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Top excellent free PDF editors for Mac

If it is known that you want to edit PDF, fill out the PDF form or add a signature in the document, you may be thinking that its only solution is to print it to fill it with pen and scan it Send back

Fortunately, it is not necessary to go away and there are practical options. In fact, there are free applications that facilitate the editing of PDF documents with computers, including the ability to digitally sign or add comments.

Many professionals and companies usually work with such programs in order to keep ideas simple, to combine PDF documents, to rotate pages, to reduce the size of the documents or to some areas Could be removed.

It is also possible to change the document with this extension and leave it in Word, Excel or other extension. If you select one of the options below, you can do it for free with some limitations, but without spending an euro.

The following programs have a free version in addition to the professional or paid version. You will see that some functions have been cut or used for a fixed time. We show that each application offers to be able to edit PDFs with MAC for free.

  •    Apple Preview (Free with macOS)
  •    Adobe Reader DC (Limited free version)
  •    PDF Element 6 Pro (Free Trial)
  •    PDF Expert for Mac (Free Trial)
  •    FindReader Pro for Mac (Free Trial)

As you can see, some apps do some things better than others, so the best PDF editor for you will depend on what you have to do with it. For example, if you want a PDF editor who can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read the text of the scanned page, then we have the one who does it especially well.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a PDF editor that is quite simple to use and allows you to fill out a form without having to read your manual beforehand, we have also got the best solution.

We have also got a PDF tool that will allow you to import PDFs into Word (or Pagers), which will be able to edit it later. 

You should know that some of these apps are free, such as Adobe Reader, and others, such as Preview, are included with MacOS. There are others who are worthy of considering the possibilities to be offered by their free trial versions (Free Trial).

We have analyzed the following characteristics and capabilities of PDF editors:

  • Import and export : Do you keep the sources and the spacing of the document? Does it allow to open and convert the PDF to other formats such as Word or Excel, among others? Can you import them?
  • Edit : Can you select text from the original PDF? Is the new text added to a separate text box? Can you move the content? Does the text you add maintain the style and format of the original PDF? Can you add hyperlinks or attach documents? Is it possible to add images?
  • Collaboration : What marking tools are available? Can you highlight, underline or cross out text? Can you use freehand drawing tools and an eraser? Can stamps be added? Can you track who reads and edits a document?
  • Signature : Can you add a signature? Is the signature scanned or imported from another file? How many signatures can you save?
  • Extraction : Can you change the size of the PDF? Can you add pages of various documents? Can you delete pages? Can you rotate the pages?
  • Search and replace : Can the PDF editor search for content? Can you find and replace words? Can you write words?
  • OCR: Can the PDF editor read a scanned page?
  • Watermark: Can the editor allow me to add a watermark? Can you add your own watermark?

We have tested the following test versions of some of the most popular PDF editors for Mac. Keep reading to find out which of your best is best.

It may be that the test versions are not the best fit for the test you are looking for in the long run, but if you only need a PDF editor, which is free in the same form, then A professional solution would be perfect for you.

Remember that you can also use the PDF file editor preview from Apple with which you can edit the file in a basic way from your Mac.

Top excellent free PDF editors for Mac

1 Preview

1 preview pdf thumb555

  • PVP: Free

You probably already know that until the Mac World is not new to you. The fact is that the MacOS operating system already includes a free PDF editor, which is interesting enough to be able to open files and perform some tasks.

Of course, you will get limitations, but chances are that for example you will be able to answer and fill the questionnaire in that format. You can use the ‘Preview’ feature to add text using the text box.

With preview, you can also change the font size, color and font used. Aligning the text box can not be easy, but it is not impossible for software versions. You can also cross the lessons or create notes.

With the ‘annotated’ function located within the menu, there are options to add voice annotations with comments as sticky notes. Adding an extra page for you, it will be easier to delete the page from the preview PDF file, and to rotate them as well.

Finally, it is easy to use the preview to export your PDF as a JPEG or TIFF image extension, but there are no options for exporting other applications such as Word or Apple, the same document editor from the page.

Finally, the preview provides enough features if you only have to do so that you enter a little text, fill out a form or add a signature to your PDF. If you are looking for more flexibility, then you have to resort to more advanced programs that we analyze here.

2 Adobe Acrobat Reader

2 adobe reader thumb555

The standard version of the Acrobat Reader is free, but as you use it, you will see that it does not have some functions, because you need monthly, yearly or prepaid subscription (18.14 € per month) to access them.

In this way, you can find free functions in the ‘Comments, Fill and Sign In’ sections. Here you will find options to add a mark or a cross, a circle or a line. The signature section will also be found in this section.

Acrobat Reader also provides tools for attracting and removing you. A stamp-like tool allows you to mark documents in the form of approved, modified, confidential or signed here.

We’ve found that when you add a signature to a document, you have the option to write (using a mouse or trackpad) or to add an image. If you choose for later, you can import signed photographs with a photograph, though its background can not be removed if it came to know that it is not as white as the document.

In this way, Acrobat Reader works well enough to justify its download and installation on your computer. It may be a little annoying to call for a monthly subscription to use full work, but it is a toll that you have to pay to use it.

3 PDF Expert for Mac

  • PVP: $ 9.99

The tests carried out have revealed that PDF Expert for Mac does a good job of maintaining the sources, style and format of the original PDF when it is opened with this program. There are two editing options located in the menu at the top of the page in ‘Annotate and Edit’.

Within what is ‘Edit’, the PDF Expert program allows you to edit text, add images, add hyperlinks and write sensitive information (with the possibility to choose between crossing out names or searching for a specific word and eliminating it every time it appears).

We were also able to select the text and move it around the page. But as we detected with the rest of the editors, it was not possible to drag and drop text between pages. What allowed us was cut and paste to create an attractive document.

In ‘Annotate’ you can also add sticky notes and stamps (for example, an approval). You will find a column of annotations on the left, so it is easy to see what modifications have been made and when. These annotations can be exported as HTML or plain text.

Resizing a large PDF was easy thanks to a ‘High / Low’ slider which indicates the size of the resulting file in real time. You can merge files, combine several documents in the same PDF, or individual pages of several files.

The only thing we could not carry out was to export the PDF to Word or Excel. The trial version is operational for seven days, so if you need it for longer, you’ll have to look for another alternative.

4 FineReader Pro for Mac

5 pdf element thumb555 1

  • PVP: $ 99

If you value most in a good PDF document editor, then have its capabilities in the form of an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program, the Abbyy version is the option without any doubt that you like best.

And although you initially choose to install and use the trial version, you will be surprised by the possibilities that will be offered when scanning and converting any document, so that it can be treated with the Word.

The resulting Word document, which you can also open in the page, provides great results, with the possibility of editing and editing possible errors and aligning tables or breakdowns.

Thinking about students, the Finner Pro app is very useful for scanning or printing text from a book, to be digitally useful and editable on your computer screen. This is a great benefit, and it does it quite well.

Regarding the cooperation and editing of documents, you have all the tools available in the application that will end the document, such as Word, Page, Excel, PowerPoint or any other similar.

5 PDF Element 6 Pro

5 pdf element thumb555

The test version we tested from PDF Element 6 did a good job of maintaining the original text format and the font of the PDF that we initially opened. It let us easily add and remove PDF text, and the text automatically flowed again. However, we observe that moving things around the page is a complicated task, as well as cutting and pasting text from one place to another.

We were able to add an image, but since we could not easily move things around the page, it was difficult to make the document look good. It is also possible to add a signature in different ways, including the import of image or photo.

To access the strikethrough and underline tools of PDF Element 6 , you need to click on ‘Select’. You will find a pencil with which to draw freehand, a tool to erase, and a text box to add comments.

We found that adding text notes through the text box was a bit tricky (and as we mentioned earlier, we ended up with a lot of empty text boxes around the page). Fortunately, sticky notes are more effective.

We have a good range of document conversion tools. You can convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, ePub, Text, Pages, HTML and RTF. You can also delete pages from the PDF, or combine individual pages to create a new PDF.

The PDF Element 6 program can be purchased in different modalities, either in basic edition, in the Pro version, or in the Enterprise mode for companies with more than 20 users. You can opt for one year subscription, or, for perpetual license which currently has a substantial savings.

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