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Top excellent gaming monitors of 2019

gaming monitors

Gaming Monitor, as a rule, offers best refresh rates, best resolution and best gaming experience possible. In different formats and sizes, even with curved panels, we keep in mind when buying one of those aspects, as well as acquiring the model with a good quality and price.

Purchase advice

Below, you can find the full list of best PC gaming monitors. However, before investing in anybody, take a look at the purchase tips that we present to you first.

Resolution and refresh rate

One of the most important factors to consider is the resolution. If the super high pixel density on the screen is very positive, then the games and pictures look sharp and realistic, extra pixels also mean more graphic power.

You can be tempted by one of the monitors with the UHD screen (also called 4K model). They can handle 8.2 million pixels, which translates into better quality. But the biggest description will skip frames per second.

The current 4K screens are limited to 60 Hz. To handle this quality game, you have a high performance graphics card. The low resolution monitor, meanwhile, provides an updated frequency up to 144 Hz.

We recommend that you currently opt for the QHD model with resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. It has more value than offered by a standard 1080p-type monitor without compromising with the latest rates.

You can always resort to using 1080p values ​​if the game does not run fast enough in the question and jumps in the image display.

Panel technology

The type of panel used by monitors is the second most important aspect to consider when buying a Gaming Monitor. The best performance is usually associated with models of TN type panel technology.

The nematic curved screen has a fast response time, which is more important for sports than other aspects such as precision and color contrast.

The most common size you get in the monitor will be 24 and 27 inches, but if you are looking for a large, then your best option is to select an IPS or VA screen. Both provide premium viewing experience, but at high costs.

Regarding curved panels, many people opt for this immersive screen sensation with gaming experience that a preference seems more immersive than the offered by flat screens.

If you plan to get three monitors to overlay them with the entire Windows desktop, be sure to choose a model with as much bevel as possible to reduce the interval between screens.

Graphics with G-Sync vs Freesync

With the advent of these graphics processing technologies launched by both Nvidia and AMD, what has been achieved is that the monitor adjusts the refresh rate to the output signal of the graphics card to avoid some synchronization delay.

Thus, there are currently two types of adaptive updates: Freeskin AMD and G-Sync Nvidia. Basically, the two are identical, but certainly: each of them must be connected to the graphics card or the GPU brand in your computer.

Gvink has dedicated hardware inside the monitor to run adaptive drives from Nvidia, so G-Sync compatible display is a bit more expensive.

In the case of AMD, the manufacturer opted to add new features in the current displayplatform specification, rather than offering additional hardware. This means that FreeSync monitors are usually found at cheaper cost.

Ports and connections

Most gaming monitors offer more than one input connection, to the extent that some HDMIs, displayplaces and even DVI port can offer a combination, each with its own advantage.

While DVI is quite useful for its widely adopted, we will ensure that the monitor has at least one HDMI connection and the other displayplot. In this way, it would be possible to quickly switch between many entries through the controls on the screen.

Why HDMI or DisplayPort? Both HDMI and DisplayPort provide audio and video transfers, allowing PC audio to be run through the display speaker without the need for additional cable.

While both offer 4K quality playbacks for both high-end games, you should ensure that both the GPU and the screen provide compatibility with the HDMI 2.0 specifications, displayplaces for 4K FPS 1.3 at the 60 fps.

Audio outputs

In audio gaming monitors , audio output is not relevant since PCs with advanced settings usually guarantee improved audio processing. However, it is always interesting if they come with headphone output for immediate use.

Top excellent gaming monitors of 2019

1 Hannspree HG324QJB

gaming monitors

Hanspree has been able to bring together this model of gaming, which monitors the excellent combination of factors that make it very competitive in price. It has an attractive design with a very versatile base and rotation system.

And most importantly, it presents a first-class performance in each mode that allows viewing. The color is particularly remarkable so that the view of the game is lively.

To put parts, we would have added a hub of the USB port and the better speaker, small problems for the user of Hansperia HG324QJB, which can be easily solved.

2 Acer KG221Q

    • RRP: $ 95.84

  gaming monitors

This is a 1080p model with its maximum resolution set to 1920 x 1080 pixels. The technique of its panel is of LED type and not IPS.

On their side, the color representation is much better than our expectations, to combine it with clear visualization of colors and also to use it for other office functions at home.

Its only 21.5 inches size for immersive games can be very small, but Acer has other gaming models beyond the price of the entry range given by it.

3 Samsung 32 “C32HG70

  • PVP: $ 699.99

gaming monitors

This curved QLED model of Samsung has a higher price, although it is possible that you can find it at a specific offer at a lower cost. It stands for the support of HDR, which is appreciable in the level of brightness and the most pure blacks.

With great ergonomics, you can use it in portrait or landscape format, with a guaranteed fresh rate of 144 Hz, also adjustable for values ​​of 120 and 60 Hz. Even your OSD gaming menu offers quick adjustments about gaming environments.gaming monitors

It also exposes its height and tilt adjustment system, with the possibility of adopting the most suitable height for each position or user. A recommended purchase you can buy now at a very low cost.

4 BenQ EX3203R

  • PVP: $ 699
gaming monitors

BenQ is always closely related to the creation of high quality screens and very specific profiles, as shown by this model EX3203R focuses heavily on gaming.

It has a 32-inch monitor with cutting and elegant design, and in normal lines, excellent performance, especially when it comes to estimating the colors of the reaction, contrast and speed.

Now, curvature passes a certain invoice to him when the distribution of uniform light is maintained by each of its areas in its panel. Remember that Monitor AMD for graphics users is compatible with AMD FreeSync 2 technology.

5 AOC Q3279VWFD8

  • RRP: $ 349

gaming monitors

The model AOC Q3279VWFD8 is a good choice for all those PC players looking for a monitor with an acceptable design and performance without your purchase supposes a large outlay.

You should know that it is not compatible with the VESA system for wall mounting or special adapters. Its diagonal screen is 31.5 “and corresponds to QuadHD technology for resolutions of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

If what you are interested in is a good combination of price, design and performance, the purchase of AOC Q3279VWFD8 will not disappoint you, with viewing angles guaranteeing 178 degrees and response times of 5 milliseconds.


  • RRP: $ 349
gaming monitors

The design and high performance there is no doubt that you have to pay, something that meets the model of Asus. Belonging to the prestigious ROG family of products, the 27-inch XG27VQ offers color lighting details to personalize your gaming desktop .

In fact, under the support of the base of the monitor, it projects a nice hologram that makes the environment is illuminated at night. In addition, the back is also illuminated with customizable tones.

This model is the monitor chosen by the Asus ROG Army eSports team as an official product with its 144 Hz refresh rate, something that can encourage certain users to opt for their purchase.

7 MSI Optix MAG27CQ

gaming monitors

MSI’s Opti MAG27CQ 1800R matches a gaming monitor with a panoramic panel that guarantees a comfortable and immersive view when standing in front of you. Apart from this, its bevel design is particularly narrow for the purposes.

Its fresh rate reaches 144 Hz with a reaction time of 1 milliseconds, which in the real time favors the use of first person shooters, race simulators or sports such as sports.

For connectivity purposes, it has everything that can be requested from this kind of monitor from DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0, as well as the third port of DVI type. The size of the panel is 27 “, which makes it windier, its price is the cheapest.

8 LG 27GK750F

  • PVP: $ 499

Buy at El Corte Inglés

With a monitor profile based on AMD FreeSync technology, LG 27GK750F has advanced features in gaming monitor environments. It is not as windy as its 34-inch 34GK950G-B counterpart but does not remember its specifications.

It has a 16 inch 9 format with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 with a 27-inch size. What is standing is its refresh rate, which reaches 240 Hz at this price, there is a slight delay in display of frame.

It is possible to quickly change the predefined settings assisted by your advanced OSD screen menu. There is also a black stabilizer to look for dark scenes, which are so common in some sports.

Finally, it is to say that this model LG 27GK750F has connections to add any additional accessories with HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 as well as USB 3.0.


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