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Technology to protect you from the winter cold



We have started the new year with great snowfalls and a polar cold that, according to the oldest, is not remembered in all that we have been in this century. Fortunately, we have the technology to make our day to day more bearable.

That is why we wanted to select a series of technological devices with which you can warm your hands when you are outdoors, remotely control your home thermostat, warm your feet, or simply drink your coffee at the right temperature.

We have also thought about your pet, for which we have some solutions for when they stay at home comfortably, or when they go out on their routine walks. Do not miss this selection of gadgets with which to face this cold storm.

Ember mug with temperature control

Ember mug

The Ember mug with temperature control is an invention for lovers of infusions and coffee. Its thermal technology allows you to keep hot drinks at their exact temperature so that you never drink your cold drink again or burn yourself with the first sip. 

The Ember Mug is sold together with a base with a charger that allows you to charge the battery of the mug, since the battery is in the base of the cup itself. In this way, you can meet someone or move around the house knowing that the temperature remains constant. 


An app for iOS and Android allows us to set the corresponding temperatures, as well as receive notifications. In this way, if you serve yourself an infusion that is too hot, the Ember cup will notify you when it reaches the right temperature to be ingested. 

Thanks to the Ember mugs, the pleasure of enjoying hot drinks can be prolonged by precisely selecting the preferred drinking temperature between 50 and 62.5 degrees Celsius. 

The price of the 295 ml model is € 119.95, but believe me if I tell you that it has become an essential product for my day to day. The brand also has the Ember travel mug priced at € 199.95 to keep the drink warm on the go. 

Warm hands with powerbank

Hand warmer

If there is something in current technology, it is that it can make our lives easier, and on those days of intense cold when it is difficult to leave the house, a small object such as a hand warmer can make things easier for us. 

For just over € 20, you will find countless devices on Amazon such as the Ocoopa , a compact device with an external 5,200 mAh battery, which in addition to supplying charge to your smartphone, also serves to warm your hands on your trips. 

The vast majority offer different levels of heat with the possibility of emitting heat in the lightest mode up to a period of 7 hours continuously. They are usually sold with a small cover and the charger cable. 

The cooler ones will also appreciate the use of thermal insoles or electric heated socks. Those of the Meco brand have 3 heat modes and have a small pocket in the sock to store the device’s battery inside.

See in this article a list of the best portable chargers or external batteries .

Thermal gloves, also motorcycle

Thermal motorcycle gloves

Gloves to protect your hands from the cold winter and that in turn allow you to operate the touch screen of your smartphone, there are many. However, the unisex Mujjo have 3 layers with laminated Thinsulate 3M that will allow you the polar cold. 

The part of the fold of the fingers has a rubber material that imitates the conductivity of the skin to make them more comfortable when handling things with them on, even the movement of answering a call or writing a WhatsApp. 

If you are one of those who travel by motorcycle, you will also appreciate the use of good heated gloves with protections. This is the case of the Savior model , with a 2200 mAh battery to warm up in just 30 seconds. 

They have three levels of intelligent heat setting to keep your hands warm on the go, while a full battery recharge takes about 2 hours. These gloves keep the material to protect your knuckles against possible falls. 

Tado thermostat with geolocator

Tado thermostatIf we talk about thermostats, installing a digital model in the home can make the stay at home more pleasant, completely disregarding the constant manual regulation of degrees up and degrees down to maintain the temperature. 

In addition to automating and scheduling hours of use based on the needs of the family, both on daily days and on holidays, it also allows saving as it turns off when no one is home, or maintains the temperature constant. 

The Tado V3 system incorporates geolocation features, so that it can be activated when a member of the family approaches the home by collecting the coordinates from the smartphone. 

Tado has several models to choose from, as well as a wired or wireless solution. It also works with the new radiant heating systems and is highly compatible with gas or oil boilers. 

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Heated vest

Heated vest

Within what are thermal garments we find this practical Haofy vest that is characterized by incorporating a heating system that is distributed over the front and back so you can feel warm during your work outdoors or outdoors.

It is powered by a 5 volt 2.1 amp battery with a standard USB type connector that is compatible to charge anywhere. From the main button, you can manage 3 different levels of temperature ranging from 40 to 60 degrees. 

The vest is machine washable, since you can easily remove the system that provides the electrical current to the vest. You can also purchase a variety of compatible chargers separately to maintain temperature 24 hours a day. 

Cecotec ReadyWarm heater

Cecotec heaterIn order to keep a room in the home warm, without having to have the central heating turned on all day, the Spanish brand Cecotec has a wide catalog of ceramic heaters, among which this ReadyWarm 6350 model stands out .

Its size is compact to move around the rooms of the house or office and its power of 2000 W allows heating any room in a short time. It offers three operating modes (fan, low mode and high mode) with consumptions that vary from 1000 to 2000 W. 

Its 2 meter long cable makes things easier, in addition to the fact that the heater is capable of oscillating at 75 degrees to distribute the hot air evenly. You have a remote control and you can manage it from your smartphone application. 

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Thermal blanket for pets

Pecute pet blanket

If your dog or cat is one of the chilliest of the family, you should give him an electric blanket like the one we propose here. It is the Pecute model and has a flannel cloth cover to maintain a comfortable temperature and retain heat. 

It offers an extra level of protection against the possibility of electrocution with a pull resistant anti-bite tube, with flame retardant fabric, IPX4 waterproof certification and waterproof against possible urine leakage. 

It is priced at € 39.99 and its 60 x 65 cm surface is large enough that even a large dog can use it and maintain its body temperature. 

For daily walks, you can always opt for a wide variety of sweaters and coats with which to shelter your faithful pet, depending on how cold it is and its size. 

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