The Best Lightning Cables for iPhone and iPad

Cables for iPhone and iPad

Today, most Apple products, especially those included within the iOS ecosystem, are marketed together with a cable with a Lightning type connection. The company uses this type of connection in most of its iPhones and iPads, with the exception of the iPad Pro range of 11 and 12.9 inches, which already have the USB Type-C connector.

Although it is true that the wireless charging of the iPhone is a great extra for users who do not worry about carrying cables from one place to another, in many cases it is still necessary to use the Lightning cable as a charging method, or to connect the device to the Mac. 

Despite the fact that both the new iPhone (see the iPhone SE 2020 review ), as the Apple Watch Series 4 and the new AirPods support wireless charging of their batteries , the cancellation of what was to be the AirPower charging base has encouraged that we continue to use the traditional physical cable with Lightning connector as the main option. 

iphone base de carga

With the wear of the cables, the result of daily use, it is possible that at some point you have begun to see that the cables are peeling or show clear signs of wear. It is then time to go to the Apple store to pay € 25 for the original 1 meter long cable, or opt for a compatible one.

We have wanted to collect in this article a whole series of Lightning cables that will allow you to charge your iPhone or iPad safely, also guaranteeing full guarantees of durability and operation despite the passage of time. 

The Best Lightning Cables for iPhone and iPad

Apple Lightning to USB

Apple Lightning to USB-C Cable

  • $ 19

It may not be as iconic as the white AirPods headphones are, but surely if you have had bad experiences with poor quality cables, you would rather pay their price than opt for others of dubious origin. 

This is the original cable that Apple currently ships with most of its compatible products, with a length of one meter. You already know that its white finish will turn gray with the passage of time, and that if you are somewhat careful you will be able to extend its half-life.

Moshi lightning

Moshi USB Cable with Lightning Connector

  • $ 35

The Moshi brand is well known within the technology sector for offering quality products at a good price. This time, we have a Lightning cable to charge your iPhone or iPad with a generous length that exceeds 3 meters. 

It is suitable for moving also in places such as the vehicle, where the cigarette lighter sockets located on the dashboard of the car are sometimes used to charge the mobile phones of passengers traveling in the rear, with the consequent distance.

Zendure SuperCord

Zendure SuperCord

  • $ 9.99

It is a Braided Lightning cable made of Nylon and Kevlar Dupont materials woven with high resistance fibers in order to guarantee great durability. So much so that the manufacturer brand offers a lifetime guarantee. 

In fact, Zendure claims its cable is up to 10 times stronger than alternatives on the market, with reinforced joints between connectors at each end. It promises up to 50,000 uses before the cable begins to show any signs of damage. 

You can buy the Zendure SuperCord in black, gray or red with dimensions of 1 or 2 meters in length. They are all MFI certified, so unlike cheaper cables, they won’t stop working after the new iOS update. 

This version is good to guarantee charging up to 12 watts and a data transfer speed of up to 480 Mbps. You will also find it with cable versions in USB Type C and Micro USB mode for other types of mobile phones.

Belkin Lightning

Belkin Lightning to USB cable

  • $ 24.99

The proposal that comes to us from Belkin is different from the rest in the fact that instead of offering Lightning on one end and USB connector on the other, the cable has a USB Type C connection so that you can directly connect your iPhone to the port of your MacBook or compatible device. 

You should bear in mind, of course, that most power adapters are made to use a normal-size USB port and not USB type C. For the rest, with the Belkin you will have a direct connection to your computer or MacBook, with full synchronization guarantees.

UNBREAK Lightning cable

UNBREAKcable USB-Lightning iPhone Charger Cable

  • $ 11.99

In some way, UNBREAKcable lives up to its name if it meets the predictions made by its manufacturers that the cable can last 20 times longer than others on the market and withstand more than 20,000 bends.

Its resistance comes from using an ultra-strong and high-performance aramid fiber core inside, which allows it to withstand loads of more than 125 kg. You can buy the UNBREAK Lightning cable on Amazon with black and white finishes, with lengths of one or two meters long.

Native Union NIGHTLightning

Native Union NIGHT Cable

  • $ 39.99

Possibly one of the most luxurious cables that exist if you consider its basic function that it fulfills together with the rest of those discussed here. Featuring reinforced finishes and complying with Apple MFI certification, the Knot Loop USB to Lightning Cable is intended to ensure maximum durability. 

Its reinforced cord means you won’t suffer from the evil of tangled cables or any symptoms of frayed ends during its useful life. The O-Flex design of the Native Union Night releases the stress that occurs next to the connector as well as offering greater flexibility. 

With its 3 meters in length, surely you will not have any problem to charge your iPhone or iPad comfortably anywhere, no matter how far the power outlet of your work table may be.

AmazonBasics Lightning

AmazonBasics Lightning to USB cable

  • $ 6.49

If there is something that AmazonBasics products guarantee you, it is that they offer a minimum quality, something that this cable with a USB to Lightning connector offers, made of nylon with double braiding, something that makes it more rigid than usual but gives it resistance. 

The head of its connector or plug is compact, so you can use it with any iPhone phone, including the SE or iPhone 6S model. You will find it for sale on Amazon with a length that can vary between 0.9 meters and 3 meters.

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