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Top excellent DVD and Blu-ray drives for Mac

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Apple was one of the pioneers in eliminating the DVD units of its laptop configuration, a measure that did not take much time to transfer it to its desktop iMac computers too.

This means that if you want to read a CD’s information to copy in your iTunes Library, or only watch the content of the DVD or Blu-ray you bought earlier, then buy a real alternative external unit Like Apple’s SuperDrive

If you choose to follow the instructions of the Apple, you will buy your obsolete unit, whose official value in App Store is currently € 89. Fortunately, there are other cheap options that can also play Blu-ray discs.

Below, we show you the best DVD player units in this article which we have found for sale.

Top excellent DVD and Blu-ray drives for Mac

Pioneer BDR-XD05

RRP: $ 97.95
For decades, the Pioneer brand has achieved great recognition among the most tech enthusiasts, something that Amazon reflects on buyers opinion.

The unit is capable of reading and writing all BDXL type discs, BD-R triple camera, BD-RE format, as well as standard Blu-ray, DVD and CD disc support.

The external unit uses the USB 3.0 connector to get the power, so you will not need the extra adapters plugged into the power outlet. Presenting it with small factor of ultrafine size, it makes a portable choice for travel.

Other interesting features we find are the silent mode of operation which adjusts the speed of the disk to reduce the hump of the mechanical parts, and the power read which helps the disc to read with a little scratches or spots.

Next to the drive, Pioneer also includes the software SiberLink Media Suite 10, but only in version 10 for Windows 10, so you will need further software in the form of a free VLC to watch movies and titles in Blu-ray. .

Topelek BluRay

RRP: $ 129.29
Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the toplech unit, which we offer here, is that for the same value of the Apple SuperDriver, this unit guarantees compatibility with Blu-ray Disc support.

Its chassis is also similar to chrome-plated aluminum finishes and is very narrow to carry on the table or on the journey. Its connection is port USB 3.0 type, if you demand speed, then assess some.

This means that you need an additional adapter to change the port mentioned in the USB port type supported by the new Apple laptop. In comparison to the rest of the units mentioned here, the toplake guarantees a broad format consistency.

Patuoxun USB 3.0

  • PVP: $ 22.99

If what you are looking for is a cheap and efficient external unit that allows you to watch DVDs and import CDs, Patuoxun’s proposal that we have found at this surprising price should be your choice.

A fact that you must take into account is that its operation is based on the connection through USB 3.0 port, with which you will need an additional adapter if you want to connect it to the latest generation of MacBook or MacBook Pro equipment.

VicTsing DVD

  • PVP: $ 99

Maintaining a design line very similar to that offered by the Topelek, this external unit guarantees the reproduction and recording of CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. In order to resemble the finishes of the MacBook, its design is very similar, including color.

The connection port used by the VicTsing DVD is USB 3.0, so as with other models included in this guide, you will need an external adapter if you want to use them with the next generation of Apple computers.


  • PVP: $ 44.80

LG’s proposal, also quite economical, is a unit that contemplates the reproduction and recording of CD and DVD disc formats. Like the Patuoxun offer, it is a lightweight model designed to be transported everywhere.

You do not have reading and compatibility of Blu-ray format, but you do get 24x writing speed guarantees for CD, DVD + R and 6x for double layer DVD + R, although the transmission speed depends on the connection of USB 2.0 type.

LG includes in the GP57EW40 a function called Silent Play , which allows to control the rotation speed of the disc to keep the unit quiet while it is unused. It offers a good combination of simplicity and reliability, as well as being cheap.

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