Top Excellent programs to download torrent files on your Mac

Although they are widely used to download pirated files, you may need to download the legal edge completely, but you do not know how. Below we list the best software for download torrent files on Mac.

If you have a Mac or MacBook and need to download an edge file from the Internet, then you have a wide range of prospects ahead of you. Several programs have been created to download Torrent, but which of these are better? Which are the better features?

With this type of program, you can download Torrent or use a magnetic link to get the file available on the Internet on your computer or laptop. Each provides different functions and some are easier to use than others.

You should see in a torrent download software that it is simple, reliable and fast. Besides, you will be grateful that the program works in the background while doing other things on your computer.

What are torrent files?

Torrent are small files posted on the Internet, which you can download and open with a specific program. These programs download a large file using a process called “BitTorrent”.

BitTorrent allows us to share heavy files with others using peer-to-peer networks, which means that some parts of this file are shared, rather than downloading the entire file from the central point like iTunes Of

When you download a small file from the Internet, which is a torrent, this software allows you to connect to other computers, which also have file and download parts of this file from other users’ devices.

These small portions will be shared with you until the whole file is downloaded. Since then, you will still be able to share the file with others, which is known as seeding.

BitTorrent is an effective way to share heavy files between many computers. It is true that it has a bad reputation as it is usually associated with pirate sites such as pirate bay, but this technique can also be used for good purposes.

For example, it is often used to share less controversial heavy files, such as software updates, Linux installation files, and other open source programs or copyright movies and music.

To download a torrent, you first need to get one of these programs. This software is the one that will accept the file and connect to a peer-to-peer network to find other people who are sharing the file. Then you can download it.

Torrents are illegal for download?

Torrent and BitTorrent technologies are completely legal. However, there are many such users who use this software to download files from commonly used websites to download pirated files.

There are many such search engine files, movies and TV series that have just been released and therefore are under copyright. Film studios have been fighting for some time now.

Define magnet link or magnetic link?

Magnet link or magnetic link is another way to use BitTorrent technology to download heavy files. In this case you will not need to download an edge file, but you have to search this link on the web.

Click on any one of these links. Then, your default Torrent Download program will start downloading the file automatically. It is possible for unique hash codes that they have.

Top Excellent programs to download torrent files on your Mac

1. BitTorrent for Mac

download torrent files on your Mac

The official BitTorrent software is one of the best options, because it has everything you need to download Torrent. In addition, it does not limit any type of data: neither data nor the number of files you download.

Another advantage is that when it comes to downloading in the background, it is excellent, which will allow you to do other tasks at the same time. You can also connect to BitTorrent Remote for a look at all your downloads.

Thus, you will not have to connect to your Mac to know how much is left before the download completes. It will be as easy as connecting to the iPhone. On the other hand, if you want to use the app without ads, then you have to pay for its pro version.

2. Bittorrent

download torrent files on your Mac

BitTorrent is a hidden program, so you probably have not heard of it. However, it will not take long to become a fan. It is easy to use, fully functional and with an interface that does not hurt to see.

From our experience, it seems that it does not perform too much and is free from advertisements and spam. It is true that its interface is not as thin as other programs, and it is true that it is designed for the older versions of Mac OS X.

However, in general terms, this is a good option for good profit and should not be complicated to handle it. It is neither very simple nor too complex. You will see that you will not have to spend to download one or more files at a time.


3. Transmission

download torrent files on your Mac

Transmission from all the programs on this list is the most Mac design. Its interface is attractive and Apple’s simplicity is typical. In addition, there are several types of functions in it and its configuration is not complicated.

The whole process is very minimal. Files will open in a small window in which only one loading bar will appear. You can also get more information about the file, but it will appear in a separate window.

If you are worried about security, then you would want to know that Transmission Developers managed to convert a hacker group with malware after changing the version of that moment with a new one.

4. uTorrent

 download torrent files on your Mac

For some time, uTorrent was one of our favorite programs to download Torrent on Mac, but there are some elements that can be improved. For example, its interface and its benefits offer.( download torrent files on your Mac)

Some time ago, uTorrent decided to add some extensions that do not meet the fitting and install Yahoo as the default search engine. However, now it seems that everything is behind and our side is again.

It is enough that you read the installation steps very carefully and do not forget to uncheck the boxes which offer you extra that you do not need. Again, you can download torrents to use this simple and nothing heavy software.

5. Vuze

download torrent files on your Mac

Unlike UTorrent, Vuze has completely lost our faith. It’s the default search engine in the form of Yahoo and installs unnecessary extensions when you least expect it. This is definitely not at the level of malware, but it is equally annoying.

It is true that you can get rid of all this while installing Vuze and if you remember to check the box to decline. It is a pity that they make it so complex, otherwise it is an excellent program.

This software provides much more information than qBittorrent or Transmission, but manages to preserve that design in macOS style. Choosing parts of torrent file will be easy, such as a song from the album.

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