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You recently purchased an iPad and apple pencil and want to get out of the team. Or, just feel the need to attract or create your work of art. Here we show you the best apps to carry it with your iPad.

We show you the best apps used to draw and paint on your iPad, either because you are using a digital pen for the first time, or because you are looking for a new tool.

For expansions, we have examined the latest versions of all the leading applications, which are free versions of applications from companies that are known for their advanced versions of the famous proctor, desktop.

There is something like Adobe Photoshop Sketch or Autodesk Sketchbook for use in traditional style drawing and painting environments. You will also find an app considered by many to be an Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator for iPad.

We encourage you to take a look at our report about the best iPad app for Apple Pencil.

All the applications we present in this article will work on the 9.7-inch iPad of 2018, although the performance will be as good as you can experience in more advanced models of Apple’s iPad Pro.

Keep reading to search our selection of favorite apps for artists using the iPad, as well as decide who you want to get started with.

1.Affinity Designer

It is the fastest and most liquid vector graphic design software on the market for the iPad, a slogan that has been won by user comments. Tobias Hall calls it a one-stop shop for creative.

2 affinity photo thumb555

The app is compatible with Apple’s pencil capabilities, so you can draw, paint, and edit with support to learn how much pressure you apply and how you tilt the apple pencil.

In fact, multi-touch gestures work, including speeding up the achievement of the work, drawing, pinching, and expanding. These are up to the use of fingerprints to select many items, while using layers for grouping, while using pinching.

The Affinity Designer for iPad not only looks at Adobe Illustrator users, but also wants digital designers who try to use the sketch with the ‘Symbol’ panel which gives quick access to the elements.

2. Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk had announced a long time ago that the full version of Sketchbook, both versions for mobile applications, as designed for desktop. First, the price of tablets and mobile phones was € 4.99, and by desktop subscription.

hero 05.dc6bd97

The main features of Autodesk Sketchbook have the ability to take and scan paper drawings with your iPad camera. There are more than 190 customizable brushes for those people who like to paint.

People who work with geometric shapes or designs will appreciate the tools related to the ruler, ellipses and radial symmetry, which repeat the lines drawn around an axis.

3. Affinity Photo

It is clear that the application is more expensive than many of the analyzed here, but it is worth the investment, in addition to the iPad version is € 20 cheaper than the version available for desktop.

Affinity Photo 1.6.9

As its name suggests, it is an application mainly designed to edit photos, but like the desktop version, it includes a large number of digital painting tools, including more than 120 brushes with control over pressure and angle of inclination.

Its most remarkable feature is the interface, based on touch and pencil to handle any of its functions by advanced results. Also his performance has contributed to that in the past he won the prize of Apple App of the year 2017.

Its latest update dates back to last September, version 1.6.9 with massive support for the control of tactile gestures, brushes and an Export function that allows to export multiple cuts and layers instantly.

4. Procreate 4.2

Procreate, program of the company Savage Interactive, is a very popular software among professionals, in addition to having won the Apple Design Award, including specialists such as Sam Gilbey and Pete Fowler.

1 procreate thumb555

With version 4.2, Procreate allows artists to paint, draw and sketch with more than 130 brushes, with the possibility of creating your own. You can create canvases, work through a multitude of layers, supporting 64-bit color and multitouch gestures.

Procreate 4.2 has functions of Clipping Masks, Crop, Inking and Selections redesigned for multiple touches and Apple Pencil, new features that take advantage of the second generation of Apple Pencil digital pen that we have reviewed recently.

You will also have remarkable tools such as Quickshape, which converts the shapes of your sketches into symmetrical vectors. Or Liquify Dynamics, with brushes that add more control and spontaneity while you work.

5. Comic Draw

The comic draw developed by the company Plask has been designed for cartoonists to display their ideas within the app, from conceptual sketches to color and texts on each graphic.

5 comicdraw sketch thumb555

The app includes a digital drawing book to develop original ideas, and there are various types of colors and brushes for sketch. Add different panels and layers to create your images.

Add as many pages as you want to create a comic, a book or a graphic novel. To finish, add words with different fonts, balloons, and letter suits made from the design tool.

It also has the utility to share the comic made with the Comic Connect app with its colleagues. Comic draws and comic connectors are both compatible with iOS 9.1 or higher, which require a 64-bit iPad.


PVP: US $ 0.0

This is another professional graphic design and illustration application developed for the need to express ideas for artists who work independently on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

6 graphic ipad drawing thumb555

Previously, the ownership of the graphic was owned by Autodesk, but the application did not have all the desired success and ended in the company’s update, related to Pictra, which is making much effort to present great news in its updates.

The app allows you to create files with complex PDF and SVG extensions based on vector, using powerful digital pen tool for custom shapes, but if you want diagram also.

Graphic offers layer effect, brightness, filler and many strokes, as well as canvas scale, rulers and units to create images with accuracy. To attract fluent you can also use classic brushes and pencil tools.

7. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is considered to be one of the great photo editors for iOS devices, but it also comes with the painting and graphic design function, which is why we have included it in this article.

7 pixelmator ipad drawing app thumb555

When it comes to drawing and painting, you can choose from more than 90 brushes, which include double textured brush, water color and pixel brush.

When the Pixelmator was not an important update for iPad from October 2017 in the iOS version, support for the iOS 11 was added. It seems that the company behind Mac is more focused on its desktop software for Pixelmater Pro.

8. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketches presents artists with familiar Photoshop drawing tools, such as graphite pencils, an ink pen, mixer and an eraser, as well as brushes like acrylic and pastel.

8 best apps for artists photoshop sketch thumb555

It is also possible to use an already saved brush in Adobe Capture CC. Version 4.6 was released last year, allowing you to remove projects and send them to the cloud for future downloads.

Now you have an additional canvas space of 8192 x 8192 pixels. The version is free, but it is designed to be used as part of a paid creative cloud subscription, so you can share your creations and projects with Photoshop.

9. Adobe Illustrator Draw

With the Adobe Illustrator Draw, you can create vector art that has helped countless useful tools at your fingertips, which will help you to get the best results at all times.

9 adobe illustrator draw thumb555

Start the Adobe Capture CC from the application, create a new shape and this ‘drawing’ will appear in the canvas. You can also send your designs directly to Illustrator so that you can follow your work in the desktop version of your computer.

You can create perfect lines and curves for the Touch Slide Digital Rule, and you can add images from many sources including the entire Creative Cloud Library.

Like Photoshop Sketch, Illustrator Draw You can download it for free, but it works best with full creative cloud subscription. In your final important update, you will find news like Photoshop Sketch.

10. Inspire Pro

  • PVP: US $ 0.0

Inspire Pro is a precision tool developed by SnowCanoe that offers the possibility of developing paintings, drawings and sketches quickly and realistically. The latest edition takes full advantage of the 64-bit GPU to streamline precision and processes.

10 best ipad apps for artists inspire thumb555

It includes the possibility of choosing between 150 different brushes that can be used as wet brush, dry or combined brush, as well as draft mode. In addition, the company usually publishes packages of brushes that can be purchased separately.

Although it is not used massively by users, its update periods are very common. The latest version corresponds to 3.6.4, which has 7 sets of free brushes included in the official price of the application.

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