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Top Excellent apps for your kids with iPhone and iPad

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Whenever you decide to use appropriate programs and applications for that purpose, mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad can become a great tool for entertaining or educating your children.

Not all apps are the same and you can also find cases where the applications are listed incorrectly. To expand this article, we tracked the app store to select and select the best price by parents and education experts.

Top excellent app for kids under 5 years of age

Here are our recommendations for kids under 5 years of age. It is clear that each child has a different cycle of learning and rhythm, but with the proposal you get here, you can reinforce various teaching areas.

Check out our opinions, screenshots, and preview videos that are included in purchasing any of them before spending money in some applications, to see if the difficulty, complexity, and reading level are right for your child.

1. Bloom

  • Price: € 4.49
  • Age range: 4 years

There are tools to make music and other who try to experiment with sound. Bloom is an iPhone version designed with software designer Peter Schillers and composer Brian Eno, who allows you to detect musical compositions from an early age.

In short, with Bloom you can touch the screen to sound a definite note. As you continuously play notes, a composition will be created automatically.

According to the opinion expressed by the application, managing the application is very simple, even the youngest children can learn to manage it.

2. The best apps for girls and boys between 6 and 8 years old

Next, we show you applications for the purpose of an older audience, especially in children aged 6 and 8 years old.

Before buying any one, it is best to check for yourself if you think the complexity and difficulty of the app will be suitable for your daughter or son. Also check if the level of reading is the smallest or not.

3. Peek-a-Zoo Pack

  • Price: € 10.99
  • Age range: 4+ (under 5 years old)

Its developer, Tribabyte LL.C. now brings a complete package for iOS users, including their four educational titles designed for children so that children can learn other animal families.

From the simple cut, Peek-e-Zoo talks with children through simple questions about animals, families, each of which is one and the type of work and dress that fits with each of them. Who is killing the eye? Who among them is dressed?

4. Touch Blocks

  • Price: € 4.49
  • Age range: 4+ (between 6 and 8)

The Touch Block is the presence of a platform game, but in fact, it is about building and exploring the world through a combination of building blocks. The child can use pencil to create many blocks with the same movement.

It is possible to make selection among more than 60 different elements proposed by the Toka Block, so that the desired combination of blocks can be made, so that you do not have any time limit or established rules to solve the problem presented by Toka Boca AB.

5. Endless Alphabet

  • Price: € 9.99
  • Age range: 4+ (under 5 years old)

The endless alphabet is a very addictive game with which you have to choose a word, spread the letters and get them back to their place.

When they touch, the songs come in your life (repeating their fingers using the iPhone with the 3D touch), and after the word is complete, you are invited to a small animation which tells What is the meaning of that word in all English?

It is more expensive than many applications listed here, but it is very popular in the App Store with hundreds of positive comments. In this way, a small child who starts a vocabulary in English will grapple their learning graphically.

6. Monument Valley

  • Price: € 5.49
  • Age range: 4+

The purpose of the game is to entertain both children and adults for hours, through a level in which you have to help a mysterious princess and her daughter escape through hidden paths, optical illusions and magical architecture.

It is likely that the success of the Monument Valley 2 has not reached the level of other titles of Fortnite or Pokémon, but this is a game where the original idea of ​​buying a single price to enjoy the iOS platform remains intact. keeps. Uninterrupted material or additional purchase

7. Sago Mini Monsters

  • Price: € 4.49
  • Age range: Less than 5 years

Sabo Mini Monsters will allow your son to be the creator of his own monsters. For this, the child can touch the colors, paint the animal and even interact with it.

This interaction will be based on feeding monster, touching its horns, changing its eyes or modifying its appearance, brushing his teeth and changing the location around it.

Sago Mini Monsters is a simple app that will entertain small people at home for hours, knowing that it changes in the aspect of creativity while combining with fun.

8. Where’s My Water? two

  • Price: Free
  • Age range: 4+

An entertaining and simple game in which the kids are slightly older can be master of no problems. Each level has a water supply and a famous swampy cave that will help small people bring water to their home.

You can try five levels for free and then acquire the full version of Where My Water 2, which offers more than 80 different levels, which are increasing in complexity as you have been installed by the developer Go ahead in the challenges.

You must know that in this new adventure, links to social networks are to connect with others, in-app purchases with real money, alerts to inform you of new material and the Walt Disney Company family and third party advertisement.

9. Thinkrolls 2

  • Price: € 4.49
  • Age range: 4+

This involves involving a simple puzzle that will attract the attention of children under the age of five. Its purpose is to help collect a few balls to trap in the trap while collecting coins on the way.

The success of that is that it is easy to learn mechanics, though sometimes the young people may need some help to overcome certain challenges.

Each chapter of Thinkol 2 includes a new scientific concept, with which children can experiment and use the error, the way to control the screen. Overall, with more than 270 challenging level puzzles, children who will be able to sharpen their intelligence. (kids app)

10. Pure Mathematics

  • Price: Free
  • Age range: More than 6 years

It does not make any difference to add, subtract, multiply or split it. With this application developed by firm Stoyan Hristov, children 6 to 8 years old can practice and improve their comprehension skills to achieve mathematical agility.

The pure mathematics interface is in English, but there will be no problem for children with this age limit. Questions are always random, with a simple and clean interface that will not reload the mobile device’s screen.

Each level starts with a score of 1000 which decreases with the passage of time and every time you fail in a reaction. However, they become more difficult, so that they can be simple. (kids app)

11. Earth Primer

  • Price: € 10.99
  • Age range: From 9 to 11 years old

It is not economical, you must also keep in mind that its content is in English. However, it is a complete interactive textbook that tells many curious things about how our planet works.

As digital pages are consulted, you will see that the app provides a simulation in the form of a video with which it is possible to better understand the subject which is being addressed.

Experimenting with the meaning primer is an experience and, in our opinion, it is a natural development that any textbook of the present century should be experienced, combining with text and painting which stimulate learning. (kids app)


  • Price: € 4.49
  • Age range: 4+

This app is an interesting and fun exploration of the life of plants which will allow children to discover the life of plants, how the underground roots grow, as well as phase of photosynthesis.

For this, NAMOO has a complete 3D library of interactive simulation and a straightforward language that will make learning of these creatures the most fun.

With more than 300,000 species of different plants residing in our planet, this is an application that allows us to consult the model and the ecosystem so that they seem indispensable to us.
(kids app)

13. Matchboard

  • Price: $ 4.99
  • Age range: 4+

The application is based on offering a clean drawing area where students can calculate their sums and operations with the incentive that the application will be responsible for solving the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division equations.(kids app)

We like your configuration option, where it is possible to determine ranges of numbers. The activities and questionnaires can be timed by time, in order to control the time invested in each operation.

There is a free version so you can test its operation, although very limited.

14. Redshift – Astronomy

  • Price: 9.99
  • Age range: 4+

With this application, children can discover and explore strange planets, expand their knowledge with detailed information about astronomy and astronautics, and not miss any astronomical event of the many that occur throughout the year.

Try pointing to the sky with your iPad or iPhone once you have downloaded the application and you will see different points while doing a panoramic tour discovering everything that is above you.

Although it is the most expensive app of the list that we propose, we must recognize that its price is worth the ore. Redshift is a very rewarding didactic experience to explore the constellations and planets with your children.
(kids app)

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