Top excelent electric scooters of 2019

Electric scooters are increasingly popular. If you are thinking of buying one, you can be interested in our buying guide to choose the best electric scooter according to your needs.

 Xiaomi electric scooter
 Alfawise M1
 Inokim Light
 Patinete eléctrico Razor E300

Electric scooter has seen a great resurgence in popularity among boys and girls and adults over the past year. We all have found that electric scooters can be a very convenient way to save some time on the way to work each morning.

There are many rental services for scooters, of course you have seen in your city: rent an app as one of these tools as long as you need it. However, if you use it many times, getting your own electric scooter may be convenient.

For this reason, we have selected the best electric scooter in this article, which you can buy based on its specifications and characteristics.

 Xiaomi electric scooter

  • PVP: $449.99

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Let’s start with an electric scooter, which is aimed at Xiaomi electric scooters, not adults and boys or girls. It is fast and virtually quiet, with a battery that lives in the operation and can be tracked at full speed through the mobile app.

There is a folding design that makes it easy to transport scooters, although due to its huge battery and aluminum chassis, its weight still remains 12.5 kg.

There are also other interesting features, such as cruise control, adjustable acceleration, a headlight and brake light, Kinetic Energy Recovery System and ABS brake system at the front and mechanical disc brakes in the front. behind.

Weighing up to 100 kg, which is equivalent to about 15.5 stones (one adult or one middle adult and children), and continues to climb up to 30 km. If you push it at a maximum speed of 25 km / h, you will not get this distance, but you will still get a game of hours

The 8.5-inch big tires allow you to maneuver on small curls and some minor deviations.

 Alfawise M1

  • PVP: $ 369.99

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Alfais M1 is a simulated speedometer, a double braking system and a more durable tire with Xiaomi M365. They are fun cubes, whose maximum speed is 25 km / h and is capable of reaching 30 km – it is not that you can easily follow the track, because there is no supplemental application.

Unfortunately, we had problems in testing the scooter because we were forced to replace the front tire, and we realized that the alpha’s does not supply spare parts.

M1 is cheaper than your Xiaomi analog. Since we tested the Alfais M1, the company has made some improvements in its design that improve comfort, stability and control of data, and have increased the power of the engine from 250W to 350W.

However, the quality of construction does not work on M1, and it was difficult for us to see a speedometer in direct sunlight. We also find automatic acceleration puzzling, however, once the accelerator is taken, the Cruise Control function is useful. Braking may also be dramatic, so try to avoid doing it very suddenly.

 Inokim Light

  • RRP: US $ 1199

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inokim creates high quality electric scooters for adults, and light is a quality model that can be used every day.

It’s not as light as a mini and, for its 13 kg, you can not consider it light. But it’s built like a tank and has 250W engine in the rear hub, which drives you at a speed of 25 km / h.

The brakes are just as strong, and the front and rear LEDs flash to warn other people of their presence.

Scooters have been folded in half for transportation or storage and Handlebars can also be folded. On the right is an LCD screen that shows the speed and determines the total distance. With the buttons you can choose between three power levels, but you can treat it as a normal scooter: you will not have to keep it when the battery is over.

Talking about the battery, the range of lights is 25-30 km, so you can use it easily to go to work. However, due to its price, we only recommend it if you actually use it completely.

Apart from the black models we tried, you can choose white, blue, orange or even green.

Razor E300 electric scooter

  • RRP: $ 269.99

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The E300 electric scooter from Razor is a decent mid-range scooter, suitable for both children and teenagers. The E300 has an improvement of speed with respect to the E100, reaching speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, while equaling the 40 minutes of constant use offered by the E100.

The E300 also features a “super-large” size deck and frame, which means the rider can stand firm with both feet. It also has a rotating accelerator for more precise control of speed and a retractable support so you do not have to leave your scooter sideways when not in use.

Wider tires of 25.4 cm should provide a comfortable and smooth ride, and the maximum weight limit for the electric scooter E300 is 100 kg.

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