Top Excellent bank accounts for students of 2019

If you are one of those who will be attending higher education or university education level this year, you will most likely need to have a bank account. We show you here those who offer the most beneficial status for students and payment of tuition accounts for students

bank accounts for students

The requirements demanded by students today have prompted more and more banks to design specific accounts for students, including free direct debit, access to scholarships and easy payment of tuition fees in convenient terms.

These bank accounts are a savings model designed to allow students between 14 and 30 years of age to use banking services and operations with hardly any expense or commission.

After all, these are young people who use new technologies for their day-to-day activities, such as making mobile payments with their smartphones, checking their movements or removing payments or receipts at any time.

For bank branches, students are a potential customer as part of their strategy to build loyalty from this stage of their lives, helped by products without commission, with little interest, and where immediacy and practicality prevail is.

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Bank accounts for students, what should I consider?

bank accounts for students

Banking products are exempt from commissions and administrative expenses which also offer a simple way to negotiate with the bank to avoid physical displacement. You should assess the ease of paying any type of tuition, courses or receipts.

What happens if I study abroad?

Banks have chosen to focus on attracting students to know that they will acquire paid jobs in a short space of time. To encourage them, they offer a full range of offers and incentives.

If it turns out that you leave Erasmus or exchange, then you should focus on services like bank transfer to get a certain amount from your family without paying any commission or interest.

We have verified that most bank accounts offer this possibility up to a certain amount for free. This means that by one figure, the operation will cost more.

bank accounts for students

Discount vouchers and gifts

We have seen how different ways gifts and discount vouchers come for students opening accounts with bank headquarters. From purchase to purchase vouchers, from discounts applicable to the purchase of equipment such as laptops.

OpenBank and Amazon Echo speakers are also given as gifts when opening a payroll account, even if it is not directly connected to students. Similarly, this bank also offers you an Amazon gift voucher worth € 40 for the second year in a row, with a promotion for you and a friend to invite.

Finally, before opening your account, check the payment methods supported by your bank, as not all support the usual methods of Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

If you are very familiar with payments via your mobile device, then the lack of this support would be a step backwards, regardless of the specific use of credit cards.


BBVA Young Blue Account

bank accounts for students

Do you have payroll Okay. Don’t you have it? as well. This is the motto of BBVA Bank’s Blue Account, which is very oriented to youth between 18 and 29 years of age who offer zero commission for using the card only once a month.

To contract the Blue account next to your credit card, all you need is your mobile phone or tablet, identify yourself through a video call or account number that you own, and DNI for speed. Or upload image identification of TIE.

When you rent a BBVA Young Blue account, you get a Now Blue BBVA debit card. You can do online transfer to EEA without any commission. Similarly, you will not have a commission fee to withdraw cash at BBVA ATMs.

Other benefits offered by BBVA Bank are the ability to use the app BBVA for both iOS cards and Android phones, with the possibility to activate and deactivate your card, pay by mobile, and pay bills with just one photo .


Young Account

bank accounts for students

This digital bank does not offer an account directly to students, but it focuses its offer to the young public with a so-called youth account. The bank’s motto reads: “We give you everything you need to move.”

In this sense, Young Account offers debit cards completely free with a guarantee that you will not pay any commissions, maintenance or administration. If your account is exposed for a certain period of time, you will not have accounts for students

The bank allows you to enter or send for free through its offices as well as more than 2,393 post offices throughout Spain. The service also supports the use of 1,107 ATMs of Kaza Grameen. In total, over 3,500 locations.

As a differential element, you can mobile your transfers online and at zero cost for free. This account provides these benefits to all users of legal age with a maximum age of 25 years. Then, you will go to smart account.

The bank has launched Evo Assistant, an intelligent voice assistant, with which you can interact with your mobile application to learn about aspects of your account, as well as quick operations with hardly any interaction with the application. can do.


1,2,3 Smart

bank accounts for students

It was last year that Santander announced important news in his accounts involving young customers, so that all of them were converted to 1,2,3 accounts, including university accounts.

In this way, 1,2,3 smart accounts have the same conditions as zero spending for both maintenance and associated debit cards in University Supercount’s account. The age period was extended to the range of 27 to 31 years.

However, the bank keeps the Universia University network active, a platform with educational projects and university services promoting employment, identifying training opportunities, as well as all types of equipment.

In fact, in our country, as well as in Latin America, there are a large number of universities that are connected to the Universia network where the internationalization of the university is supported by the promotion of international mobility scholarships, exchange programs and collaboration projects.


N26 Black

bank accounts for students

Another bank that was already born in the digital age is interested in closely watching the type of services offered to the young public. What are your rental plans, you have ‘personal and business’ mode.

In this way, you can open an account at zero cost with a few simple steps that have the possibility to enjoy free cash withdrawals and pay without commissions in any currency or currency.

If you are among those traveling, then Rs. There is an additional instrument with a monthly cost of 9.90 which, for the above benefits, adds free withdrawals to any currency linked to Allianz Insurance.

The N26 Black modality is very oriented to this profile of young users, as it is among other measures, medical expenses abroad, protection from cash theft, purchase protection, baggage insurance, as well as mobile phone theft.

The N26 Black MasterCard has NFC functionality for contactless payments. The interface of the mobile application is very intuitive and allows fast real-time functions to block, change PINs, set daily limits, or activate payments abroad and accounts for students

Sabadell Bank

Young ClickOK account

bank accounts for students

The offer offered by Banco Sabadell for students between the ages of 14 and 25, called a young ClickOK account, is to give away the debit card with a free fee.

The bank also bases its strategy on the use of the Travel Club card, so that by registering your account you receive up to 5,000 points. Later, you can get one point for every € 10 spent using your credit card.

If you are one of those who study outside of your country, the bank has a Card Transfer to receive cash in your account through a transfer with very advantageous conditions in each operation performed.

Sabadell Bank supports the main mobile payment platforms so that you can associate them with your VISA or Mastercard. To highlight the association with the Apple Pay service to pay securely using the Touch ID of your iPhone or Face ID mode.

The bank also has Sabadell Wallet so that with the app installed on your smart phone you can pay for purchases as well as send or request money from your contacts.

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