Top excellent repellents electronic mosquito of 2019


Summer came. With it, high temperatures have come that you will be able to cope better with a powerful fan with which to cool. The arrival of summer also means that you will have some unwanted guests at home: Mosquito

Of course you have tried all types of home remedies: shut the windows, install mosquito nets, do not leave the lights on the ceiling … If you still can not get rid of bites, it’s time to be repellent.

There are such apps from the reticode that promise to withdraw the mosquitoes, leaving the ultrasound. Many people question its effectiveness, so we recommend using one of these electronic repeatents instead.

Top excellent repellents electronic mosquito of 2019

Inkil T1500 anti-mosquito lamp

  • PVP: From $ 40.94
lampara antimosquitos inkil t1500 thumb800

Inkel only produces chemical-free products, something you can consider when buying mosquito repellent. An example of this is the Inkel T-1500 anti-mosquito lamp, which does not even steam or smell.

Like any inkl model, this lamp works by UVA Light, which attracts the insects to its electric interior grill. When exposed to this hot grid, mosquitoes fall completely.

To prevent burns, this internal grille is protected by another exterior and there is a removable tray on the bottom with which it will be very easy to get rid of dead insects.

You can also hang the lamp from its upper handles, which makes it ideal to keep it on the roof or patio. Of course, you should always have it close to a power outlet, because it has to be plugged in to work.

Radarcan Anti-mosquitoes Personal Plus R-100

  • PVP: $ 23.99
lampara antimosquitos radarcan pulsera thumb800

If you need anti-mosquito protection outside the house, you will not get anything more comfortable and practical than anti-mosquito bracelets. This Radar model works like your portable anti-mosquito device but on your wrist.

The advantage of the Personal Plus R-100 electronic bracelet is that it can not be recharged and it can be used at any age. In addition, you can use the button to adjust the intensity that you need at any time.

It works with sonarite technology based on mosquito bites. This male emits sound similar to mosquito which will remove reproductive female mosquitoes, which are only itching.

Although it can also be used with the clip, to ensure that you do not fall we recommend using the device with silicon wristband. This Navy is comfortable, resistant and available in Blue, turquoise, gray and orange.

Radarcan Anti-mosquito R-102

  • PVP: $ 29.99
lampara antimosquitos radarcan enchufe thumb800

As summer arrives, Spaniards and Spaniards run away to get an electronic repellent from the closet like the R-102 model of Radarcan. It is an alternative solution of repellents with liquids or pills, which often give bad odor.

According to the Spanish company Radar, this device is effective against many species of mosquitoes: common mosquito, tiger mosquito and mosquito, jica, dengue, malaria and chikungunya spreading.

Its operation is very simple. It would be enough that you plug it into a room in your house so that it starts emitting ultrasound at very specific frequency and in all directions. It theoretically stages insects.

Rabarcan has been in the industry for many years and is known for the effectiveness of its repellents. The full Antipalags R-200 model is highlighted, which costs about € 30 more, but with which you can fight with the presence of mosquitoes, rats, cockroaches and ants.

Atrapamosquitos Jata MIE5

  • PVP: Not available

lampara antimosquitos jata thumb800

Those who are looking for repellent in the form of plugs, but who work like inkel lamps, will find a solution in this zeta device. The MIE5 finger should be used inside the house and it should have an action area of ​​20 meters 2.

This is one of the cheapest products in this list, and this is probably what your attention most attracts. You should know that this is also a tool that respects the environment, because it does not emit polluting agents.

Instead of using chemicals, eliminate insects by electric shock. It catches them with three ultraviolet LEDs that are inside it and, once they pass through the protective grid, mosquitoes die.

This repellent includes a lower tray to collect all the dead insects, so you should not worry about getting dirty dirt. According to Jata, it is silent and low consumption. What more could you ask for.

Rowenta Mosquito Protect MN4010

  • PVP: Not available

lampara antimosquitos rowenta thumb800

We have not been able to test this Rowan tracker, but it is a brand that we believe. Like other products in this list, it does not work with chemical products, which is good for both your health and the environment.

Like Inkel’s lamp, it does not require spare parts since being plugged into a power supply. You have to keep the trap on a smooth surface or hang it from the hook in a protected strategic place.

The operation of mosquito protection is also very simple. Inside ultraviolet LED light attracts mosquitoes and suction systems catch them. Then, they are stored in a container that you can remove to clean the trap.

Rowanta recommends cleaning it at least once a week. To do this, you have to unplug the device from the stream, remove the container and clean it with hot water and soap. Perhaps some insects are still alive.

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