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The Best USB-C chargers for iPhone 12

USB-C chargers for iPhone 12

(USB-C chargers for iPhone 12) If you’ve already bought or reserved a new iPhone 12, you probably already know that the new packaging is much thinner than in previous years. This is due to the fact that Apple has recalled the bulkiest accessory: The power adapter. 

Apple has decided to remove the charger from all iPhones it sells from now on. So whether you spend € 489 on an iPhone SE , or € 1,259 on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, you will have to use your own charger or purchase a new one. 

Of course, any old charger with a Lightning cable you have around the house will do, but with the USB-C cable with Lightning connector included with the new models, you may not have the ability to use the power adapter with this cable. 

The USB-C power adapter that Apple sells in its Apple Store is 20 W and is priced at € 25. It is the most basic and simple, so we thought it would be interesting to know the alternatives offered by the big brands to charge your iPhone.

For the first time ever, Apple provides a USB-C to Lightning cable in every iPhone case to enable fast charging, so all you need is the right charger. You know, not everyone will take advantage of the most optimal loading speed. 

Best USB-C chargers for iPhone 12

Anker PowerPort Atom III 60W

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Anker PowerPort Atom III 60W

Many of the best chargers are often the simplest, and the Anker PowerPort Atom III meets those needs. It offers a decent charge for your iPhone or laptop, in a small and compact package that fits in a pocket or bag. 

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s still one of our preferred chargers when we’re out and about, with two USB-A and one USB-C ports to ensure maximum compatibility. 

Apple 20W USB C adapter

  • £ 0
Apple USB C 20W

Apple’s new 20-watt USB-C power adapter is as simple as it sounds. It’s one of the lightest chargers on this list, and with that charge, you won’t be able to charge your laptop or multiple devices at once.

However, if you need to have several chargers for all members of the house, the official Apple adapter is an economical option that makes up for the absence that you may have if you did not have a previous iPhone on your property. 

In our tests, it doesn’t charge the phone faster than the old 18-watt plug, but the price has dropped by around € 10. We’d love for Apple to offer a half-price option to buyers of new iPhones, but that’s what it is for the moment. 

Aukey Omnia USB C 65W

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Aukey Omnia USB C 65W

Aukey is another recognized brand within mobile adapters and accessories, with a wide range of USB-C of different types, many of them complying with the adoption of GaN technology. 

There are several options from Aukey, but if you need a USB-A port on your charger for older devices, you won’t have a problem with this charger that can supply enough 65W power for your iPhone and even your Macbook.

Specifically, with the Omnia you get 12 W of charging power when using a Lightning USB-A adapter with your iPhone 12, and a full 20 W of fast charging when using USB-C. And with a 60W power output, you no longer have to carry around your big Macbook adapter. 

Choetech PD 100W

  • £ 0
Choetech PD 100W

The 100-watt Choetech charger is one of the largest we’ve tested, but at just over 2.5 inches it’s still significantly smaller than the 96-watt power adapter that Apple has for its 16-inch Macbook Pro. . 

For the size, you get an additional 45W USB-C port for each device when you use them together. At 100 grams, it’s actually lighter than some other 60-watt models we see here as well.

AmazonBasics 65W adapter

  • £ 0
AmazonBasics 65W Adapter

The basic USB-C charger option offered by Amazon comes in the form of a compact adapter with a single connection of this type with which you can charge your iPhone or compatible device. 

The model indicated here corresponds to the power of 65 W, although it is also possible to purchase the 30 W model for a lower price of € 19.18. In both, we have a blue LED light that indicates when the charger is plugged into the wall. 

The charger also comes with built-in device detection, ensuring the fastest possible charge for the connected device, adapting to each situation and supported model. 1x1 pixel

Pay attention to the watts of the adapter

If the iPhone 12 isn’t your first purchase, you probably already have a 5W charger from Apple. This means that it will continue to work with the iPhone 12, but the charging process and time will be very slow, basically the same as your previous iPhone. 

So, if you want to take advantage of the new charging speeds supported by the iPhone 12, you must take into account the electrical power in watts (W) that it will be able to provide to your device. 

For years, Apple offered the 5-watt model in the boxes of its iPhone, which barely enough to get a charge of the latest iPhone in a time of around 2 and a half hours. 

These are values ​​that are fine for the era of the iPhone 5 and earlier models that did not support fast charging, but the latest iPhone 12 models can work with chargers that deliver up to 20 watts. 

This means that with the appropriate power adapter model, it is possible to complete half a battery charge on your new iPhone in approximately 30 minutes. Therefore, you should buy a USB C charger capable of delivering 20 watts. 

You’ll also want to make sure the charger supports USB Power Delivery, (most are compliant), and the few that don’t support the technology won’t charge the iPhone at all, as Apple pointed out in a tech support document. 

Also to the size and connection ports 

Charger manufacturers have already started replacing the silicon power supplies built into the adapters with gallium nitride, and the difference in size is significant. 

For example, the 60W Anker USB-C is 35% smaller than the adapter Apple ships with the 13-inch Macbook Pros, yet offers the same 60-watt charge. 

Unless you buy one of the models featured here, all of which use GaN except for the Apple adapter, you should definitely take a look at the dimensions in the technical data.

Just because Apple only allows one device to be charged per plug doesn’t mean it has to be that way for all devices. Many third-party adapters offer multiple ports in a single wall charger. 

If you plan to regularly charge more than one device at a time, buy an adapter with at least two ports; some have up to four ports. You can even get a combination of USB-C and USB-A depending on your needs.

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