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Top 11 excellent free games for computer of (2019)

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Usually when we hear the word “free games“, then we immediately think: “Alerts, junk games“.

We keep in mind the free games of very low quality, which are designed to be downloaded on the smartphone, usually through a lot of micrometments through which we spend more with any other games.

However, despite its poor reputation, not all free games are so bad.

Some of them require micropayments, while others are 100% free.

At the same time, some are required to install, while others can play online from your browser.

We have collected our favorite free games for computers in this article.

If you think we have left an independent game that should be on the list, do not hesitate to tell us. Which of them is your favorite?

1. Dota 2

Its creators define it as “a competitive game of action and strategy“. Dota 2 is one of the most popular multiplayer games MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).

This is inspired by the scenario of warcraft III DOTA defense of the ancestors.

In fact, this game was awarded in the International Tournament ‘The International 6‘ with a fund of $ 20 million, which is the biggest prize of e-sports.

The basis of the game is quite simple: players choose a hero to fight against any other team, and, through a game strategy, beat the base of the enemy.

More than 100 heroes are available, each of them has different abilities and characteristics.

The uniqueness of each character is that which makes the game a completely unexpected battle, because there will never be two similar games.

2. League of Legends

Another popular free multiplayer MOBA League of Legends is a game that organizes popular tournaments around the world, capable of filling stadiums with sports fans.

Its creators described it as a “fast-moving competitive online game that combines the speed and intensity of RTS with RPG elements.”

Two teams of five players compete in various battlefields and different game modes aimed at destroying a common enemy in different enemy areas: Nexus (a very difficult task, as you can imagine).

When the opposition team gets annihilated, the game does not end; Instead, players should think of the strategies to destroy the various interceptors located in the entire map, with the goal of eliminating the Nexus.

Blockers are protected by turret, which is easy to get rid of if you have help from colleagues.

If you attack the nearby champion, the tower will automatically focus on you (your power can not concentrate on more than one champion at a time).

The game can be fully adapted by the players, because they can design their champions to suit their style: they can improve their armor, their resistance to magic or their health for example May be more powerful.

This is a game that, like many other MOBAs, does not require much time to learn to play, but it requires years of play to be able to master it.

3. Spaceplan

If there is a bad reputation in general for free games, imagine that besides being free, there is no defined style.

These games are generally so simple that they are unable to encourage the player’s conversation, they are slow, and they are cemented by the imposition of a microarchment.

Except Spaceplan.

The game transforms you into an astronaut around a mysterious planet.

With most of your system damaged, you can increase your power and click to fix your solar panels, in this way you will generate more energy and make “potatoes”.

Yes, you read it right. potato. You will use them to use the system to create a “potato” probe capable of exploiting the planet or “potato” satellites, and even to throw them against the sun.

While traveling, you will see a panel with a minimum electronic score and a lot of humorous comments, and most importantly: you will not get a single request for micromet.

The original browser game is still available for free, but if you are a fan of this game, then you can choose an extended version of it for PC, iOS or Android (for the fee).

4. World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a popular MMO game (Massively Multiplayer Online or Massively Multiplayer Online) which brings our screen fighter vehicles from the early and middle 20th Century.

Before being thrown into an epic battle on the random, the player can discover various selections of war vehicles.

The player has complete control over the speed of the vehicle and its weapon, and the player can communicate with his partner through text or voice chat.

The objective of the game is to eliminate the other team altogether or win on the basis of enemy (though this option is not present in all game mode).

You will find six different types of war types in the world of tanks; Random Action, Team Training Battle, Tank Battle, Team Battle, Fort Battle and Special Battle

Random wars also offer quests, which will reward the player with credit, high crew experience coefficient, or new vehicles upon completion.

Although this game is free, players can choose to pay for the use of ‘premium’ features (like additional tanks).

5. Warframe

Created by Digital Extreme, Warfram is a free shooter (shooting game) that is played in a third person and gives you the possibility of collaboration.

It is also available for PS4 and Xbox One.

In the fight with other groups, players will be taken to the virtual world, grino, corpus or infected: as a member of Tano, a race of ancient warriors (or as we refer to them).

The characters have an exo armor (called ‘warframe’). They have been divided into teams of up to four people and their goal is to complete the mission.

The missions are different, you have to eliminate the enemies to recover the data and even kill high-ranking targets.

The players are equipped with three weapons; A main weapon (a rifle, firearm etc.), a secondary weapon (usually a pistol, but you can also choose one weapon as a secondary weapon) and a melee weapon, i.e. one weapon.

Each device can be updated, and these updates are usually found in the body of defeated enemies, but they can also be found by meeting the challenges and quests.


QWOP is one of the recommended free online games, it’s super fun and dangerously addictive.

By playing this classic game you will become the sole representative of your small nation in the QWOP Olympic Games.

It is as if it was a version of the famous sim but was based on athletics. Its form of the game is quite old, you have to use QWOP keys to move your athlete’s feet.

It sounds simple, but it is not. There are around 30 million users worldwide. Its popularity is more than justification.

7. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 The first most popular person is another shooter to play. Designed by the creators of Steam, Valve, this game, released in 2007, is still receiving updates, which is the second most popular free game available on Steam.

The game focuses on two teams that struggle to achieve its main objective, which is defined according to the chosen game mode.

If you think that this is simple, then you are wrong: players can choose between nine character classes, each with its strengths, weaknesses and weapons.

The combination of the three weapons available for each character makes the game very restless.

And it is not mentioned that 16v16 matches have been presented in Team Fort 2 which can be quite intense, especially in the beginning.

The good thing is that every time you reach a level, or overtake a mission that you have never played before, they show you a video how you can fulfill your goals. .

8. Bejeweled Blitz

It would be a crime to not include this game in the list of the best free online games.

Bezewelld Blitz is one of the most popular games in Bezwald series, which you can easily play with Facebook (among others).

In general, to create a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more gems of the same color, it is a purpose to exchange a gem with another adjacent gem.

Bonus points are provided when chains of more than three equal gems are made or when two chains are achieved in one currency.

Gems disappear when the chain is formed and they fall from the top to fill the gap.

Chain reactions are sometimes triggered, called waterfall, where chains are made by falling gems. Waterfalls receive bonus points.

But in reality you need to know that it is simple, fun and very addictive to exchange gems and make them disappear (although this does not seem like at first glance).

9. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

For those looking for something different, we recommend Hirthstone: Warcraft of Heroes. Hearststone is an online collectible card game, designed by Blizzard, the creators of World of Warcraft.

Launched in 2014, this game is available to play on devices with Windows, OS X, iOS and Android with cross-platform capabilities and with the ability to synchronize the progress of your game.

This means that you can play from your computer, and then continue playing at that exact point, where you left the game with your iPad, while at the same time fighting with an opponent through his Mac.

The game is essentially a digital collectibles card game that revolves around turn-based games. There are different game modes.

The game starts with a series of very original cards, gradually to find more rare and powerful cards.

You can also buy card packages or prizes to win the battle in “Arena”.

Unlike other card games, during your turn your opponent can not impress you at all, which is a great advantage.

However, when your enemy turns, it plays a card that will automatically respond to your actions.

10. Threes!

The best of Threes! online is that you can play a lot faster with the arrows on the keyboard than with the touch screen of your phone. The objective of the game is to build numbers, a task that is not easy.

You will start with low chips like 1 and 2, which you can go sliding any direction (less diagonally).

When 1 and 2 are touched, they combine to form a 3. After that, the tiles of the same number are joined to form multiples of 3: two 3 make a 6, two 6 make a 12, and so on.

As you move your tiles, even if you can not merge any in that motion, new numbers may appear in the grid. If you run out of space, the game is over.

The original application for Threes! It was so popular that innumerable copies appeared, including the well-known 2048.

We have included Three! on our list because we believe that we should support the original game. It can be purchased for iOS or Android.

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