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Top Excellent software to clone discs

clone Discs

If you are in the process of updating your device and having more capability or faster installation of a new disk, then it is an SSD, NVRAM solution or a traditional hard disk, the best way to copy data from your previous disk is to Cloning is by using software.

This is especially interesting if it has been detected that your current drive contains the installation of the Windows operating system, because it is impossible to manually copy. In addition, you will have the advantage that the application and data will be cloned into the new unit.

In most cases, everything will work perfectly, and you should not restart the Windows license, or programs that you normally use in your day.

There are programs like this that are free from certain limitations, and others who are paid with a series of improvements. One of the main features that you should keep in mind, is the ability to clone a large capacity unit in small.

This situation is common that your PC has a large mechanical hard drive and you want to install a more modern SSD drive to achieve speed (usually with less storage capacity).

Cloning a small disk is not magic: You still have to delete or copy enough files so that the rest of the data is physically adjusted on the new drive.

Some cloning programs will not reduce the division to fit, even if you have a free space. Keep in mind that cloning software is often included when you buy a SSD, if you choose one pair or one for another purchase.

clone Discs

Another option may be to purchase physical hard disk duplicate. They work independently for the use of a PC and do not spend too much. 2-bay clone technet is a good example for 2.5 inch disc, which costs only € 29.99.

But if you are looking for a disc cloning software that allows you to copy the image from disk to disk, here you will find the best selection to move it.

1 Paragon Drive Copy Professional

  • PVP: $ 49.95

clone Discs

Paragon is a brand in which a wide range of solutions related to hard disk, its performance and optimization, as well as disk cloning and backup, is offered.

In this case, the software we depend on is Drive Copy Professional for us, which costs € 49.95 and supports different versions of Windows 10.

With your purchase, you get a complete set of cloning functions, including the ability to copy over a low capacity unit. One way to do this is to exclude some files if it is known that you do not have enough space, which will allow you to manually save the work of cleaning material from your old disk.(clone Discs)

Drive Copy also supports cloning in virtual machines so that you can work with older applications that are not compatible with your version of Windows 10. Producers and developers have other interesting programs such as the Partition Manager with which you can manage disk partitions and various tools. .

2 O & O DiskImage

  • PVP: 0.0

clone Discs

The O & O DiskImage interface will not be as good for you as compared to other users, which is in comparison with the latest users here, for which we recommend using DiskImage 14, however, for this cloning disk Provides many features.

It is not even the cheapest option on the market, but as we have seen with other such programs, this is not limited to addressing the work of disc cloning in particular, something that would be appreciated by computer professionals.

And it also offers several other backup tools, and is designed for both those who need to keep regular backups of their hard drives, and for those who want to copy the copy of an old drive .(clone Discs)

The message you should stay with is that it is not difficult to use DiskImage 14 to do the cloning of the disc. Select Source and Destination Units and click on the ‘Start Cloning’ button. As expected, it is compatible with Windows 10 and UEFI systems.

3 Acronis Disk Director 12.5

  • PVP: $ 49.99
clone Discs

Acronis is another name of great importance within the world of computers connected to backup and restoration as well as disk cloning. We have used your True Image software for years, but for disk cloning, the ideal solution is through Disk Director 12.

You can buy € 39.99 through its official website at the recommended price, with the assurance that you will have the latest version developed by the manufacturer in your hand.

The Disk Director offers three main features which are: division management, volume recovery (retrieve lost partitions) and, the hand we have, the cloning of the disc

Naturally, it is compatible with Windows 10 and UEFI, the new format is present in the newest BIOS of most modern PC and laptop computers. The disk director has countless options, something that sounds highly if you only need to clone a disc.

But obviously, you will have a very useful and powerful tool when you need to do any specific work of your disk, such as partitioning, shaping or formatting the units in many formats.(clone Discs)

There are several other advanced features for some of the more professional IT market managers who manage teams in their organizations, such as the ability to divide versions and manage virtual partitions on different disks.

You can try a demo version to see for yourself.

4 EaseUS Todo Backup Free 11.5

  • PVP: Free

clone Discs

Although in essence it is a very backup-focused software, EaseUS Todo Backup Freealso includes a disk cloning function. It’s free, so you can not ask much more for its offered functionality. 

EaseUS is compatible with Windows from the version of Windows XP to Windows 10, supporting UEFI boot, RAID disk support, as well as all the great mode of SSD drives and disks, including pendrive. (clone Discs)

There is a limitation: it will not automatically clone a larger disk into a smaller one. That is a feature that you can find in Partition Master Pro. The EaseUS tutorial suggests that it is possible to carry it out but in the free version of Partition Master we have not found it.

5 Macrium Reflect 7

  • PVP: Free
 clone Discs

As with EaseUS we are talking about below, Macrium is not specifically a pure disk cloning tool, but you will find among its functions disk copy functions even in its free version.

The interface is clean and modern and the wizard will guide you step by step in Windows so you can choose exactly which partitions of the previous disk you want to copy to the new one.(clone Discs)

If your new disk drive is smaller than the previous one, it is still possible to clone with Macrium as long as there is enough space in the new drive to store the amount of data that comes from the previous one.

By default, Reflect will use ‘Intelligent sector copy‘, which essentially means it will not copy blank space in the new unit. It is also compatible with SSD TRIM and offers the option of a “copy of the forensic sector” that forces you to copy each sector in the new unit.

For a free product, Macrium offers great functionality if you just want to clone one disk to another.

6 Clonezilla

  • PVP: Free

clone Discs

Clonezilla has been around for a long time, and differs from other cloning programs compared here, in that you must create a bootable USB drive to use it: it does not run directly on Windows, so it requires some expertise. 

It is compatible with BIOS and UEFI, and with MBR and GPT partition types. As with EaseUS, with Clonezilla you will not be able to carry out clones of disks of smaller capacity than the original unit, so if you are trying to migrate a Windows drive to your new SSD that has a lower capacity, Clonezilla will not allow you do what.

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