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Top Excellent TV Smart UHD 4K of 2019

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If you are looking for a new television, then you have come to the right place. Below, we can list the best televisions you can buy, including 4K and HDR models available for purchase in our country.

We cover the diversity of both types of the best models, and who have the best quality and price ratio to cover the needs of the vast majority and budget.

We have tested and evaluated the best smart TVs UHD4K, however, as it is clear, other sizes are available in the market in all the ranges, so keep in mind that more or less inches issue should not be a problem.

Everyone rated here has 4K resolution. These ultra HD models are those you can buy today. Recommended Minimum Full HD is with values ​​of 1920 x 1080 pixels if you can not buy 4K models or you are looking less than 40 inches.

Every time we manage more 4K content and the main content platforms are ready to broadcast many game events in this new high-quality format. Broadband connections can now support this traffic.

With a connection of 50 MB / s it should be enough to support 4K video transmission from platforms like Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, HBO or Sky. It is also possible to use a 4K Blu-ray player with its corresponding support.

Guide to buying a 4K TV

The resolution of 4K TVs is 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times more than the so-called full HD. In addition to this data, it is advisable to choose an option for a model that has several entries and not one that handles 4K content.

Note that input signals can come from different sources such as high-definition Blu-ray players, video game consoles, set-top boxes, or multimedia streamers such as Apple TV 4K or Amazon Fire TV 4K.

The main specification to consider is HDMI 2.0 type input with the support of HDCP 2.2. The latter is a version of copy protection used by all external 4K sources, so the more input the TV supports, the better it is.

If you buy a model from entry-level or cheap models, then you probably have only one HDCP 2.2 compatible input, which means that you can only connect a 4K device to a TV, which does not look ideal.

The prices of 4K UHD TVs have fallen drastically, so most of them will be able to get in the market similar to the previous two years of HD models.

However the additional resolution introduced by 4K can be viewed on screen larger than 50 inches, which has prevented smaller panels from appearing due to user demand.

To give an example, a 40-inch 4K TV can offer great performance, but the image is not expected to improve, if you are sitting at a specific distance of 3 meters, then most rooms handle the distance.

4K? How about 8K?

Just as the home has started adopting 4K technology, manufacturers are already selling improvements that provide 8K with great fanfare. This does not mean that it is not the best time to get 4K models.

Content transmission in 8K still looks very far and almost no content is available. Apart from this, as is 4K, 8K models are subject to the same rules on the screen size.

In order to appreciate the additional details provided by technology in the visualization of images, you will need a very large screen. That’s why the smallest Samsung 8K TV size is 65 inches.

In contrast to the generational leap of previous qualities in television (from black and white to SD, till HD), 4K and 8K both started without agreed standards. This is another reason that 4K is now a more sensible purchase: modern sets have the H.265 support needed to decode the broadcast, but there were few earlier models.

In the year 2017, a new generation of UHD HDR (High Dynamic Range) TV, which provides better depth of high peak whites and colors than previous models. However, in order to appreciate these capabilities you need to run your 4K HDR TV with HDR content.

Here we have to say that you can currently find some material on UHD Blu-ray players like Planet Earth II and Amazon and Netflix, but rest of the television programs, documentaries, or films are limited to console game instead of offering.

In essence, this is not a problem if the chosen model does not support it, because you will also see budget models which claim to be compatible with HDR, but there really are no differences.

Voice commands

Google’s subsidiaries, Bixby, Alexa or Siri are subsidiaries produced in the smartphone, but are being adopted very rarely by television. With voice-enabled supporters, you can adjust the volume and change the TV channel, but you can also control everything within your reach.

It is part of smart homes, where it is possible to control smart light and heating among others. While buying a new TV, this is definitely a good feature, which you will find only at the highest price.

The best TV UHD 4K of 2019

1. Samsung UE65NU8000

  • RRP: US $ 1,599

Buy on MediaMarkt

Samsung’s QLEDs have become the new flagship models of the company, the advantage of which is that while the size of the panel is not the largest, the cost of acquisition is very interesting.

It is a case of smart TV NU8005 with a size of 65 inches. According to Samsung supports HDR 10+ It is possible to reach high brightness range to see fast or dark scenes.

This TV also has a game viewing mode that in this situation accepts your settings on a stroke if you have a console connected to its input.

If you hang the TV on the wall then Samsung Cable 8 is a cable guide to keep them tight in the rear panel. It has LAN network input, as well as 2 USB ports and 4 HDMI all managed by a quad-core processor.

2. Hisense U7A ULED

With a 50-inch diagonal screen, Hisense U7A supports 4K resolutions with an LED technology display panel. With HDR support, its aspect ratio is 16: 9, with minimum thickness and especially thin bevel.

Its four HDMI-type inputs make a large number of devices sufficient for connecting, for which it is possible to get a clear image display in 4K in good colors. Apart from this, there is a handy easy to interface.

It is clear that it can not compete with those television which doubles their purchase price, but this is a great option for all those who have a tight budget. There is a similar model of 55 inch (Hisense 55N5700) in the brand, but there is a high price.

3. LG 49UK6470PLC

  • PVP: $ 599

Within the entire series of television near the LG Company, LED UHD IPS panel is indicated here, which can be found in very different screen sizes from 43 to 65 inches. The one described here corresponds to a 49-inch.

Between its main features, it is possible to handle many formats such as HDR 10 Pro and HLG Pro, so that many types of guarantees can be guaranteed content. It also includes 802.11ac WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth.

Betting on this economic model of LG is betting on new technologies such as recognition and voice control with Google Assistant, which works under the company’s webOS 4.0 coordination.

For connection purposes, there are two USB ports and three HDMI ports in addition to the optical output which will allow us to operate an amplifier or high quality audio speaker. The price presented in the online store is obviously attractive.

4. Philips 55PUS6703

  • PVP: Unavailable

It is a 55-inch 4K screen model in which the thickness of the thin panel can not be the most advanced design on the market, but it has another set of features and advantages that we have set ourselves.

Philips 55PUS6703 offers something different from other brands on the market: Ambilight. This feature makes this model a great price option, with a clear image quality panel included in 4K.

It does not seem to be one of the best alternatives for HDR performance, or if you want all the HDMI inputs to be compatible with 4K, there is nothing that does not offer. But if you are looking for something cheaper at reasonable prices, then this is definitely a good choice.

5. Samsung QE55Q7FN

  • RRP: US $ 1,899

Compared to any other 55-inch OLED TV in the market, Samsung QE55Q7FN has an excellent quality-value ratio.

For practical purposes, its high brightness makes HDR content with amazing quality for that when you get lots of sunshine, you will not need to run your living room curtains.

The other advantage provided by this model is that the connection box is included separately, ideally if your plans include the possibility of mounting your new TV on the wall with a compatible VASA adapter. Power cord is too thin.

Facing the model of previous generation, it should be said that 2018 has lost some tasks, such as voice assistants, configuration with telephone, or the only socket In return, its price has been reduced by half.

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