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best iphone games feature

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At present, there are eight iPhone models in the market, all of which are available from the Apple website. But what should you buy from them? In this article, we classify the worst of the best iPhones according to the quality-value ratio.

We can argue for hours which iPhone model is the best. This will depend on many factors, because not everyone needs the same benefits and they can not afford the same amount.

Specifically, we will analyze and evaluate the features that offer – and at what price – the following iPhone models:

IPhone 7 with 4.7 inches screen
IPhone 7 Plus with a 5.5 inch screen
IPhone 8 with 4.7 inches screen
IPhone 8 Plus with 5.5 inch screen
6.1 inch screen iPhone XR
5.8 inch screen iPhone XS
6.5 inch screen iPhone XS Max
When it comes to buying a new smartphone, the iPhone is one of the most popular options. Many people prefer this Apple device to a wide range of Android mobile phones. It does not appear that the tables are going to change soon.

If you are going to buy a second-hand iPhone, then you should also check out our article to identify which iPhone model it is. Just looking at your exterior look, you will know whether they are selling the model they advertise or any other

On the contrary, are you thinking of buying an iPad or a MacBook? We have these items specially designed for you: Ranking for the best iPad and the ranking of the best MacBook this year.

1. iPhone XR

apple iphone

OK: iPhone XR is not a cheap smartphone. However, this is the most economical that you can find on Apple’s website today, and of course it is also that is in line with the requirements of the majority.

By betting on this model, you have to deal with some of the features found in iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. For example, XR has an LCD screen, while the other two has an OLED monitor.

In addition, the iPhone XR has only one rear camera, so if you want to have a double camera behind you, then you should bet on one of the other two phones. Apart from this, practically all specifications are the same.

The best of all, without a doubt, is the battery. This is the best battery life we ​​have ever seen thanks to its low quality screen on the iPhone. It would also be ideal for those who are bored with classic silver or space gray casing.

Basic specifications

Dimensions: 150.90 x 75.70 x 8.30 mm
Screen: 6.1 inches

Weight: 194 grams
Battery: up to 25 hours (in conversation)
Processor: Chip A12 Bionic
Storage: 64GB | 128 GB | 256 GB
SIM Card: Dual SIM (Nano SIM and eSIM)
Color: White | Black | Blue | Yellow | Coral Red

2. iPhone XS

apple iphone

If you want to get the most equipped and powerful iPhone on the market, do not hesitate and get the iPhone XS. Of course, this is also one of the most expensive and everyone will not be willing to spend more than € 1,000 on a mobile.

The latest Apple smartphone offers an OLED screen of excellent display, quality and acceptable dimensions, as well as some casing with new colors that you want to keep safe with a stylish case.

The rear dual camera is undoubtedly of quality. It provides the option to take pictures in portrait mode, as well as x2 optical zoom. Face ID technology still exists, which means that the start button has disappeared forever.

There is one who may look great afterwards but. It is true that if you currently have a mobile phone before the iPhone X, then you will need some time, which is very high – to get the gesture control, but in return you will have a big screen.

Basic specifications

Dimensions: 146.60 x 70.90 x 7.70 mm
Screen: 5.8 inches
Weight: 177 grams
Battery: up to 20 hours (in conversation)
Processor: Chip A12 Bionic
Storage: 64GB | 256 GB | 512 GB
SIM Card: Dual SIM (Nano SIM and eSIM)
Color: Silver | Space Gray | Gold

3. iPhone XS Max

apple iphone xs

With an initial price of € 1,259, the iPhone XS Max is the most expensive Apple smartphone in the company’s history, but it is also the largest. The main difference with the iPhone XS is its 6.5-inch screen.

One part of it, both models provide similar benefits, so they should bet on iPhone XS Max, who actually want a bigger screen to view photos and videos.

So, in XS Max you will also get Face ID technology, with which you can not only unlock your mobile with your face, you can also create animated animosity and memoji. The latter was introduced with the iOS 12 version.

With the small model, for the first time on an iPhone you can use two sim cards at the same time: a nano SIM and an eSIM. In addition, audio quality has been improved and the dynamic range has been enhanced in the video.

Basic specifications

Dimensions: 157.50 x 77.40 x 7.70 mm
Screen: 6.5 inches
Weight: 208 grams
Battery: up to 25 hours (in conversation)
Processor: Chip A12 Bionic
Storage: 64GB | 256 GB | 512 GB
SIM Card: Dual SIM (Nano SIM and eSIM)
Color: Silver | Space Gray | Gold

4. iPhone 8 Plus

apple iphone 8 plus 1505384036100

It spends similarity with other models to justify the purchase of iPhone 8 Plus and more affordable prices, such as iPhone 7. It is true that, on the contrary, there are people who consider 8 plus more.

In our opinion, unless you use this model for professional reasons or to edit music or video, this is not worth the money. Of course, if you are willing to do this, then you will have a high manufacturing quality phone in return.

You will also have a better monitor and you can charge the device with a wireless charger. Dual cameras are the best in the iPhone 7 Plus, but its new features can not be completely necessary for those who are not professional photographers.

You can choose between silver, gold, space gray and red as well as 64 GB for € 919 and 256 GB for € 1,089. On Amazon, it is possible to buy iPhone 8 Plus at a more affordable price.

Basic specifications

Dimensions: 158.40 x 78.10 x 7.50 mm
Screen: 5.5 inches
Weight: 202g
Battery: up to 21 hours (in conversation)
Processor: A11 bionic chip with 64 bit architecture
Storage: 64 GB or 256 GB
SIM Card: Nano SIM
Color: Gold | Silver | Space Gray | Red

5. iPhone 8

apple iphone 8 1505384170110

If you want to yes or yes to one of the newest iPhone models, then we recommend wager on iPhone 8. It is true that this is second in our list, but its main reason is its high value.

Regarding the previous model, this smartphone introduces the possibility of charging it with the wireless charger, such as for the Belkin base € 54.95. Apple has improved its battery life and got the iPhone 4 glass back.

It is true that this last feature can make 8 more vulnerable models, but instead offers an unbeatable performance. The A11 Bionic Chip is actually the most powerful processor of all smartphones on the market.

If you think this is a model for you, then you have to choose between all its versions. First of all, you have to choose a color and then the storage space you need: 64 GB for € 809 – or € 650 on Amazon – or € 919 for 256 GB – or 726 on Amazon -.

Basic specifications

Dimensions: 138.40 x 67.30 x 7.30 mm
Screen: 4.7 inches
Weight: 148g
Battery: up to 14 hours (in conversation)
Processor: A11 bionic chip with 64 bit architecture
Storage: 64 GB or 256 GB
SIM Card: Nano SIM
Color: Gold | Silver | Space Gray | Red

6. iPhone 7

apple iphone 7 image 1 148101804500

The iPhone 7 can not be the latest model of Apple’s smartphone, but we believe that this is the perfect combination of good performance and a great design for most people.

Apart from this, at a relatively affordable price, you will find a device with 4.7-inch screen with decent speakers and enough battery life, which will allow you to reach a wide range of apps in the App Store.

We remember 3.5mm audio output, but in return we have a waterproof device with better general features than any other iPhone, which has a port jack.

From Apple’s official website, you can purchase 32 GB version for € 639 or 128 GB version for € 779. You can also buy them on Amazon, a good option if you want to take advantage of the discount.

Basic specifications

Dimensions: 138.30 x 67.10 x 7.10 mm
Screen: 4.7 inches
Weight: 138 grams
Battery: up to 14 hours (in conversation)
Processor: A10 Fusion Chip with 64 bit architecture
Storage: 32 GB or 128 GB
SIM Card: Nano SIM
Color: Rose Gold | Gold | Silver | Matt Black | Bright black

7. iPhone 7 Plus

apple iphone 7 plus 149096424100 1

Of all the iPhones of the Plus range, we put the iPhone 7 Plus in first place, especially due to the presence of a dual 12 Mpx camera. Instead, it occupies the fourth position of the ranking because its size can throw back many users.

We highlight, then, its dual camera that allows to include the vertical mode. This manages to blur the background of the image leaving the front part – the person portrayed – completely clear and focused.

With the appearance of the 8 Plus, the price of this model has dropped, something to take into account as well. We especially like the aluminum finish, although if you are more traditional, you can choose between a matt black and a glossy black.

You will have the possibility to choose between two more colors, as well as between two storage capacities: 32 GB – for € 779 – and 128 GB – for € 889 -. You’ll find them at a lower price on Amazon , which usually offers some discount .

Basic specifications

  • Dimensions: 158.20 x 77.90 x 7.30 mm
  • Screen: 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 188 g
  • Battery: Up to 21 hours (in conversation)
  • Processor: A10 Fusion Chip with 64 bit architecture
  • Storage: 32 GB or 128 GB
  • SIM card: Nano SIM
  • Colors: Rose gold | Gold | Silver | Matte black | Bright black

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