Top Excellent 10.2 ”iPad cases (2019)

Do not leave your iPad unsafe. If you’ve already worked with a new Apple tablet, you’ll want to protect it at all costs. We select the best cases for you and cover for the 10.2 ”iPad.

If you have not been able to resist and already with the new iPad, we recommend that you consider purchasing one of the cases that we have selected below. The only way to avoid scratching is after a few days of buying it.

But in addition to the 10.2 ”iPad case, we recommend you rent the AppleCare security plan. That way, if your new tablet gets damaged, you will have peace of mind that Apple will solve it for you at no cost.

10.2 “Smart Cover for iPad

We cannot begin this article the other way: with a case made by Apple. The Smart Cover is one of three options the company currently offers to protect its new 10.2-inch tablet.

Apple calls it “smart” because the screen will automatically turn on when you open the lid, and it will close when you close it. Available in blue, navy, orange, gray, pink and white, it is made of polyurethane and has a microfiber lining.


10.2 “iPad Smart Keyboard Case

New iPad users not only want a case to protect their tablet against possible bumps and drops, but can also write. Yes, write. Obviously, not all will allow you to do this, as they have to include a keyboard.

You can achieve all of this with the Apple Smart Keyboard, which comes with a case to protect your iPad’s screen. The seventh generation is already compatible with the keyboard, as for the first time it includes a smart connector.


Funda/maletín MoKo para tablet de 10″-11″

  • PVP: $15.99

MoKo offers high quality goods, keeping aside the jokes made with this company’s name. An example of this is a leather case or briefcase available in black and brown.

The thing we like most in this case is that by having space for an 11-inch tablet, it will allow you to keep your 10.2 “iPad secure, as well as the Apple Pencil. To store tickets or credit cards There is also a compartment for

Funda ProCase para iPad de 10,2″

  • PVP: $10.99

One of the easiest ways to deliver your new seventh generation iPad is to look even more awesome, relying on the help of ProCase and one of its great cases. This is this wallet type synthetic leather case.

This is a great option for those looking for a case in which your iPad fits perfectly, unlike the MoKo. It also has a compartment for papers and front card in the back.

Funda Tomtoc Portfolio Case para iPad de 10,2″

  • RRP: $ 30.99

If the coaches of the MoKo and ProCase cases seem inadequate, your best option is TomTalk’s portfolio case. You can store your 10.2 ”iPad and all its accessories.

Thus, the case has elastic straps, which have a block of notes or adapters, to store Apple pencils, and also pockets ideal for transporting your cables and headphones. You will also have space for your smart keyboard.


Bolsa Kizuna para tablet de 10,5″

  • PVP: US$12.99

The best way to ensure the integrity of your new iPad is like this Kizuna bag. It is designed to store tablets up to 10.5 inches, which means that your iPad will fit perfectly.

This bag is made of a material that will prevent possible spills of liquid from entering and damaging your tablet. It will also absorb pressure from a fall and the inner lining will protect it from scratches and scratches.

Note: We can get a small commission for each purchase made through the link on our page, but there is no additional cost for you. It also does not affect our editorial independence. 


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