The best LG V70 : date, price and news about its specifications

LG V70

(LG V70)LG’s V-series phones have gone through six iterations from the bold reinvention of the 2015 V10 to the 2020 V60, a phone we think was one of the most underrated of the year.

The “V” unofficially stands for “video,” and the V-series has always sat alongside the more mainstream G-series to offer Android enthusiasts a full-featured camera app, great video editing options, the power flagship, and on the V10 and V20 a second ticker-style display.

But LG has decided that the G8 will be the last phone in the G series as it turns to salvage its failing mobile division. The LG Velvet was the first phone of the new age, and the LG Wing is the second.

Although the company has not said that the V series is dead, it leaves the future existence of the V70 in doubt. This is what we know so far.

LG V70 release date

Even if the LG V70 was definitely coming, recent V releases do when that might be hard to predict.

The V10, V20, V30, and V40 were all announced in August, September, or October, but then the V50 was announced in February 2019, just four months after the V40’s debut.

The V60 then appeared in February 2020, so perhaps the most likely launch date for a possible LG V70 is February 2021, but with the change in historical dates and the uncertain future of the V series, this is nothing. definitive way.

How much will the LG V70 cost?

Like the launch date, the price of the LG V70 is hard to guess. The V60 was a US-only phone, priced at around $ 649 at the time of writing, but the V50 sold for $ 999 when it first came out. The V40 was also very expensive.

Our guess is that a V70 would go the route of the V60 and earn about $ 700 to compete with the current iPhone market price, but would offer optional accessories like the dual-screen case.

LG V70 Specifications

If the V70 comes to fruition, it will most likely carry Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 875, or whatever Qualcomm ends up naming its new high-end mobile processor. The one thing the V-series doesn’t skimp on in its processing power.

Less clear would be the rest of the specifications. The V60 was good, but it didn’t take the kitchen sink approach of the old V phones, opting for a 60Hz display when rival manufacturers have gone for 90Hz or 120Hz this year. In addition, its design returned to the bulk of the V10 and V20 after the elegant V30, V40 and V50.

We also expect the optional dual screen to return, but it may look a bit thinner like the Velvet.

Anyone can guess the V70’s focus, which makes us feel like LG might not pull it off. He hasn’t officially said that it’s the end of the V series and we’d be saddened to see it go. There is still room on the market for a refined, video-centric smartphone that costs nothing.

Then again, the V60 was just that, and critics criticized it for not being a full $ 1,000 spec. Those critics also criticized LG for selling $ 1,000 phones. It’s not really LG’s fault.

Wish List for LG V70

Being optimistic, this is our wish list of things we would like to see if the LG V70 comes into existence. 

The return to elegance

If this is possible without sacrificing battery life, then we’d love to see it. The V60 has incredible battery life, but to keep it going and support 5G, the 5,000mAh cell is packed into a fairly large device.

We believe that the pinnacle of V-series design was the V40, the first great phone to have 5 cameras (2 front, 3 rear) and still have more pound-for-pound features than the equivalent of the Galaxy S or iPhone.

120Hz refresh rate display

We don’t pit it against the V60 for not having it, but the V70 should put display technology up to speed with the competition. LG hasn’t shipped a phone with a high refresh rate screen yet, but the V series would be the best place to do it first.

Global availability

It may not work for LG’s piecemeal sales strategy, but ideally the V70 is available globally and unlocked to attract buyers. The V60 is for the United States only and is typically locked by the carrier, greatly delaying anyone wanting to import.

LG has never been very good at offering unlocked phones, but when it is so difficult to find their phones for sale in Spain and other countries, what possibilities does the V70 have?

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