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Top Excellent PC games of 2018

adult competition computers 929831

1.Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

Thrownbreaker: Vichreyan Tales (Steam at $ 30) is smaller in the scope than the Witch-Definition RPG CD project. A spin-off, throwerbreaker of spin-off, essentially wraps a story around the card game-side activity of The Viere 3.

Although there is a story. Casting as the Queen of Mere of Player of the Lion, Thrownbreaker gives us a window on the world of The Witch, which is not filtered through Geralt and his partner Outcast. Instead, you have drowned in the world of court intrigue, making decisions that will affect the entire realm, because Moev, who is encroaching, stands against the Nilgudardian empire – and is very close to the house. As always, the CD Projekt has a remarkably minimal difference in the writing, in which some cut-and-dry winners and losers are the result of some scenarios.

Gwent aspect is often just as inspired, though. Standard battles can be a bit dry, but Meow’s decisions feed directly into the deck-building aspect. Important characters often correspond to the card, and by separating someone into the story, they may have to leave your party and your deck too. For example, while sparing Scoi’atel from Maeve’s anger, I distinguished a party member directly, and thus lost his ability to search through the cards for the card to play during the fight. .

There are even better puzzle battles, which reconnect the Guant’s card-based mechanics all around unique scenarios, complete the board with a prison braking guard guard, or a fast-paced dwarf and very less talented human A drinking game in between. It can not be a bizarre or cyberpunk, but CD Progek.


Subnautica ($ 25 Humble) understands the attraction of the unknown. This is ultimately involved in our best list. This is one of the few games that are properly balanced between the story and the survival guided experience and the sandbox.

Early hours are pure frantic survival. You crash on an alien planet, which looks like a world-ocean. Like any survival game, the first order of your business is gathering enough food and water to live. Soon you feel comfortable, and the sea looks less alien. You begin to recognize foreign fish in sight, even in case of disaster, take a healthy supply of supplies. You wander further, float away from your base, or perhaps a little deeper under the waves – and then it all starts to be foreign again. A new ecosystem is waiting, it is a bit more dangerous, the mark of supply, the depth of the sea is deeper and more treacherous.

And before you even stumble on the real mysteries hidden under the sea of ​​Sabnottica.

I do not usually fall in love with the game of existence, but I spent a lot of time in Sabnottika. The story is a model of bread Crambs, which should follow the style more often, which can lead the best players, while still much more to search and experiment.

Yoku’s Island Express

In a year full of so-called “Metrodewania“, Yokoo Island Express ($ 20 on Humble) stands out as the most unique. The base is always familiar as: you navigate like a maze, the interconnected world, which opens more and more paths while achieving new abilities. So far, so much symphony of the night.

But it’s also pinball.

This is gimmick. In the island of Yokou, you play as a rock, as butterflies dung beetle Yokoo (or more often dragged) around a rock. You can take Yoko to the left or right, but can not jump. Instead you are attached to the edge of pinball flip, embedded in the field or on the ends of the platforms. Bounce from bumpers, ride ramps, collect fruits – Mokumana Island is essentially a huge and elaborate pinball table, dotted with characters and a fair number.

Some styles feel comfortable as mashups. From the world of the story (“You are a postman, therefore deliver these packages”) for survival “(Oh, and by the way, the end of the world“), and while it is difficult to include a little behind, walking around the island feel angry.

Hitman 2

Here it is, the only traditional, big-budget game to make ontrendingplus 2018 Game of the Year list: Hitman 2.

it Hitman 2 is easy to reduce ($ 60 on courtesy) and says “this is just Hitman.” True in one year filled with repeat sequence, Hitman is the 2th most frequent. It seems that “Hitman: Season 2” was originally intended to be.

This daunty underscores how harmful the great Hitman 2 is. The previous recurrence stumbled in a simple way to blend blood money sandbox fun with a simple, more guided experience. Hitman 2 is moving forward those ideas while making some of the most complex and ambitious levels of the entire series. Each is a complex puzzle box that you like to play and play again, drag them on different loose threads every time and see where they can take it.

This is the world’s most fun game. By hitting your target with a poisonous syringe, you drive a security guard. Next, you have a mechanic inserting sugar in its gas tank. Third, you throw your briefcase on his head and a flamingo is dressed as a mascot. And for this foundation, Hitman 2 adds some more moves, such as hiding in a leaf, or allowing the enemy to appear in the mirror.

Cube Escape: Paradox

I am surprised and thrilled by the Cube Escape / Rusty Lake team. What started as a series of free browser-based games has become more ambitious with every entry, and the cube escape of 2018: Contradiction is no exception.

A three-part experience, Cube Escape: Paradox (free on Steam) starts and ends with the same MacBro Room-Escape Puzzlers, known for the series. The first is beautiful rot, which makes it easy with a familiar array of locked boxes, arcan symbols and scattered notes. Puzzles are simple, which we see in the past forests like Rusty Lake Paradise, compared to that it is very little. For a minute I was worried.

But the second part of the escape from the cube survives: Paradox ($ 3 on Steam) is excellent, one of the most creative puzzle sequences that he has dragged till today. The story bounces between the past, the present and the future states of the same room – in this way technically, the “escape from the room” increases without screwing the scope three times.

And then there is the middle chapter: a 20 minute short film, which presents the beauty of Rusty Lake in a lively way. This is more than an innovation, as well as with it. The film, which you can see here for free, includes such secrets that are included in the cube escape: Contradiction story and overchining cube escape / rustling lake learning, a rabbit hole that now creates something like 15 games. The only question now is how can the team possibly retain itself on the top.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero ($ 35 on Humble) sold me with my elevator pitch. It’s like XCOM, see? Except where XCOM closes the player in its grid all the time, the Mutant Year zero allows you to roam your maps in real time, and then drops into turn-based strategic combat on the command. With this, you can take a detailed ambush, go on the patrol path of the enemy and raise your crew before alerting them, then you can lift the other and the other until you are adequately Do not meet obstacles. This is a fantastic setup, and a fantastic addition to the XCOM-style strategy that mutant year zero otherwise the bulk clone.

But this is the character and the world that has attracted me the most. Depending on the tabletop RPG, Post-Apocalypse of Mutant Year Zero is an attractive and unique way, which you rarely expect in epochalic septic settings these days. Beginning your adventure with a mutated, unmanned pig and duck in your party, you soon gather a group of such misfits who are funny and deadly alike. There are better artifacts, the remnants of our time described by people of the future – who say that a harmless “boombox” is considered to be wrong for the bomb.

There are some problems in Mutant Year Zero, where there are hard-working spikes, some external systems, and they expire prematurely, but this is a fantastic adventure and has just left me wanting

Into The Breach

You are the last hope of humanity in the form of the invasion of the vast insects on the planet, three pilots are sent back on time so that they can try to threaten. Using whatever machines you can command, you have to return the tide of the enemy and hopefully wipe them out completely – or lose them, and start the process again.

In Breech ($ 15 on Humble) is inexcusable, but unevenly reasonable. This is why it is very addictive. Playing on an eight-by-eight grid, this is a strategy game where you can see the next turning of your enemy ahead of time – and try to counter it. When you pull it, you save humanity smartly, you feel like a talent. When you screw it and see the bug, then wipe out the whole city in one turn, no one else but blame it for it.

This is a great onboarding for both new people, and is a satisfying puzzler for Style Deaths. And where both Excom and Mutant Year Zero are multi-hour cases, your average in Breach probably lasts 30 or 40 minutes – changing the classic civilization mantra of “One More Turn” into “One More Run”, basically. I have lost many hours of sleep to save humanity this year.

Return of the Obra Dinn

More than 60 people were in Abra Din. Now, once the bustling ship was empty on the side. what happened?

It’s your job to find Obara Din’s return ($ 20 on Humble). Playing the role of an insurance adjuster in the 1800s, it comes to you to highlight the fate of the day’s crew and passengers. Fortunately you have a remarkable tool in your list, a magic compass that allows you to get the last moments of any corpse.

Or moment, in fact, in fact. Frozen in every time, there is a stable life that you can roam around – and usually some pieces of the dialogue to go with it. Through these fragmented conversations and reference clues, you will have to determine three pieces of information for each member of the crew: their name, how they were killed, and who (if anyone) killed them.

Some are easy. The cause of death? They are usually very clear. And some identification is easily understood. A boy with a big cap and mustache called “Captain”? He … maybe the captain. But who is shooting captain? And why? For information such as “You know that it works in rigging” and “he has an accent,” and “he is friends with this other crew member” can take 15 or 20 more worth of reference for information. . Finally conclude a conclusion

Celeste – Game of the Year


If Celeste ($ 20 on Humble) was just a great exact-platformer, then maybe it would be enough to get on our best list. And it’s fantastic. and this is probably the reason that you give it a shot. If it is, then it is good. Go buy it. Stop reading and just buy it.

Because here’s the truth: it is impossible to explain why Celeste is our 2018 Game of the Year winner, and takes away some magic of searching to spoil it. The better for you is that you only play it to experience secondhand. otherwise also …


Sometimes you play the right game at the right time. 2018 was a difficult year for me personally. It started in the middle, had grown thicker somewhere in the middle, and recently I started seeing improvement in it. There is no need to elaborate in the details, but I spent most of the year struggling against depression and burnout.

And somewhere I played Celeste. It seemed appealing. The controls were tight. There was a lot to love because I started guiding Madeline over the title Celeste Mount, was often dying, sometimes frustrating, but was happy with the entry of the game to climb, the setback To worry about, if necessary, ask for help.

Celeste Mountain is a metaphor – for depression, for anxiety, for self-destruction, people fight for day-to-day every different monster, often behind the scenes It is “revealed”, it is not particularly subtle or unique, there is a struggle for mountain-like-allegory- but Celeste completely erases its mechanics with its subjects. Celeste believes in your ability to continue the fight, even when the world looks against you or when you fall further than before. Celeste trusts you.

It’s a hell of a platformer, of course, but Seleste is even more than that. This is one of the most honest and honest about your subject in the field of trying in some ways in some way, and I have never felt that some games are entitled to our Game of the Year award. Again: Sometimes you play the right game at the right time. For those in a dark place, I hope Celeste can help. For those who do not, I hope that you will still fall in love with its characters and its subjects. You can climb Mount Celeste, even if you die a thousand – ten thousand deaths on the way to the top. just keep trying.


Calling Preity: Mooncrash (Humble of $ 20) An extension is a dissatisfaction. It’s basically a new game, in which Pretty Freeform System Shock Trapping has been included as one of the all-in-one Rugelic. I expected this to work, but MoonCrash is one of the longest releases of 2018, which gives the player the challenge to get out of the familiar routine and face challenges of love all the time.

Beautiful light of the plot The moon colony has been devastated and all the colonists are believed to be dead. Using some types of VR rig, you are able to tap into the memories of some colonialists and “relive” their last moments. The goal is to use the tools available to make it alive.

And at first it is not very difficult. Within one or two hours, you will probably survive with at least the first letter. Although it resides again, and now you have access to more parts of the base – and to carry out two characters out there. Grip: Whatever item you use as a first character, it will go away even when you play as a second character. This perseverance forces you to question whether Shotgun is really needed on this run, or better savings can be made for the weak character in the future. It is like playing chess by itself.

Efforts can feel a bit long by the end, especially when you become more familiar with the levels and start to move through the motions again. Moonchrase is actually a special experience, and it was given a standalone release, instead of being accused of honorable mentions, we will be in our top 10.

HONORABLE MENTION: Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Curse of the Pharaohs

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is 2018’s mainline Assassin’s Creed release, and it’s pretty damn good. Waaaay too long, but good.

It was the second Origin extension that impressed me. Released in April, the curse of Faraz ($ 20 on Steam) finally spread his wings to the murderer’s creed and was freed from the rigors of history. Four years after the occurrence of Origins, Beyer travels to Thebes to examine the presence of a piece of Eden. There, he terrorizes the city and finds the resurrected spirits of ancient Egyptian rulers.

To lay down again to rest for them, they have to enter themselves, with these mythological rulers, they will have to face between mythical places, which they built for themselves in Duet. Ramesses II presides over its biggest victory, the long-silent battlefield of Kadesh. Ektenethane sits under a huge sun, which represents the faith of the monotheistic reign of the Sun god god Atten. Aru is dotted with large statues of Neferti, which is Regal under the eclipse light.

For nearly a decade the assassin’s creed was tried, if not for historical accuracy, at least this kind of similarity. The curse of Pharaoh proved that this series can do a lot more, but given the freedom to try – and then the Odyssey created these ideas, as well as introduction of mythological creatures like Minotaur and Medusa . It’s a new interesting direction, and I’m curious to see if Ubisoft continues it for future iterations.

HONORABLE MENTION: Destiny: Forsaken

The first year in Destiny 2 was a fat man. It made a very strong start, the snap shooting of the series successfully changes the PC. But then we had two well-expanded expansions, first the curse of Osiris and then somehow the equally heated Warmind.

Those who used to anticipate a tech king-style overhaul for the second year of Destiny 2, proved to be perfect with Forsen ($ 40 on Beginning with the death of Cayde-6 at the hands of Uldren Sov, the story of Taken King, Dethinian 2, had made more consistent and higher bets than that point, and the high-level Dreaming City area is one of the most artist gaming Ambitious environment for Hybrid Co-op / Competitive Gambit Mode is a reminder as well as a treatment, which is when Bungee used to be the best business when it comes to dream of multiplayer mode.

In the direction of the so-called “fanatical” players, the game is backed hard, which logs every day, which is difficult to choose and play as a newcomer. Maybe it’s okay because those devils set tone around Destiny 2, and people are definitely looking more positive because the game progresses in its second year.

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