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The Windows 10 October 2020 update is now available to everyone

windows 10 october 2020 update thumb800 1

The latest version of Windows 10, the October 2020 Update, is finally here. Microsoft has confirmed that the October 2020 Update can now be downloaded manually, and will arrive automatically in the coming weeks.

Microsoft finalized the October 2020 update in September, when the “final” version was released to the beta Insider channels. Now, the company has released the update for most Windows users as it has done in the past: releasing it first for those who seek it.

If you want to install the new version right now , you will have to open the Windows Update settings (‘Settings’> ‘Update and security’> ‘Windows Update’), and select ‘Check for updates’.

We have already been able to test the Windows 10 October 2020 Update , which is a relatively minor update except for one aspect: it includes the new Edge browser, based on Chromium elements that Google Chrome itself also uses. (That means you can install Chrome plugins , which you couldn’t do before.) The new update also includes changes to the Alt + Tab experience and some modifications to the Start menu.

There is another change, albeit a small one. Microsoft has recently released a new control that allows you to change the refresh rate of your screen as part of the Settings menu. This feature first came as part of Windows Insiders, which helps the company test whether or not a feature is worth it.

While it is true that we have tested a fairly recent beta version of the October 2020 update, we know that Microsoft has added this feature as part of the official release. (Another apparent “feature” of the new version, that the Office web apps appear in the Start menu, turns out to be just a bug .)


As in the past, you may not have the Windows 10 October 2020 Update right away. “We are spreading the availability in the next few weeks for a good download experience, so it may not be available to you immediately,” said John Cable, vice president of Program Management, in a blog post .

“Also, some devices may have a compatibility problem and for them it is better to wait, so the update will not be offered until we are sure that you will not have any problem updating.”

What awaits Windows from now on is up in the air. Microsoft said in May that it has a new version of Windows planned, Windows 10X, for single-screen devices, after it was expected to be used for dual-screen PCs like the Surface Neo.

But the Surface Neo has been overdue, and Windows 10X looks more like a replacement for Windows 10 Home in S Mode. Will Microsoft release the next Windows update in spring 2021, or will it wait until fall? At the moment, nobody knows for sure.

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