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The entire range of iPhone 12 will have OLED screens

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Apple has ordered the purchase of a large number of OLED screens for its new iPhone 12 models, which suggests that the entire new series will already come with screens of this technology. 

It is said that the entire family of iPhone 12 that will arrive this coming autumn, with some delay compared to previous years, as confirmed by Apple’s chief financial officer , will all arrive with OLED screens leaving behind those of the IPS type. 

We also know that this generation of iPhone 12 will have models with screen sizes whose diagonal will be 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches (two of the models will share the same size). 

In order to guarantee the supply of this essential component, Apple has opted on this occasion to acquire it from both Samsung and LG, and not only from the first brand as it has been happening until now. 

report published by Nikkei suggests that Apple has ordered OLED screens from Samsung and LG, the latter being responsible for providing the largest screens for the iPhone 12. 

Thus, the details indicate that Samsung would provide an estimate of between 30 and 35 million screens for the smaller iPhone 12 and 15 to 20 million units for the two models of iPhone 12 Pro. LG would provide 20 million units for the iPhone. larger.


It is the first time that Apple incorporates a second brand for the manufacture of its panels, since it has always opted for the supply of Samsung. South Korean Samsung has the largest market share in the production of OLED, with 81.3% and LG far behind with only 6.7%. 

In the current iPhone 11 series, only the two iPhone 11 Pro models offer OLED panel. Apple uses the so-called Liquid Retina display for the iPhone 11, as well as for the latest to arrive, the iPhone SE 2020 .

Jon Prosser’s sources say the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will cost the same as current iPhone 11 Pro models, despite having a larger screen and failing to confirm 5G connectivity. Instead, Apple itself would increase the price of the basic iPhone 12.

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