UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbuds Review 012

Review: Ugreen HiTune T1 headphones

UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbuds Review 012

UGREEN HiTune Wireless Headphones: is it worth your purchase?

Yes. Especially if you are looking for cheap headphones of good quality. Although they are not brilliant in all respects, for their price they are excellent. A comfortable design, pretty good battery life, and more than decent sound quality.

Retail price (RRP)

$ 39.99

Our experience with Ugreen HiTune T1 headphones

A few weeks ago I received the new Ugreen brand True Wireless headphones. If you still do not know this brand, we recommend that you take a look at their products. In PCWorld we have been able to test several of them: external batteries, chargers and headphones and the truth is that they usually offer a fairly good value for money.

The HiTune are not far behind: for less than 40 euros you get some very good quality headphones.

The first impression on opening the box was positive: despite their price, they offer a rather premium feel. The box also includes its USB-C charging cable and replacement ear pads so you can find the one that best fits your ears.

The cargo box is quite small, which makes it ideal to be able to transport it from one place to another without taking up too much. It is true that in models of other brands these charging boxes, being larger, also offer more battery.

However, in my case I prefer the box to be smaller even though it means I have to sacrifice a few hours of battery life. At the end of the day, it is a device that I will take with me when I go out, I do not care that it is heavy.

This is not to say that the battery is of poor quality. With a single charge we have been able to listen to 5 hours of playback. Its charging case allows you up to 24 hours, a figure that is not bad at all.

On the other hand, it is also worth mentioning the speed of its load. In just 1.5 hours the case is charged to 100%. And if you’re in a rush, you’ll only need to charge for 15 minutes to get an extra hour of battery time.

01 ugreen thumb

A comfortable and attractive design

Ugreen tends to take care of the design of their products, as can be seen in the HiTune. The cargo box, as we have explained, is quite small.

Its oval shape gives it an elegant touch. You can find the charging outlet at the back, as in most devices of this type. On the other hand, the logo of the brand rests on the upper part.

04 ugreen thumb

The headphones mimic Apple’s protruding-down design. This is something you either like or dislike, there are usually no middle terms. I have heard opinions from people who say that the design that sticks out is horrible and unsightly and so many others say that the fact that it sticks out makes them look better.

At the end of the day, everything is a matter of taste. From my point of view, I have no problem, I like its design. Wearing them for hours makes them feel good, even when I’ve exercised with them on.

They are comfortable and light, they do not bother or bother you at any time. And yes, I do like the Apple-style design sticking out slightly downward. I prefer that if I’m wearing headphones and someone talks to me and I don’t respond to them, they can see I’m wearing them.

Decent audio quality

When analyzing them, you have to take into account their price, obviously, they will not offer the same quality that a model of headphones offers you more than 100 euros, however, that does not mean that the quality of the HiTune is bad.

If not the opposite: it is quite good for its price. They are easily paired via Bluetooth with your mobile phone or any device with Bluetooth.

Then you just have to start playing the music or audio you want and you will realize what it said about quality. No distortion is perceived, we hear voices and highs quite clear and the bass is quite strong.

03 ugreen thumb

They offer noise cancellation yes, but make no mistake, it is not active noise cancellation (ANC), if not passive. Active noise cancellation significantly increases the price of headphones since it must incorporate a technology in charge of canceling ambient noise.

On the other hand, passive cancellation makes use of design to become a device that can isolate as much as possible from outside noise. In this case, although the cancellation is not as brilliant as in other devices, it is quite good. But above all, don’t forget that it is passive cancellation.

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