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The best summer straps for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch

(Apple Watch ) With the arrival of summer, we think about what new swimsuit we are going to wear on the beach, what outfits we are going to debut on those nights in the fresh air and how we are going to dress to visit friends. On the other hand, we do not think much about combining with our Apple Watch.

In this article, we are going to give you a hand to adapt your smartwatch to the high temperatures, the sun and the bright colors typical of this time of year. 

Sport strap for Apple Watch

Sport strap for Apple Watch
  • $ 49

Apple’s new sports strap models this summer say it all: meerschaum, vitamin C, cliff gray and linen blue. Could you have picked a more summery color name?

Currently, this Apple-designed model is available in two case sizes: 40mm and 44mm, although these are also compatible with 38mm and 42mm cases respectively. It is also available in Gay Pride colors .

Nike Sport Band for Apple Watch

Nike Sport Band for Apple Watch
  • $ 49

Although Apple has not launched new models of the Nike Sport strap for this summer, there is no doubt that this is the one that will best suit you to better withstand the heat. After all, it has been designed for athletes (who tend to sweat).

This strap has perforations that improve ventilation, so you don’t have to worry about sweating problems. It is true that most colors are rather winter, but not all of us want to dress in vibrant colors in summer.

CeMiKa elastic strap for Apple Watch

CeMiKa elastic strap for Apple Watch
  • £ 8.99

The bows that were so fashionable a few decades ago are back on trend and, how could it be otherwise, are available in all kinds of fabrics, colors and patterns. Interestingly, they have also arrived for the Apple Watch.

The brand responsible for this design is CeMiKa and they have the advantage of being elastic, so you don’t have to worry about your wrist swelling from the heat. It is available in several colors, but we particularly like this leopard one.

Wepro strap for Apple Watch

Wepro strap for Apple Watch
  • £ 5.09

Fernando Fernán Gómez said that bicycles are for summer, but bright colors are also. This strap from Wepro will allow you to show them off with this beautiful pattern of pink, green, red and black silhouettes on a white background.

If you are not convinced by this design, you can choose from many others: gray camouflage, stars, flowers, leopard, dog tracks … The material used is silicone, which means that it will last more than a summer as it is resistant and easy to clean. .

Fullmosa leather strap for Apple Watch

Fullmosa leather strap for Apple Watch
  • £ 13.99

Sometimes the color that is most reminiscent of summer is white. And not because some of us fail to get brown or with many hours of sun, but because they remind us of the typical white weddings of Ibiza.

Those who do get brown will be able to show it off better thanks to the contrast with the light color of this Fullmosa strap. It is also in other colors, but always using a natural leather that gives it a very elegant finish.


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