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Secure your digital life with a VPN


Many users usually associate the use of a VPN service with the possibility of reaching content that is not usually available in their country. Obviously, this is one of the VPN’s objectives, but its potential lies in other areas which do a lot with security.

And it is that VPN is used to protect your digital life everywhere you go, wherever you go, and where you use a device or a computer, whether you use it to connect to the internet at any time.

You can use the internet anonymously, guarantee your data, your identity, and your family’s safety, if it is found that the service supports it. As a thank you for the CleanFeb function, away from any threat of the network, a good VPN service like Surfark guarantees that you will be able to navigate with your device without ads or trackers.

It is also interesting that the VPN service you have taken allows you to create a whitelist whitelist for the address and application so that VPN can ignore the access to some sites such as your digital bank.

How does the Surfshark VPN work?

First of all, you should know that the number of devices connected to the Internet through your Surf Mobile account is unlimited, so you can access from any smartphone or tablet, such as laptops or desktop computers.

Also your family will be safe because you can protect all the tools you need, together with all of them guarantee the connection.

In addition, Surfshark is the development of extensions for the main web browser, such as Chrome and Firefox. You can safely connect to any location using your normal browser.


There are some VPN services in the market that base their business model on the basis of the number of gigabytes consumed during the month. This means that once spent, your computer or device will not be safe, or you will be charged extra. Not so with SurfSaak.

There are limitations in the choice of the core server of many others, with which the service partially limits the possibilities of connection to the user. Surfshark has a wide network of over 800 servers distributed in 50 countries to choose from.

From which devices can I use my VPN?

he solutions offered by Surfshark allow free testing of the service on the main existing platforms, whether on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux or macOS devices, through the applications developed.

The fact of not having to install a dedicated application on your mobile phone or tablet , if you do not consider it a priority, can be a great advantage, given that you will be adding extra security in order to protect your privacy. No one can see the application installed on your mobile.

As an added bonus to the Surfshark service , you should know that you can use the VPN with other devices dedicated to streaming video services , such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, Apple TV or even Smart TVs. Also the Xbox and PlayStation game platforms are included in the service. 


You can use the service from anywhere in the world, join your Netflix, HBO or Amazon account and enjoy new content which is not usually available in your country. To do this, simply activate the intelligent DNS function to take advantage of the services of your VPN service.

Is it expensive to use a VPN?

We start from the fact that the security of the data is priceless. However, it is always possible to test a solution like Surfshark during a 30-day trial period to verify that its functions meet your expectations.

The cost of the Surfshark VPN service costs € 9.89 per month. However, if you choose to purchase the annual plan, the price per month stays at € 4.99. If you hire the 24 month modality, you can enjoy a discount of 82% resulting in a final price of € 1.79 per month. 


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