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Top excellent games with early access 2019


In recent years, Steam Early Access Program has grown from leaps and bounds. There are many gamers who use it to play video games in advance, while they are still in development.

To do this, players will have to pay the lowest cost of the final cost, which will be released in the market as well as the final game, give feedback to the developers to finalize the final details.

There are so many games in the market with early access, so it’s easy to get lost in such a great offer. Fortunately, after playing Steam several hours, we have selected the best ones. What do you like


  • PVP: $ 15.99


Astroneer is a survival game established in XXV century and in which players should find out the boundary of outer space. For this, they have to risk their life so that they can find resources, make tools and, in short, can survive.

You will have a weapon at your disposal with which you can change the environment such as it was plasticic. Thus, you can drill the caves in the mountains and on the land of planets you see.

You can make a multifunction vehicle and even a rocket with which you can travel from planet to planet or from one moon to another. You can also play with your friends, ask them for help and discover the wonderful world of Astroner.

Deep Rock Galactic

  • PVP: $ 24.99


Become part of a team of space dwarves, whose goal is to enter an extraordinary world full of procedural caves, which should be detected while fighting against foreign monsters who want to destroy them.

Deep Rock Galactic is a four-player cooperative game that allows you to play and create interesting discoveries with your friends. Each player can choose between four types of dwarfs, each with different capacities.

Real fun begins when, after fulfilling your purpose, you should return to your ship in a limited time. You will see that small tunnels become more complex and solving the game will be a big challenge.


  • PVP: Free


Although many think that FortNight is an ending game, but it is not. The Battle Royal edition is, of course, one of the most popular games of today, but technically it is still in initial reach. It is also specified on the Epic Games website.

A little can be said about a game that practically everyone has played or at least heard it. In the above version, you will have to fight against 99 other players in an open world, in which you will have to find weapons to defend yourself.

You can try to hide your opponents by creating walls or stairs or making a trap. In essence, this is a very entertaining game. You will enjoy a limited game mode, which changes every month.

Hunt: Showdown

  • PVP: $ 29.99


Hunting: Showdown is not like any game played by us, and we love it. It is set in a terrible swamp of Louisiana, where Satan and other monsters live, which you must first eliminate, is not less scary than that.

You will put yourself in the shoes of one of the bounty hunters. But not only should you worry about these creatures of the lake, but you should be aware of other online players who will compete with you directly to eliminate the great enemy.

We like Hunt: visually and in terms of both its gameplay. The game is set very well from a audio-visual point and sometimes it becomes very scary. We are also satisfied with how weapons can be handled.


They Are Billions

  • PVP: $ 19.99

They Are Billions is one of the most popular early access strategy games of the moment. The idea of ​​the game is quite simple: you must protect the colonies of humans from the zombie population.

To do this, you must build walls and manage the colonies. You will see that it is not as easy as it seems, and that is that there are millions and millions of people infected. The best thing is that you use the option of ‘pause’ to think about a good strategy and make the right decision.

At the moment of truth, you will only face 20,000 opponents at a time. The game is divided into two: the campaign and survival mode. The latter is available in Early Access and the feedback of the players will serve to give the final touches to the campaign.

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