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Sony reveals new Final Fantasy XVI gameplay in this trailer

Final Fantasy XVI

Sony started the PS5 Reveal event with a bomb: the new Final Fantasy XVI trailer , which shows for the first time what its gameplay will be like . This trailer gives us an idea of ​​what to expect from the long-awaited game.

It is very remarkable that the trailer (which you can see below) not only shows the theme and plot of the new franchise title, but also its gameplay, although in this case the images have been captured on a PC and not on the PS5.

Although no specific location was mentioned, the trailer is long enough to offer a wide variety of environments: from snowy canyons to heavily populated forests. It also shows the class of enemies we will encounter.

The trailer serves to meet the protagonist, for now without a name, and the evolution of his face at the end suggests that the game will take place over several years. It is not the first time that this has happened, as we saw something similar in the very successful Final Fantasy X V.

Don’t miss the new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI :

As confirmed in the trailer, Final Fantasy XVI will arrive exclusively for PlayStation (surely for both PS4 and PS5 ), although it will also be available for PC. So that means it won’t be playable on the new Xbox Series X.

For now, however, there is no release date for Final Fantasy XV I, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it was out in quite some time. Now, the new gameplay trailer suggests that the process is more advanced than we thought.

Final Fantasy XVI


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