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The Best Review of the Tribit XFree Go : quality at a great price

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review tribit xfree go 7
Tribit XFree Go: is it worth your purchase?

The Tribit XFree Go headphones cost less than € 30, although nobody would say it if we let ourselves be guided by its excellent sound quality. Although I am not a big fan of their design, I must admit that they are very comfortable.

Retail price (RRP)

£ 25.49

Review of the Tribit XFree Go: quality at a great price

In the world of technology, it seems that you always have to pay outrageous to have quality. Although in general terms, Tribit usually finds a way to offer products that seem much more expensive than they really are.

A clear example is these XFree Go headphones, with a price lower than € 30 but with a sound quality that could well belong to helmets three or four times more expensive. But there are other elements that do make its low price obvious.

This has been my experience with the Tribit XFree Go.

Design and manufacturing quality

Headphone design is the standard for wireless over-ear helmets . They’re quite sturdy, though lightweight, and have each earbud and headband lined with a pad that makes the XFree Go super comfortable.

I personally like that they are black (this color tends to make everything much more elegant), and I do not dislike the silver details, since they are minimal. Despite the color, yes, its appearance does denote that its price is less than € 30.

You won’t be convinced by its style if you are passionate about design (Apple fans, look away), but these headphones have enough positive points to be able to leave their appearance in the background.


Although used plastic doesn’t help make them more beautiful, it will prevent annoying scratches that can easily appear on metal devices. In any case, you can protect them with the case that comes included in the box.

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Features, battery and connectivity

The XFree Go headphones allow you, as you may have imagined, to listen to your favorite music or podcasts wherever you go. You can do it in two different ways: through the AUX cable or wirelessly thanks to the built-in Bluetooth.

The AUX cable is 1 meter, which makes it ideal to connect to your smartphone while you are on the street or on public transport or if you need to use them with your laptop. Instead, it will come up short if you’re going to connect helmets to your desktop computer tower.

If you are considering buying these cases, it is probably because you need cheap wireless headphones. The pairing process is very simple and will not take long, although remember to have a charged battery or they will not work.

You will have to get used to pressing the power button for 5 seconds so that the headphones can be paired with the device you want. Then you can use the other buttons on the helmets (there are no touch controls) to control your music.

Thus, the power button will also serve to pause and resume music. The button to your right is used to lower the volume or to go to the next song, while the button to your left is used to increase the volume or to go to the previous song. Nothing special.

It is also possible to answer incoming calls with the power button. For good communication, the headphones include a Qualcomm cVc microphone. Tribit has also relied on Qualcomm for its Bluetooth 5.0, as it uses the Qualcomm QCC3003 chip.

The battery life has not disappointed me at all and I could well have used them for a transatlantic trip. Much to my regret, I have had to settle for using them at home and walking around my neighborhood, but you can charge them every three or four days of standard use.

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Sound quality

Let’s go to the most important thing and where Tribit manages to shine more: the audio. I find it too obvious to say that the sound quality will not be up to the standards of audiophiles or music producers, but for the rest it is more than enough.

At Tribit they know what they are doing and have managed to manufacture cheap headphones that offer a defined sound in practically all frequencies. It shines in the midtones and also achieves more than decent highs and lows.

You will not have problems when listening to music of all genres: from classical music to electronics, through rock, pop and hip hop. Obviously, you won’t find the results of a subwoofer device here .

Price and availability

The Tribit XFree Go headphones are currently available on Amazon for just € 29.99, without a doubt one of the most well-priced wireless headsets on the market (especially for the sound quality you get in return).


It has already been repeated throughout this review that the Tribit XFree Go are very worthwhile, especially considering their price. The less than € 30 they cost seem even ridiculous with the audio quality they offer.

You will not find here the ideal sound for music connoisseurs, nor will it win any award for its design, but it makes available to its users the basic features that we ask of wireless headphones: battery and buttons so as not to depend on the device to which we link them .

Specifications list

  • Typology: Circumaural or over-ear headphones
  • Battery life: 24 hours
  • Connections: microUSB / Bluetooth 5.0
  • Noise Cancellation: No
  • Headphone size: 40mm
  • Weight: 225g
  • Colors: Black

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