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The best Amazon presents its new Echo Show 10


Amazon has announced a completely redesigned smart display alongside a new range of Echo speakers (including the Echo 4) and streaming devices like the Fire TV.

It is effectively the third generation of the Echo Show but adds the suffix 10 that was missing from its predecessors.

The size of the screen (10 inches) stands out, since it is the largest that Amazon offers, along with the 8 and 5-inch models.

The big news is that the screen is motorized, and it has a new 13 MP camera that can track you so that you are always in the frame of video calls.

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They are stereo speakers in the body behind the screen (along with a woofer and a subwoofer ), and since the whole thing moves, both the screen and the speakers will be pointing at you when you are watching the video even if you move.

You can watch Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu, your flash briefing or music videos – all the things you can do on the current Echo Show.

They have claimed that the operation is silent: your ears won’t be able to hear the motor that turns the screen.

It costs 249.99 euros , only 20 euros more than the previous model. You can order one immediately in one of two colors: Anthracite (black) and White.

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Alexa + Zoom Group Call

Group calling is a feature that lets you chat with up to eight people, but since not everyone has an Echo Show, it’s great news that Amazon is also bringing Zoom to all models of this year’s Echo Show.

Alexa Guard

Amazon hasn’t missed any tricks either, as the screen can also rotate in guard mode, and you can control the rotation via the Alexa app, which means you can use it as a pan and tilt security camera.

The company says it used “advanced computer vision algorithms” that run locally on the AZ1 chip to allow the program to help keep your home safe. The screen – and the camera – will periodically pan the room and alert you (when set to Away Mode) if a person is detected.

You can also safely access the video feed from another Echo Show.

When you don’t want the screen and camera to follow you, you can slide the shutter over the lens, or just say, “Alexa, turn motion off.”

Zigbee and Sidewalk

In addition to Bluetooth LE, the Show 10 has the Zigbee hub found in Amazon’s two previous 10-inch smart displays, but there’s also Amazon Sidewalk, which is a new system the company has developed “for devices that stay connected. and they work great in and out of your home. “

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