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Review: Samsung Galaxy S10e

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Samsung Galaxy S10e: is it worth your purchase?

Punctuation: 4 star

The Samsung Galaxy S10e battery is not very powerful and it happens for the smartphone. Apart from this, everything else is excellent. There is no objection on its display, construction, screen and audio.

As expected, the Galaxy S10e is a simple version of the S10 and the S10 Plus, however for the price it may look like any other flagship. You will love its size and physical fingerprint sensor.

Retail price (PVP)

From $ 749

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S10e

If you always wanted the Galaxy S smartphone, but you have withdrawn its price, then Samsung now offers a possible solution: Samsung Galaxy S 10. It has some amazing features in small, flat and cheap mobile too.

It has the same processor as the S10 and S10 Plus, an OLED screen, the same software and a headphone jack port, and it also allows you to do all the tasks you want without problems. The only big thing is that the battery is very weak.

We have tested the new equipment of the Japanese company, which was presented at Samsung Unpacked Event, and then we present our evaluation. You will find information about price, availability and its specifications.

Price and availability

You can buy your Samsung Galaxy S10e through the official website of the company, as well as online general electronics: Amazon, FNAC, El Corte Inglés and Mediamarkt.

One of the most attractive features of this smartphone is that it keeps the quality of Galaxy S at a more affordable price, so you had to wait that it is cheaper than the S10 and S10 Plus. Its price starts from € 759.

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“E” of extra small

Despite the 5.8 inch screen, Samsung Galaxy S10e is considered to be the smallest of three S10 smartphones. This is due to a 19: 9 aspect and a new design with virtually no bezel with a front camera in the upper right corner.

You may like or prefer a camera solution, but in the long run from our perspective it can be more effective than the notch. It is true that it moves the mouse from the top to the left, but they are still cheaper than just one hand.

The Galaxy S10e is only 0.1mm thick compared to the standard S10, but the wider frame around the edge of the screen becomes more pronounced. The monitor is flat and unlike the curved finish of S10 and S10 plus.

Thus, S10e is the ideal terminal for you if you’ve always pushed the Galaxy’s curved design back. On the other hand, you can choose between a white, black, green or yellow model, the only color that is not available with S10 and S10 Plus.


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Few differences with S10 and S10 Plus

This smartphone has a dual camera in the rear, which is made of the 16 MP’s ultra-wide-angle lens and has 12 MP’s only Wide-Angle lens with OIS that we get in the S10 and S10 Plus, but in the telephoto There is no lens 12 MPs.

Despite not having a telephoto lens with optical zoom, we feel it is worth giving the third rear camera for this price and it is also a clear improvement on the Galaxy S9.

Samsung also updated the camera app, which is now very easy to use, especially if you operate the device with just one hand. In addition, there is a lens shift between the wide angle and the telephoto lens in the zoom, without stamming.

Photos taken with Galaxy S10e with Samsung’s saturation are excellent, which everyone can not like. You can see the comparison between the photographs taken with the main lens and the ultra-wide-angle lens in this gallery.

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