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Microsoft Surface Duo: Release Date, Price, and Specifications

Surface Duo

After more than nine months of rumors and speculation, we have finally confirmed the launch date and price of the Surface Duo. 

The latest addition to the Surface line is an ambitious version of the smartphone , with two 5.6-inch screens that run on Android. It’s Microsoft’s first foray into phones since the ill-fated Windows Phone era, so there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the Duo’s launch.


When is the Surface Duo release date?

On Microsoft’s official website and, more specifically, on the page announcing the launch of the Surface Duo, you see the same message as when the device was announced last October 2019: “Holidays 2020”.

However, we now have confirmation that the release date will be September 10, courtesy of an official blog post . There have long been rumors that it would arrive earlier, but until now a specific release date was not known.

The initial launch will be only for the US, it is not yet known when the device will arrive in other countries such as Spain or Mexico. 


Microsoft has stated that it will “share more information on the market expansion at a later date,” although this may depend on demand and reception for the Duo in the United States.

How much will the Surface Duo cost?

As has been the case with almost every folding machine thus far, the Surface Duo isn’t going to be cheap.

In the same blog post mentioned above, a starting price was revealed: $ 1,399.99 . 

For that price, you’ll get a version with 128GB of storage, while going up to 256GB will cost you $ 1,499.99.

If you reside in the US, you can pre-order at the Microsoft store, as well as through Best Buy and AT&T.

This price puts it in direct competition with the Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip (1,300) and the Motorola Razr (1,499.

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Microsoft Surface Duo Specifications

The first big buzz surrounding the Surface Duo’s specs comes courtesy of Windows Central. Zac Bowden suggests that the device will come with the following:

Using a chipset as of 2019 may surprise some, but the 865 requires a separate 5G chip and was introduced after the Duo made its debut. 

It can also allow Microsoft to keep costs down, particularly considering that folding devices have been relatively expensive so far. 

Other key specs include a 3460mAh battery and some sort of fingerprint sensor, though there’s no support for expandable storage. 

The Surface Duo will apparently ship with Android 10, but an update to Android 11 will be available soon after. 

All of Microsoft’s own applications will be built to work on both screens, often using one side as an overview and the other to dive into something specific. However, we don’t yet know how many third-party developers will update their apps to take advantage of both screens, or if they’ll be ready in time for the Surface Duo launch.  

Here is the information we found when the Surface Duo was revealed in October 2019: 

The Duo is essentially a smaller version of the Surface Neo. Both are dual-screen folding devices, however the Duo is an Android smartphone .

It has a pair of 1800×1350 5.6-inch OLED displays separated by a 360-degree hinge, so it’s not a simple folding screen like the Galaxy Fold. On the back is the gorilla glass and the design means that you can fold it into several different ways like a 2-in-1 convertible laptop.

Microsoft has made it compatible with the Surface Pen stylus as well, but little else has been confirmed about the Surface Duo. The video shown looks like USB-C is the chosen port.

There have been several sightings of the Surface Duo since its introduction, including from Microsoft employees. Director Frank X. Shaw deliberately placed it on the table of his home editing work, before the product manager showed off his photographic capabilities:

The Surface Duo wasn’t the only dual-screen device announced by Microsoft at its October event. 

At the same event, the company announced the Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X, and Surface Earbuds.

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