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The iPhone 12 has a yellow hue on the screen

tinte amarillo pantalla iphone 12 thumb800

Days after the launch of the iPhone 12, (isolated) complaints began to arrive about damage to the chassis and cameras of the new phones. A week later, some users complained that the messages disappeared.

And now there seems to be a third problem, and this time it has to do with the iPhone 12 screen.

Screen Problems – Isolated Cases or Production Error?

Reddit users and members of the MacRumors forum say that the screen of their iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have a yellow hue.

It must be said that, if you are experiencing something similar, you should first go to Settings before running to your nearest Apple Store: the effect could simply be because you have Night Shift or True Tone activated. You can disable these functions in ‘Settings’> ‘Display and brightness’.

If, even so, your screen still has a yellow tint, you should contact Apple as quickly as possible and try to have the device replaced by one with a screen that is not damaged. 

IPhone 12 screen

IPhone 12 (right) has a yellow tint. Image: ValyrianStyle (Reddit user)

The good news is that, for now, these complaints appear to be isolated cases. But it is still difficult to ensure that it is not a production error.

Last summer, many users complained about the presence of a green hue on their screens, especially in dark environments. This ended up being an iOS 13.5 software bug.

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