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Top Excellent USB C hub for Mac

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With the USB-C port in Apple’s new MacBook Pro, over two years, Thunderbolt 3 is also known for connecting devices, charging them and ensuring connectivity. In this way, the entire family of MacBook and MacBook Pro today adopts it as a standard.

They stand out for their great versatility because they can become true centers of connections. Prior to the implementation of this port, Apple had included MagSafe’s proprietary charging port, another Thunderbolt, OddTraditional USB, and related SD card reader on its computer.

USB-C is compatible with devices that use USB-A. Just keep in mind that you will need an adapter since the input of USB-C is much less compared to traditional USB-A.

One of the great benefits of Thunderbolt 3 is that many external devices and screens can be combined together using the same port. These are all functions under the USB-C port in the new Mac, which require the use of an external adapter or hub, which diversify their connection options.

Unlike the USB 3.0 ports allowed, the transfer speed supported by the USB C is 10 Gbps, which remains in the middle. It guarantees low load times, allows the devices to be loaded and its connection is reversible without keeping the orientation in mind.

The best USB C hub for Mac

Although Apple commercializes the adapter to extend the functionality of a single port, but there are very interesting and cheaper options in the market compared to Apple’s choice in all forms of cable, charger, hub and docking station. Let’s look at the most important.

1. Kingston Nucleum

  • PVP: $ 49.99
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As a differential element, the Kingston Nucleus provides a card slot reader, which has both MicroSD and SD sizes, which will be appreciated positively by the professional users of the cameras. It also uses the HDMI 4K port to connect a screen or projector.

Kingston’s approach with its nucleus concertor is to offer a unique accessory, in which you can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously without the transfer speed or performance, which is affected by the use of one or the other.

With Nucleum, you can charge your MacBook’s battery while connecting a USB flash drive or charging your iPhone. Its size is compact as the rest, and its integrated cable lets you forget it anywhere.

2. Dodocool USB-C

  • PVP: $ 39
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Thinking about laptops that only support USB C, the Dodocool USB-C charging hub or hub is a compact device that adds up to 3 full-size USB 3.0 ports to handle data transfers of up to 5 Gbps.

You can also use the Dodocool USB-C to charge your smartphone or tablet through the USB-C input located at the bottom. Thus, without great pretensions or a wide range of connection possibilities, the economic device fulfills its most basic functions.

3. Moshi USB-C multimedia

  • PVP: $ 98.70
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Moshi has a wide selection of USB-C accessories for MacBook and MacBook Pro devices. The analysis that has been done is one of our favorite products because the quality of construction, finish and variety of connections are offered.

You can manage two traditional USB-C ports, which is a blessing for users of previous generations of Mac computers. You also have an HDMI port to use additional monitor and SD card slot as an additional element.

12-inch MacBook users should keep in mind that the Moshi USB-C Multimedia Adapter does not have a USB c port, so you will not be able to use this dock while charging your laptop’s battery.

4. Syncwire USB C to USB 3.0

  • PVP: $ 14.99
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Cables have become essential goods in a world where connectivity is paramount. Thus, they offer reinforced USB 3.0 USB cable with twisted cable to guarantee some stability from SyncWire.

Without sacrificing flexibility, the nylon fiber cable has dimensions of length up to 2 meters, allowing it to operate the mobile or connected device while connected to the laptop.

5. VAVA USB 8 in 1 with HDMI 4K

  • PVP: $ 59.99
vava usb c hub 100785162 large

Multi port adapter VAVA USB-C 8 in 1, as indicated by its name, has Ethernet port, USB-C charging port, another HDMI 4K quality and SD card reader. You can also use the TransFlash Reader (TF) and three USB 3.0 ports.

If you want to use RJ45 ethernet connectivity, it is under a cover to reduce the size and thickness of the hub hub.

In short, the VAVA USB-C Hub has all the features you would expect from a USB-C hub, which would be beneficial as well as being small and light to move to your travel bag. Its local Gray Finnish resembles the new MacBook.

6. Elgato Thunderbolt 3 PRO DOCK

  • RRP: $ 349
elgato docking mac thumb555

As a culmination to this report, we wanted to offer this solution from the renowned manufacturer Elgato for all those who demand the maximum connectivity for their MacBook equipment. Truly, you will not lack anything. 

This is the Algato Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock Docking Station, which enables a new connection window for Mac, through the use of a single USB port. Up to 2 monitors of 4K quality you can add thanks to DisplayPort Port 1.2 on your normal MacBook screen.

You also have 2 USB 3.0 ports in the mode C of 10 Gbps, and the other 2 USB 3.0 Type A. is the only hub of analysis, which provides 3.5 mm audio connector for microphone and speaker, an amplified stereo port.

There is a lack of support for SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards, with which you can backup or transfer 4K video in the moment.

It is clear that the price is above average, but it is a basis for using daily with your MacBook Pro device as a desktop supplement, thinking that it is a hub that you can take everywhere in your displacement Are.

7. Satechi slim adapter USB C

  • $ 128.32
satechi type c adapter

Satechi is well known for producing Mac-centric hardware, so it is no surprise that the company has made several USB-C accessories, including an easy multiport adapter. This particular adapter, which is similar to a pack of chewing gum, has two USB-A port, HDMI and a USB-C pass-through feature for charging. Should the new MacBook Pro owners consider this minor accessory?

The first thing you have seen about Satechi Slim Aluminum Type-C Multi-Port Adapter is that it is too small. Leaving the permanently attached USB-C cable, the unit is slightly more than 4 inches, and has an inch wide and one quarter inch thick hair.

The USB-C cable, which measures more than 6-inches, is longer than the adapter, but it can not be sufficient for a long time. Wish adapter has a detachable cable, or at least one cable that is a bit long, but it is actually going to boast a personal preference.

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