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Top 10 excellent wireless chargers for your iPhone

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Can I use third party wireless chargers with new iPhone XS / XS Max and iPhone XR?

Although the phones are not distributed with the wireless charger, the universal standard means that you can buy a third party wireless charger that will work with the iPhone 8, X and the new iPhone XS / XS Max and iPhone XR models.

Apple is working on its wireless charger called AirPower, which will be quite big and smart to charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time.

However, until this future device is released, we have to continue using the third party-designed and sold wireless charger.

First of all, Apple’s iPhones were compatible with the 5W wireless charge, but with iOS 11.2 it increased to 7.5W. However, as you probably know, 7.5W is not a particularly fast speed, if someone takes care that the wireless charging in the Samsung phone can reach 15W.

It is important to note that not all wireless chargers come with the wall socket, which means that even though your iPhone and wireless charger supports 7.5W (or 10W) ​​charging, you can use more powerful wall socket Will need to be compared to a 5W plug-in for the iPhone.

Now that we have explained the technical aspects, let’s take a look at some of the best wireless chargers on the iPhone.

Native Union Dock


Native Union Dock Wireless Charger allows you to charge any compatible iPhone instead of standing on flat surface. This is useful if you want to be able to see the information or even use the Face ID without raising the phone.

It can charge up to 10W faster charging speed, but it comes only from USB-C to USB-A cable, so if you want a speed of 10W then you need to get your plug Or use adapters. .

However, this is one of the highest quality Wireless Chargers, which we have used and worked with the texture of the fabric for the unit and power cord. Perfect for any desk or nightstand.

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Dodocoo Wireless Wireless Charger

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  • PVP: $ 16.99

Wireless Charger Fast Charging Dodoku works up to 10W: It’s really faster than iPhone that can handle, but adds some security to the future.

Despite its price, you will find the cheapest, it does not look like a cheap device, quite the opposite.

With a weight of only 69 grams and thickness of only 10 mm, this compact wireless charger has a square shape with soft, round corners. It has a matte surface and a C-shaped rubber band that helps keep the iPhone in the place. This does not go to the desk due to practical rubber feet, and the vent allows heat to escape.

With only a small LED that gives green light upon loading, there is no possibility that this small device will keep you awake at night.

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Moshi Otto Q wireless charging pad

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brands in terms of wireless charging. It is characterized in general by offering a premium design , very consistent with the Apple aesthetic.

The Otto Q wireless charging pad is not far behind: a perfect circle fucked in a gray mesh with a non-slip base and the logo of the brand in the center. It is impossible for it to clash anywhere, since it is a very aesthetic device.

Wireless charging is 7.5W on iPhone and 9W on Samsung, and you can charge phones with a case up to 5mm thick. It also contains a protection circuit that prevents overheating.

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Belkin Boost Up Bold Wireless charging pad

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Belkin was the first brand in the market with the charging pad with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Now, Boost Up Bold Charging Pad is also compatible with the new iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR. If you keep a strict budget, the 7.5W version is also available, which is very low.

The Belkin device is based on a white or black disc with an LED, when it indicates that your phone is charging, and an AC adapter that is included.

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Ted Baker Wireless Charger

It’s no wonder that this Qi compatible charging pad is more expensive for the fashion brand that has designed it, Ted Baker . By this we mean that you will be paying for the brand, although it is true that the product does everything possible to justify its price.

It looks great, it has the right weight and texture so it does not move from one side to the other annoyingly on the desk or nightstand, and does not force you to be too fussy when putting the phone in the correct part of the pad (the shape of the pad under the fingers also helps to guide the device to a loading area).

Its nominal power is 10 W, which will be very useful if Apple increases the limit of iPhones above the current 7.5 W or if you want to use it also with Android devices compatible with Qi.

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ESR Wireless Charger 10W


  • PVP: $ 18.99

The ESR wireless charger is compatible with the iPhone 8 and all models, including the latest iPhone XS and XR.

Use a metal frame that dissipates heat faster than plastic, to prevent your iPhone from overheating. The bottom of the loading pad also has a non-slip rubber pad.

ESR claims that its charger is capable of charging the iPhone up to 1 hour faster than other wireless chargers. The fast charging mode will require a fast charging adapter which, unfortunately, is not included, although it does come with a 1m USB cable and a lifetime warranty.

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Thinkbee 10W

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  • PVP: $ 19.99

The ThinkBee Wireless Charger works with the iPhone 8 model up to the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. It uses two charging coils, which according to the think-tank, charge the iPhone 1.4 times faster because it covers the charging area of ​​the phone more efficiently.

The ThinkIf charge iPhone 5W, however, if you use more powerful adapters, you can get a faster charging.

If you have any problem within 60 days of use, then the Thanksgiving guarantees 100% Money back guarantee, and 12 months warranty on your product.

Moshi Symbus Q

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This option is different from the rest of the product, in addition to working as a wireless charger, it acts as a hub. This means that it offers HDMI, Ethernet and two USB ports in addition to wireless charging.

Wireless charging gets up to 7.5W on the iPhone and up to 10W on Samsung. It is an ideal multi-functional device in terms of efficiency, usability and design. Referring to this last aspect, the design has attracted our attention.

It is elegant and aesthetically with a non-slip base, a gray mesh sodd from mosaic of non-slip material that helps keep iPhone on the surface.

As a hit we can only mention its price, although keeping in mind that the wireless charger acts as a hub, we believe that this is just meaningful. If you can afford it, then this is a very good buy option.

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