The best early Black Friday deals 2018

RAVPower 27000


Street price: $130; deal price: $117

This is our first deal, which we have seen on our budget pick. Make sure you clip the on-page coupon to close 10%.

RAVPower 27000 is the best portable laptop charger in our guide to choose the budget. Sara Wittman writes, “If you do not want to spend a lot – and you do not have any bulk, then not a smooth charger – RAVPower 27000 is a good option …. RAWPower’s peak power display, 119 watts, almost our main The pick was similar to the maximum of 123 watts, it was able to charge 15-inch MacBook Pro along with small devices without problems. ”

Echo Dot (2nd Gen)


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Street price: $40; deal price: $20

New $ 5 less than Although we expect to see more deals on this old generation model of Eco Dot, but they will probably be in the $ 25 range.

Echo dot is a great challenge in our time of Amazon’s smart speakers. Grant Clauser writes, “In this small package, dot gives you all Alexa control and search features, and includes a speaker which is good for listening to the sound of the dot and listening to the alarm or listening to the radio, but this is not enough Enjoying music. For music, you connect the dot to any Bluetooth speaker or use a 3.5-millimeter stereo jack for wired audio connection. ”

Denon AVR-S740H

d avr s740h slider 1

Street price: $455; deal price: $350

This price is more than $ 100 from the price of the normal road on our upcoming runner-up receiver pickup.

That’s a top-notch challenge in our guide for the DENON AVR-S740H best receiver, now our runner-up after a new round of testing. Chris Henonen writes, “Danon AVR-S 730H stands for its extensive feature set for price, in which it supports 7.1 system (i.e. seven speakers and subwoofers) as well as amplification to support Dolby Atmosphere and DTS: X Has seven channels, and it can support a second, separate controlled stereo zone …. Additionally, the room improvement software from the Audiis seems best to the receiver in this price range, and An optional app lets you customize than other room correction suite. ”

Our selection: Denon AVR-S730Haya

We chose the DENON AVR-S 730H as the best receiver for most people because it is the easiest to install and will require most people (and many more). These include built-in Wi-Fi, room improvement, support for seven channels, Dolby Atoms and DTS: X 3D audio support, and six HDMI 2.0 inputs. It looked very good during our listening tests and did not get distorted even at high doses. It supports significant wireless streaming standards and has enough input for most people. Denon has made minor improvements in last year’s model by adding support for previous streaming services and upcoming Alexa Compatibility.

With room improvements enabled, Denon looked better than other tested models

Above all, the ease of setting up of Denon separates it from the vast majority of the receiver. Once connected to your TV, on-screen hints show how to make and connect your speakers, make sure your devices are connected properly to the input, and you have the permission to run the AudiSystem improvements system. is. If you have an iOS device then setting up Wi-Fi is also very easy, because Danone can copy its settings. Other receivers can help with some of these, but there is no easy to use or cover much of the area as Denon.

This year our blind trial stressed on one point: without improving the room, all receiver sound in this price are similar. No matter how I will test ABX, if the receiver matches the level and room improvement was inadequate, nobody could tell them differently. Any difference in sound quality was inauspicious even for experienced critical audiences.

When we used to improve the receiver’s room, it changed. With room improvements enabled, Denon looked better than other tested models. It produced clear stereo imaging and clear clarity in the treble. After the room correction, other receivers looked better, but not as much as Denon.

With the optional iOS app from the AudiSystem, you can further customize the room of AVR-S730H. To take advantage of this, you should run it during your initial setup, and every time you take the speakers around it. App is not required, but if you want more advanced control over room improvements, then the app makes it easy. This enables options already available on more expensive receivers, such as setting the maximum frequency for cell correction, to make sure that you do not negatively affect the natural sound of your speakers.

hiuyuiThe Odyssey app shows how it has corrected the high-frequency roll-off in our test system. (Flat is better.)

While most people are not likely to take full advantage of Denon’s 7.1 capabilities, packing seven channels of amplification gives you some flexibility in configuring your speakers. If you can not run the wire for the back speakers, you can set the receiver to drive the front atomos speaker or module, then the available DTS nerve: combined with the X mix, and a customized ambient effect It is possible. It will not be as good as dedicated dedicated speakers, but since you can do it without running the wire around the room, it opens the sound around the room more.

If you choose to use all seven channels, then your options go further: you can use 5.1.2 (i.e. standard ambient system and two height speaker), 7.1, or 5.1 system with second, separate controlled analog stereo Can control a bookshelf speaker in an audio-filled or adjacent cave for external speakers on the patio. With the Denon 4 ohm speaker also 5.1.2 Atomos is capable of enabling the system well. More traditional 8 ohm speaker driving in the domestic system proved too easy for Denon. Pushing aggressive Dolby Atmos, like Smurfs: The Lost Village (do not laugh, the soundtrack is great) was absolutely no problem for Denon.Denon AVR-S 730H is well labeled well and makes layout connections easy.

Six HDMI inputs, with Front input on Denon makes it easy to connect all your devices. All these inputs are with HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2, and each Dolby Vision and HLG HDR signal can also pass that some other receivers can not. Six HDMI inputs are adequate, but if not, then the step-up donon AVR-S 930H provides eight. You can also add an HDMI switch, but this makes the setup more confusing, and HDMI 2.0 switches are not yet easily available or are not cheap.

We also like that there are various types of wireless streaming options in Denon. The Holes, Denon’s multi-volume audio platform (think Sonos), is built directly into your receiver which allows you to stream from Amazon, Tuvial, SoundCloud, Pandora and others. It also has a Spotiffa connect, so you can use the Spotify app and can stream it directly to Dannon. In addition, its integrated Bluetooth and AirPlay have made it easy to stream Denon from the device even without installing the HayOS app with Bluetooth, then you have to keep your device close to the receiver to stream the audio.

Getting these streaming services in Denon is easy with integrated dual band Wi-Fi and Ethernet. If you have an iOS 7 or device with the highest device, then you can set up Wi-Fi as if it was an airplay speaker. Doing this, almost no work is done and it is easier than typing your SSID and password with remote control.receivers lowres 02540Horizontal, not vertical, arrangement of speaker binding posts makes connections easier.

 Denon added some small touches to make the receiver easier to use, such as stacking binding posts in a horizontal line rather than stacked. It does not matter when using the banana plug, but if you are using bare wire to connect your speakers, then it is difficult to connect a compulsive binding post.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

hyperx cloud stinger 3 1

Street price: $ 50; Deal price: $ 40

There is a good fall on our budget pickup, and this year is one of the best prices, but it is above $ 33, we had seen on last cyber Monday.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Chooses the budget. Dennis Burger says, “… we all agreed that Kingston’s new HyperX Cloud Stinger is a clear choice for gamers who spend $ 50 or less on a new headset. Compared to most budget headset, Cloud Stinger is surprisingly well-built and comfortable, thanks to its litter headband and comfortable fit. In our tests, its audio performance is in its price range. It was much better than anything else, thanks to its 50mm driver and well-balanced sound. ”


Sonos One

sonos one top 2x1 lowres1024 6061

Street price: $200; deal price: $175

Since March we have seen the first deal where both colors are available. Sales on Sonos Forest is characteristic of only black models.

Sonos One is our top choice, “Sonos system is the best multi-wireless wireless speaker system because it supports most of the services, and it has a great selection of superb sounds, great search features and a streamlined app that runs on almost all major platforms, Sonos Every Time keeps your platform up to date by adding more services, offering new features like TruePlay room-improvement technology and your It updates the model. The Sonos user experience is best for any of the currently available multi-functional wireless speaker systems. ”


Logitech C922X

maxresdefault 1

Street price: $72; deal price: $50

We have seen the price of $ 50 earlier on this webcam but it has never been less, and the previous deals did not last long.

Logitech C922X Our guide to the best webcam is our choice for game players. “For streaming video to viewers on sites like YouTube or Twitch, we really like the Logitech’s C922X Pro Stream webcam, which looks almost like [our pick] C920, and if you have Skype or Google If you are using Hangouts, image quality is the same. In addition to $ 20 to $ 30, you support 720p 60fps video recording and background replacements as well as a tripod. “

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