gigs by going to ‘Settings’, followed by ‘General’ and ‘iPhone Storage‘. It will not be difficult to identify the applications on the list that are causing your iPhone to go so slowly.

Select the app you want to delete and, on the new screen, touch the ‘Remove app‘ button. If those applications that occupy most are ‘Photos’ or ‘Music’, we advise you to get rid of some of your songs and images.

You can also return to the home screen and delete those apps by pressing and holding a few seconds on any application until a little cross appears in the upper left corner. You must confirm the action by touching on ‘Remove app’.

We recommend having at least a gig of free space.

Trick 5. Delete history and data from Safari websites

After browsing Safari you should also try to erase the saved cache on your device, as this will also help you free up space on your iPhone and therefore, make it even faster.

To do this, open ‘Settings‘ and scroll down till you find ‘safari‘ option. On the new screen, scroll down and click the ‘Delete website history and data‘ button. You should confirm the action by touching ‘Delete’.

Keep in mind that this means that you will use safaris as it was for the first time, so you will not have any record of your habits and preferences and it will take some time to come back for suggesting searches based on your interests.

Trick 6. Disable processes in the background

Deactivating all those processes that take place in the background will help you increase the speed of your iPhone, in the same way that you will notice how your battery life also extends.

First, you can deactivate the automatic downloads by going to ‘Settings‘, selecting the section ‘iTunes Store and App Store‘ and turning off the green switch that you will see next to the ‘Updates‘ option.

Second, you should disable the update in the background by going to ‘Settings‘, selecting the ‘General‘ section, followed by ‘Update in the background’. Tap on ‘Update in the background‘ and, in the new screen, select ‘No‘.

Tip 7. Disable graphic effects

In the form of the iOS 7 version, many visual effects were introduced, which results directly on the speed of the iPhone when creating an incredible experience with the interface. That is why, when you disable them, you should focus on improvement.

First of all, we recommend deactivating the ‘Movement Movement’ option after ‘Accessibility‘ by going to ‘Settings‘ and selecting ‘General’ section. Tap on ‘Reduce Movement‘ and close the switch that you will see next to the ‘Movement Movement‘.

In this way, you will stop seeing the parallax effect which is included in the signs and information when you bow to it. However, most people feel that it is easy to deactivate it after using the device once.

On the other hand, it is also convenient to adjust the effects that are involved in improving the interface and readability of your iPhone. By ‘Settings, Open‘, select ‘General‘, then activate ‘Accessibility‘ and ‘Increase Contrast‘ and ‘Transparency Transparency‘ switch.

Trick 8. Reset your iPhone

To go one step beyond simply turning the iPhone off and on again, we recommend trying to reset the device. The process will take longer, but it is much more effective in solving problems.

To reset, press at the same time the upper button -in iPhone 5s or earlier- or lateral -in iPhone 6 or later- and the start button waits for the screen to turn black and keeps pressing until the logo appears. Manzana.

In iPhones X, you must first press the button to raise the volume and release, press the button to lower the volume and release, and finally hold down the side button until you see the logo of the apple.

Trick 9. Delete text messages, photos, music …

Again, one of the best tricks to improve the performance of your iPhone is to free space from memory. As we have already announced, this can also be achieved by deleting photos and music, as well as text messages.

How to delete text messages

Logically, the first thing you must do to erase a text message is to open the ‘Messages‘ app and locate those SMS that you no longer need to have on your iPhone. Look especially at those that include images, videos and voice notes.

Then, slide your finger on the SMS you want to delete to the left until you see the two options that appear. In this case, you must select the new red button titled ‘Delete‘.

On the other hand, it is true that getting rid of SMS with more multimedia content will help you free up space, but it may be the case that, even if you are not interested in keeping the photos, you do want to keep the messages.

Just press a moment on the image you want to delete, choose the option ‘More‘ and select all the photos you want to delete from your device. You can do the same if it’s about videos.

As for the audios, we suggest you change the settings so that these notes are deleted once you have listened to them. Go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Messages’ and choose the ‘After 2 minutes‘ option that you will see next to the ‘Expiry‘ option.

How to erase songs

Surely, one of the reasons why you have little space on your iPhone is the large number of songs you have stored on your device. Having all your favorite music is a luxury, but sometimes it’s better to opt for streaming services.

To delete songs from your iPhone, you do not need to connect it to iTunes. It is as easy as opening the application, locate that or those topics that you want to erase, slide it to the right and touch on ‘Delete‘.

How to delete images and videos

In the same way that it happens with songs, it is very tempting to save all the images and videos that you make with your iPhone or send you through WhatsApp. However, keeping them all will leave you with no space.

There are several ways to manage all this multimedia content. You can simply delete it from the ‘Photos‘ app. Click on ‘Select‘, choose the photos and videos you want to delete and finally touch on the icon in the form of a trash can.

Do not forget to go to the ‘Deleted‘ folder to get rid of all the deleted images again. If you do not, your iPhone will do it automatically 30 days after you have deleted them from the main folder.

On the other hand, you can also take advantage of the process of passing the images of your iPhone to your Mac to eliminate those that you no longer need to have on your smartphone. Plug in your iPhone, open the ‘Image Capture’ program and select ‘Delete after import‘.

Next, you must select the photos you want to copy and drag them to the folder where you want to save them from your Mac. You can also select those you want to delete but not copy by clicking on the red circle that you will see below.

Trick 10. Change the battery of your iPhone

Since the release of iOS 10.2.1, Apple has been slowing down older iPhone models to try to extend the life of their batteries. Old batteries, low temperatures and a slow charging process can cause irreparable damage to your device.

It is advisable, then, to check if it is already time to change the battery of your smartphone, which you can do simply by going to the ‘Battery‘ section of the ‘Settings‘. You can visit Apple technical support to make the change if necessary.

Trick 11. Restore a backup

The performance problems you have with your iPhone may be easier to solve than you think if you restore a backup that you recently made from your smartphone.

To do this, you must connect the mobile on your Mac and open iTunes. Then, click on the iPhone icon and select the option ‘Restore a copy …’ in the ‘Perform backup and restore manually‘ section.

You must bear in mind that, logically, when doing this action you will recover the status of your iPhone at the time you made the copy, which means that you will lose all the changes you have made since then.

Trick 12. Reset your iPhone to factory settings

One of the last resources you have at your disposal is to completely eliminate your iPhone and restore the factory values. That will erase all the data you have on your smartphone and it will return it to the state of when you purchased it.

For this trick, it is vital that you have first backed up all your data with the help of iTunes or iCloud or any other cloud storage service. If you do not mind losing your photos, contacts or songs, you can skip this step.

When you are ready, you can go to the ‘Settings‘, touch on ‘General‘, followed by ‘Reset‘. Finally, select ‘Delete contents and settings‘, enter your password, confirm the action and in a matter of seconds your iPhone will be eliminated.

Wait a few minutes and you can reconfigure your phone as you did after purchasing it. In this sense, you must choose the location, connect to the wifi, link it with your Apple ID account, among other steps.

Trick 13. Visit your nearest Apple Store

If none of this works for you, you have the option of approaching an Apple Store and asking your technical team for advice. We recommend first checking if your device is still under warranty and that it is Apple who covers the costs.

After all, maybe it’s a hardware problem, it’s better to let Apple professionals deal with it. You can reserve time from the web page of the apple company.

Trick 14. Buy a new iPhone

Okay, surely this is not the trick you most expected to hear from us, but the truth is that if none of the others has served you means that what you should be thinking now is to acquire a replacement for your beloved iPhone.

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