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Top excellent Chrome extensions


Chrome browsers have some secret weapons that can turn your browsing into a great experience in the network. Extensions are small add-ons that add special functions very useful to Chrome browsers.

To add them, just click at the three points in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser, and then select ‘More Tools> Extensions in the drop-down menu’ that you want to use.

Alternatively, you can go to the Google Chrome store and browse through the various extensions provided by it. To help you in search, here we show you the best extensions you should use.

A tip before commenting on each of them: Do not execute them all. Keep in mind that they will reduce the speed of the browser. Instead, choose your favorite.

  • LastPass
  • Honey
  • Grammarly
  • PushBullet
  • AdBlock for Chrome
  • Send to Kindle
  • Save to Pocket


  • PVP: Free. Premium from € 3 per month
  • Buy in LastPass

If you are able to remember your username and password used for each of your accounts and services that you have on-line, then the condition is to make sure that this is because you have the same password for all of them Use.

As you know, it is a harmful fact from the point of view of security. For this, there are solutions like LastPass, a utility that will allow you to use more secure and difficult to understand the keys in your accounts.

So, not only is it an extension of Chrome, because LastAss works to recover your login data from any of your devices on iOS, Android and other compatible browsers.

LastPass works in a way that automatically completes your username and password, whenever possible, offers to replace duplicates automatically or you will not have to remember the safest.

A free trial will allow you to see what you want Password Manager, but if you want to use LastPass on all your devices, then you have to raise your license at the premium level with a cost of $ 3 per month. Will happen.



Another useful extension for Chrome that will allow you to block unwanted ads during your web browsing sessions. It is true that most of the sites we browse for free have advertisements related to advertising. However, with AdBlock you can activate instant improvements of experience.

And shortly after, Chrome has become the most popular advertising blocker, with more than 60 million users using it daily. Offer of granular control lets you block things and stop sites that prevent you from collecting information from you or advertising you.

3 Honey


It is easy to save money by buying discount codes and promotions on the net. However, it requires a lot of effort to work in search of updated code. With Honey’s Chrome extension you will have access to the latest discount codes of this time.

For them, you have to create a user account or log in with your Facebook account, but additionally, usage is free. We found that Honey does not work in all countries, but it will allow you to identify the discount of products that you may be interested in.

4 Push to Kindle


This is the official Amazon extension with which you can easily send news and articles from a particular site and read later on to read more suitable devices, customize the content.

Its functionality does not stop here, because if you are really interested in what is a specific part of an article, with push to kindle you can select the text of a page and send it as if it There was an explosion or box.

For practical purposes, there is an improvement path in the extension for Chrome because it sometimes fails with some web pages that use a complex design or a lot of frames. But the fact is that you can read the article on the electronic ink screen of your e-reader reader or e-book, have a blessing and compensate for the failures.


  • PVP: Free
  • Buy in Grammarly
  • The usefulness of Grammarly is given by the functions it offers as a spell checker for any text box that you enter in the web, so that it highlights the typographical errors and requests that you verify them in case it is not correct.

    If you are interested in your spelling and improve the daily grammar in order that your communication with other people is free of errors, Grammarly is a highly recommended extension to add to your Chrome browser.

6 Save to Pocket


As Push to Kindle, this app allows you to save articles from the network so you can read them later when you have time and even in places where you do not have coverage, like your flight or journey.

When you click on the Pocket button, it captures the text of the page where you are currently deployed and store it in your pocket account. You can access this information from any device, either smartphone or tablet because the extension also has a mobile app for iOS and Android.

7 PushBullet


Among the extensions of Chrome that we recommend in this article, PushBullet is undoubtedly best for Android users who spend most of the time using Chrome on a PC or desktop computer.

One of the main features of this is that you can get notifications from Android to Chrome so that you do not miss anything. Some would think Google Message does this too, but there is some other additional functionality in PushBullet.

It allows to respond to text messages, besides using WhatsApp and other compatible messaging services. You can send new messages (even to groups), write on a full size keyboard, as well as other advantages.

You can also share files between your devices and in general, keep everything synchronized between the devices you use. Ultimately, this is one of those applications, when you search for its use, you will not be able to do it without it.

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