Top Excellent most original technology gift ideas

If you are looking for gift ideas then this is the article you are looking for. We have gathered the best ideas of the most original technology gifts so that you can stop thinking and surprise the person.

You do not know what to give? Do you want to create an amazing technical gift?

If you have to give a gift, whether on birthday, wedding anniversary or any other occasion and you are out of ideas, you will definitely be interested in our list of best ideas for giving technology.

We recommend that you take a look at our selection of the best technical gifts (or nonds), which you can surprise anyone who is lucky to open those gifts.

Star Wars gifts

  • RRP: $ 179.99

In the family or friends group, we can find at least one fan or fan of the Star Wars saga. When you open a gift with the RD-D2 robot mini-replica, would not you want to see that face?

This Sphero brand robot will give you a real thanks to its actual movements (you can drive the RD-D2 from your device), its fully integrated speaker and LED lights, and its holographic emulation tool (you can detect the Star Galaxy Wars). Provide a realistic dry experience. Ships and much more).

If you also know someone who has another Sphero robot, your RD-D2 can interact with it. And most: You can watch Star Wars movies with your robot and enjoy their reactions.

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DNA test to know your ancestors

If you are looking for an original and different gift then a DNA test to find out your ethnicity can be a very interesting gift that will definitely surprise the person to whom you give it.

In our article on the best DNA tests to know your ancestors, we explain our experience with the four DNA companies we’ve tested: 23andme, MyHeritage, 24genetics and OneFam, so you can choose that best suite What you are looking for.

Can you imagine the surprised face of that particular person that he would be able to know where his ancestors came from? This is undoubtedly a gift that will make you successful this Christmas.

DG-TH8805 weather station

  • RRP: US $ 20.19

A gift option is DEGU Weather Station. It can be purchased at Bangwood for only $ 22.47, which makes it a gift that, apart from being original, is very affordable. Obviously, for 20 euros, a premium product (especially the black plastic that surrounds the screen) is not expected, but money is a good value for the device.

The station would look great on any work desk or on any nightstand. Its screen will show you the weather forecast, moon phase, time and day for the next five days.

You just have to open your eyes to know how the weather is going to be today. Thanks to a sensor that you have to keep out, you can also know the exact temperature and humidity.

If you decide to keep it on the bedside table, you can set an alarm, which allows you to have a smartphone, to delay it several times until you finally get up.

Minecraft Gifts

The popularity of the game Minecraft grows and grows so it is very likely that the popularity of related gifts will also increase.

We liked this featured minicraft block-shaped lamp that can be purchased for € 27.31 on Amazon. There are also torch replicas for € 34.25 which will undoubtedly surprise the game’s most fanatics.

In addition, you can find Minecraft Backpacks for 24.99, in which you can completely transport a laptop, books or whatever you need.

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ArtsCase smartphone cases

You still do not know ArtsCase? What are you waiting for? This brand of mobile cases offers you a wide selection of styles and designs for your mobile with all tastes in place.

However, one of the things we love about ArtCase is that the company gives you the option to choose your own drawing or photo to print on the case. Thanks to this you can give something very original and completely personal which will undoubtedly be able to bring a smile to your loved one.

ArtsCase allows you to purchase its cover through its official website (where you can also access the entire catalog of its design), and also through the website.

BlitzWolf BW-AR182 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

  • RRP: $ 89.99

A wireless vacuum cleaner is always a practical gift. Who doesn’t want to be able to clean their house in the most comfortable way possible?

Thanks to this model of Blitzwolf wireless vacuum cleaner, you can vacuum your home without relying on cables, being able to reach any corner away from the plug.

We loved the versatility of this model, since the head rotates up to 130 degrees, and can be used with different brushes; And the fact that it is a fairly silent device compared to other vacuum cleaners (no more than 70 decibels).

The design is practical: light and simple, two requirements that go very well with this type of device. Who wants a heavy vacuum with ornate design? A mount comes in the box which will allow you to hang the vacuum cleaner from the wall so that it can be stored more easily.

We can refer to battery life as a failure. Although this is not a device that you will use all the time (unless you are a clean freeze), the 35-20 minute battery of its battery seems somewhat disappointing.

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Moshi SnapTo magnetic wall mount

  • RRP: $ 19.95

First of all you can ask yourself the same thing: Why would you want to put your iPhone on the wall? However, after trying it we have realized that magnetic wall mounts may actually be the most useful.

You can glue the mount with any adhesive (included) wall, and place two magnets under the cover or housing of your mobile phone so that it can later be placed into the wall mount.

In our case, it was very useful in the kitchen, to be able to follow a step-by-step recipe without getting dirty in a cell phone, or in the bathroom, to be able to listen to music while we were taking a shower The phone should be near the water.

In summary, Moshi’s wall mount can be a basic gift that is capable of appeasing to those people who are unable to separate from their mobile phones.(technology gift ideas)

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Blitzwolf LED BW-LT7 wireless charging lamp

  • RRP: $ 51.99

We keep talking about smart lamps and we keep talking about Blitzwolf to introduce you to its other products that managed to catch our attention, the BW-LT7 Wireless Charging LED Lamp.

If the previous model has not convinced you, this is especially if you have an iPhone or smartphone that supports wireless charging, may be able to entice you because you only have to support your phone based on the lamp So that it is charged.

To be able to tune it with your mood, you can choose from three modes of lighting and also program the lamp to be off after one hour. The Blitzwolf goes even further by increasing its BW-LT7 lamp and decreasing its brightness and intensity according to the natural brightness.

It is an ideal model for students because the light it provides is designed to avoid damaging the eyes due to its soft and natural light that also relieves eye fatigue.(technology gift ideas)

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Homever 2 in 1 cordless vacuum cleaner

  • RRP: US $ 109.99

If you want to give something practical that can be used on a daily basis, then Home Cordless Vacuum Cleaner can be a gift you are looking for.

We had an opportunity to test the device and we actually think it’s worth it. We love its metallic red design, it is very easy to store when you are not using it or when you are charging it.

Charging it, yes, you heard it right. Homvar has designed this vacuum cleaner without wires that will be able to reach any corner of the house. This is what really makes it different from other models of vacuum cleaners with cables.

The device comes with two removable and washable filters for long-term use. Confirming about his vacuum cleaner at home, he is able to catch “99.9% of dust”, it is to say that your house will be shiny without a great effort.

This model is one in two because in addition to being able to use it as a classic vacuum cleaner, you can easily disassemble it and remove it with a handheld vacuum cleaner that will give you a good mattress, sofa Will allow access and access to any hidden corner of the house.(technology gift ideas)

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Okay. A laptop can be a very good (and expensive) gift, but of course you know someone who deserves it. This is why we have not survived by adding it to our list of gift ideas for this Christmas.

There are also laptops that hurt little in your pocket without losing quality. You can check our list of the best cheap laptops so that you can choose the best suit according to your needs.

If you have a tight budget, check out our article on the 11 best laptops this year, and don’t miss our guide with 6 keys to consider before buying a cheap laptop.(technology gift ideas)

Table games

It hasn’t happened for you yet, but a board game may be the perfect solution: don’t go out of style and have fun with any family reunion or friends.

There are board games for all tastes: some will serve you as a team, others will put you out of your most competitive side, others will think of you till you solve a secret and others will Will laugh more than a laugh.

We love Scotland Yard Detective Games (on Amazon for € 25.14) or Mysterious Betrayal on the House on the Hill (on Amazon for € 40.36), although the latter is only available in English.(technology gift ideas)


Drones have become the latest “toy” fashion for lovers of social networks and photography as these machines are capable of recording and capturing amazing scenes meters and meters high.

If you want quality, the drone will cost a small fortune. However, if you can afford it, a drone can be a very successful gift for your loved one.(technology gift ideas)

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