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Share your Mac’s screen on Mac, iPhone and iPad

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screen on Mac There are many situations in which you may need to access Mac’s screen remotely: You need to solve the technical problem of a relative, a friend or a friend wants to show you very well, and so on.

The solution is to use the ‘Share Screen’ function to access Mac’s Mac screen from any other Mac or Macbook. Another way to do this is to share that Mac’s screen with an iPhone or iPad.

If all this sounds very complicated, do not worry. Next we will help you duplicate the Mac’s screen on a Mac, an iPhone or an iPad. You will need to use the macOS function or install the application on your device.

Method 1. Use the ‘Share Screen’ function on your Mac or MacBook

If you want to access a Mac from another Mac, the easiest way to do this and remotely controlling it is by using the ‘Share Screen’ function, which is a factory installed with MacOS. Follow the steps below.

1. Open the Spotlight search engine by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right hand toolbar. When the search engine appears, see “Screen Sharing“, click on ‘Enter‘ when the option appears.

2. A window will appear with an empty space where you can enter the host name or apple id that is connected to the Mac you want to access.


. You will receive a notification on the Mac associated with that Apple ID account inviting you to share your screen with another user. You must click on ‘Accept’.

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. Then, from the Mac whose screen you want to share you can select between two options: to control the screen from the other Mac or just view it. When you have checked the corresponding box, click on ‘Accept‘.

. Now, a window will appear with the Mac desktop whose screen you have shared on the Mac from which you want to access. You can view or also control the screen according to what you have chosen in the previous step.

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Keep in mind that the speed of the connection will depend on the Internet connection and the speed of the network itself.

. You can zoom in or out and you can also request that you be allowed to control the Mac remotely if you have only been given the privilege of being able to view the screen.

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. When you want to end the connection, you must click on the ‘Share Screen’ icon of both Macs and choose the corresponding option.

Method 2. Use the ‘Share Screen’ function from the Messages app

Another way to access Mac’s screen from another Mac is via the Message app. Share Screen Share ‘has been included in Iclloud for several years, but it was not until Mac OS X Mavericks that it was allowed to share with friends.

It must be said that with the Messages app you cannot control a Mac remotely, but you can only see its screen on another computer. You can also select and point with the cursor and that the person on the other Mac can see it.

. First, both you and the owner of the other Mac must log in to your iCloud account. You will need an Apple ID account and a password. To make sure you’re connected, you must go to ‘System Preferences’, followed by ‘iCloud’.

. Also make sure you have the Apple ID associated with the other Mac.

. Then, both you and the other person must open the Messages app on your Mac.

. Now, click on ‘Write message’ and enter your friend’s Apple ID in the recipient section.

. Then, click on the ‘Details’ option in the upper right corner of the new message.

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. In the new window, you will see the ‘Share Screen‘ icon. You will recognize it because they are two superimposed blue rectangles.

. In the drop-down menu, choose the option ‘Request to share the screen‘.

.. Your friend will get a notification whether he wants to share the screen. They should give ‘excel’. If you are not in their contact list, they should also click on ‘Accept’ in the warning message.

9. You will see that a window appears on your screen where your desktop is displayed. On the other hand, a new icon will appear in the toolbar, indicating that a certain person, it is you, is watching the screen.

10. Click on the window where your screen is displayed and you will see that your cursor has become an enlightened circle. If you want to point out something, you can use it to point to some parts of your friend’s screen.

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11 . We recommend using FaceTime throughout this process to be able to indicate your friend with both the illuminated cursor and with words.

Method 3. Access your Mac with Chrome Remote Desktop from your iPhone or iPad

It is also possible to reach another person’s Mac using the iPhone or iPad, however our recommendation is to use the tablet for the reasons of the screen space. For this, you will need a service like free Chrome Remote Desktop Extensions.

Here’s how to configure it on your device. The process can be a bit cumbersome, but it will be very easy when you want to use it in the future. You need to have Chrome installed on your Mac and Google account.

How to configure Chrome Remote Desktop on your Mac

. Open Google Chrome on your Mac and go to the Chrome Remote Desktop page of the Chrome Web Store.

. Click on the ‘Add to Chrome‘ button and accept the alert message.

. Then, you will have to start the extension and click on ‘Continue’ to authorize your permission. You must also log in to your Google account.

. In the new window, click on the ‘Get started’ button in the ‘My Computers’ section to get started.

. Once you have accepted the terms and installed what you have been asked for, double click on the file ‘chromeremotedesktop.dmg‘ in your Downloads folder. Then, double-click the Chrome Remote Desktop Host.pkg icon in Finder.

You must accept conditions, install, enter the password of your Mac administrator and click on ‘Accept’ again. Then, you can close the window.

. Go back to the Chrome Remote Desktop window and click on ‘OK‘. You must set a password or PIN and give ‘OK‘.

. The Chrome Remote Desktop Host preferences menu will automatically open. Click on the lock icon and enter the administrator password and the PIN you just created.

. Click on ‘OK‘ in the Chrome Remote Desktop window and then close all windows: Chrome Remote Desktop, Chrome Remote Desktop Host preferences and Google Chrome.

Method 4. Visualize your Mac screen using VNC Viewer on your iPhone or iPad

If you want to use your iPad or iPhone to access the front Mac computer, the process is a bit complicated. You will need to configure the router and hire a DNS service like NoIP or DuckDNS to do this.

How to configure your Mac and iPad to share screens

macOS uses the VNC protocol ( Virtual Network Computing or Virtual Network Computing ) to share a screen remotely, which means that any VNC-compatible app will work for you. We recommend VNC Viewer , which is free.

. Before you can use VNC Viewer, you must configure the Mac you want to access. Basically, you should go to the ‘Share’ section in ‘System Preferences‘ and check the box next to ‘Share screen‘.

. Now, click on the ‘Computer settings …‘ button and make sure that neither option is selected.

. You must write down the address that appears under the section ‘Screen sharing: activated’.

. You should also write the IP address of your Mac in case the previous one does not work. You will find it by clicking on the Apple icon in the menu bar, pressing the ‘Alt‘ or ‘Option‘ key and selecting the ‘System information …‘ option.

. In the new window, select the ‘Network‘ option on the left and click on ‘Ethernet’ or ‘Wi-Fi‘ depending on whether you are connected to the Internet via cable or wireless network.

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. Open the VNC Viewer app on the iOS device and click on the icon in the upper right corner. In the dialog box that appears, enter the address copied in point 3 of the previous section, and give it a name that you can easily identify.

. Now, accept and hit the ‘Connect‘ button. You will be alerted that you are using an encrypted connection. You will not be able to avoid this alert, so simply click on the ‘Connect‘ link in the upper right part of the window.

. Next, you must enter the username and password of the Mac you want to access. The user will be abbreviated, usually only the first name or the first long word of the username.

. It will connect immediately. On the next screen you will be given some tips, such as how to use the cursor to walk around the screen. You may find it a bit messy at first, but you’ll end up getting used to it.

. To use the virtual keyboard, you just have to give the keyboard-shaped icon on the toolbar at the top of the screen.

. To disconnect from the remote Mac, click on the ‘X‘ icon on the top toolbar.

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Method 5. Connect to a Windows computer from your iPhone or iPad

Although it seems amazing, Windows has a long list of apps available for iOS, such as the Microsoft Remote Desktop. This free program allows you to connect to a compatible Windows computer desktop.

1. Before using the Remote Desktop app, you must ensure that it is active on the Windows computer that you want to access. All you have to do is ‘start‘ and write: ‘Allow remote access to computer’.

2. Then, click on the first option, which matches the ‘Allow remote access to computer‘ and check box ‘Allow connections only from computer running remote desktop with network level authentication (recommended)’.

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. Click on ‘OK’.

. In this case, you will also need to know the IP address of the Windows computer. Click on ‘Start‘ and type ‘cmd‘. In the DOS box that appears, enter ‘ipconfig‘ and hit ‘Enter’. Find the line ‘IPv4 Address‘ and copy the number. Then close the DOS box.

. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app on your iOS device and click on the ‘+‘ button in the upper right. Then, select ‘Add PC or Server‘ and enter the IP address of the previous point in the ‘PC Name’ box.

. In the username field, click on the option to add a new account. Then you must enter the username and password of the Windows computer you want to access and save the changes.

. Re-save the changes in the dialog box and click on the new connection icon. You will be asked if you want to accept the security certificate. Turn on the switch so they don’t ask you again and click on ‘OK

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Method 6. Use FaceTime

If you are trying to connect remotely to a friend’s computer, and if it all seems very complicated, then there is one more simple option to make video calls via a photo or other similar application.

Obviously, this will not allow you to access or control the other Mac’s screens, nor will it provide you a very detailed image of the monitor. But if you do not have too much time or it’s something simple, then the video call option will save you a lot of time.

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