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This will be the Pokémon GO Fest 2020

Pokémon GO Fest

Many of the plans we had for the summer have had to be canceled due to the global pandemic situation that we have had to experience. Above all, it has affected those plans that took place abroad (many airports are closed) and those that involve the presence of many people, such as festivals. 

This is the case of the annual Pokémon fans event, that is, the Pokémon GO Fest, an event that will not be able to take place like other years in Chicago. However, that does not mean that the event has been canceled, only that it will change the way of celebrating. 

As the celebration is going to take place all over the world, there is no limit to the number of entries, so you can participate if you want, wherever you are. 

How to buy a ticket for the Pokémon GO Fest 2020

A $ 14.99 entry will allow you to participate both Saturday and Sunday (July 25 and 26) throughout the duration of the event, which will run from 10:00 to 20:00 in your local time zone.

If this seems like too much to be an online event, you will have the option of attending a normal GO Fest once you have considered the trip and accommodation. Additionally, as a bonus, proceeds from all ticket sales are donated to “support and be together with the black community through a variety of programs .” So you are really donating to a great cause.

Tickets are available to buy in the Pokémon GO app right now. Go to the store and you will see the details.

Pokémon GO Fest 2020 schedule: what will happen?

Three weeks of timed Special Investigation to unlock Pokémon during GO Fest.

Day 1 – Saturday

  • Special Research Story Available Only Saturday
  • Five habitats that spin every hour: fire, water, grass, battle and friendship
  • Global Challenge Arena – one hourly collaboration challenge, giving a bonus for the rest of the hour
  • Over 75 species of Pokémon available to capture in the wild, on forays, and on special research tasks that you can complete at any time of the day.

Day 2 – Sunday

  • The details of Sunday will be saved until the same day, and great surprises have been promised
  • It will culminate in the appearance of a mythical Pokémon: a Victini silhouette has leaked

pokemon go fest 2020 niantic social

At a press conference, Niantic didn’t reveal exactly which Pokemon would appear over the weekend, but from the footage it appears Gible, Unown, Snorlax asleep, and certain regionals will be among them. 

Hopefully the brightness indexes will increase as in previous years and the possibility of capturing regionals that are not yet available worldwide, such as Relicanth, Heracross and others. 

It was confirmed that there will be no regional differences in terms of rewards at this year’s GO Fest – it will be a similar experience for everyone around the world.

Social features in the game

Niantic Social is a new feature that will be deployed in time for the GO Fest and will allow you to see if your friends are online or not (so you can know if you can invite them into battle, for example), as well as see other statistics such as number of kms that have walked. 

Niantic says it’s a way to help maintain a sense of community even when people are physically distant. Naturally, you can choose not to and prevent your friends from seeing if you are playing or not.

Social comes first to Pokémon GO and will appear in other Niantic games. It’s a set of basic features to start with, but it will develop over time. There is no way to send messages to others through this function, so you will have to stick to WhatsApp / Discord or the method you currently use to communicate with your friends.

Virtual team break rooms

In the real world, GO Fest team lounges offer a place for coaches from the same team to rest, chat, and grab gifts.

By 2020, these will be online at the GO Fest microsite, and there will be freebies yet – although Niantic hasn’t given any details on how this will work. Presumably they will be virtual gifts, and potentially game items.

Print at home gift boxes and decorations

A unique feature of GO Fest 2020 will be decorations that you can print at home and place around your home to make it more festive.

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Rotating habitats

Since there is no place to play at GO Fest, there cannot be physically different places to catch different types of Pokémon, so this year the habitats will rotate in time (a bit like in The Hunger Games). 

Each hour will have a different type: fire, water, grass, battle and friendship, and since the event lasts for ten hours, it means that each of them will perform twice during the day.

Global Challenge Arena

All coaches will unite to complete game tasks related to each habitat. As shown above, one must send 100,000 gifts to friends. Once that is complete, special bonuses will be awarded, such as rare candy on gifts. 

You’ll also earn in-game badges that show which ones you’ve completed, and see how your friends are progressing.

Niantic said the reality mix feature – the improved AR that allows Pokémon to hide behind real-world objects – will be live on GO Fest.

04 pokemon festival

You can find more information about GO Fest 2020.

He also says he will consider hosting the GO Fest as a virtual event for years to come if there is a good response to it. And surely there will be: this will be the first time that many players will be able to participate.

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