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Review: Shuttle XPC Slim DS10U5 Mini PC

Shuttle XPC Slim DS10U5: is it worth your purchase?



  • Robust and compact design
  • Silent with passive fanless ventilation
  • Supports 3 external displays
  • Consumption of only 6 W


  • Graphics performance
  • The power supply is external

Our verdict

Within Shuttle’s portfolio of mini PC computers, the DS10U5 is one of the most versatile as it covers both industrial environments due to its robustness, as well as somewhat more office automation profiles associated with offices and network stations in a company.

The main limitation of this configuration is given by the integrated graphics, which you will not be able to expand. Otherwise, it is a system without fans, silent, very efficient by consuming little energy, and versatile to handle up to 3 monitors at the same time.

Retail price (RRP)

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Shuttle XPC Slim DS10U5 Mini PC Review

The mini PC computer at hand is not a device that is typically intended for homes as a bedroom or living room desktop computer, although you could. In fact, it is designed for more professional and industrial environments.

As its name suggests, it is a slim-fit PC with a minimalist design that hardly takes up space. It uses special components that do not require active ventilation for its operation in 24×7 mode (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). 

The Shuttle company specializes in these systems, offering Mini PC formats of all kinds such as Cube, XPC Nano, XPC All-in-One, as well as the one we analyze here, a Slim format without fans. 

Design and qualities

As an image says more than a thousand words, just look at the appearance of the Shuttle XPC Slim to verify that it is a box of just 1.3 liters capacity and 39.5 mm thick, which you can place in a vertical position, horizontally or even hanging from the back of a monitor aided by the VESA system. 


Shuttle DS10U5 general

The mini PC can be used in countless environments such as offices or stores, although its design goes further by guaranteeing uninterrupted operation in environments such as ATMs, kiosks, digital signage, shop windows or POS points of sale. 

It is a Fanless system which uses passive heatsinks to cool its internal components. For practical purposes, this makes it a very quiet system. Despite which, it is designed to operate 24 hours a day without interruptions.  

The aluminum material used in its chassis, makes the equipment robust and resistant for harsh environments, in addition to offering ventilation grills throughout. It has legs that act as a base, raising the table system to promote ventilation. 

Shuttle DS10U5 detail

The system uses an external 5-volt power supply, although as it is an industrial solution, it also has a special 4-pin connector in order to provide the equipment with power if you choose to mount it in a rack cabinet. 

Shuttle DS10U5 base

Thinking about this fact, all the number of connectors that the Shuttle XPC Slim has are located on the front and back of the equipment, to favor accessibility. On the front, we have 2 USB 3.1 ports, another 4 USB 3.0, SD card reader and microphone and headphone jack. 

Shuttle DS10U5 front connectors

It is complemented by the system’s power button, as well as two very practical LED indicators that allow you to visually know if the system is working. Already at the back, we find the main bulk of connections. 

Shuttle DS10U5 rear connectors

The power connector is accompanied by 2 Gigabit Ethernet network ports, 2 USB 3.1 ports, an RS-232 COM 1 serial port designed for industrial solutions, as well as three video outputs to handle 3 monitors: HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and VGA . We also have antennas for the wifi signal. 

Custom configuration

As it is a barebone system, it means that Shuttle sells it with a series of basic components inside, such as the motherboard and the integrated processor, thus allowing it to be purchased at a cheaper price. Later you will have to add RAM and storage disk. 

Shuttle DS10U5 RAM and SSD M2

Two covers located on the top, easily manageable by screws, allow access to the expansion slots to install these components. You can install the RAM memory modules recommended by the brand, the 2.5 ”disk or the M.2 card. 

Shuttle DS10U5 M2 SSD drive

You can also buy it as standard with all the components, such as the configuration that we have received from tests for this review, in which case the DS10U5 even includes the Wi-Fi wireless connectivity module. 

In this way, the motherboard with a Core i5-8265U processor of the Whiskey Lake U family of 15 W of TDP value, is accompanied by an amount of RAM of 8 GB (2 SODIMM modules of 4 GB of the Crucial brand), and a Samsung 250GB M.2 Type V-NAND Storage Drive. 

Additionally, the equipment offers the possibility of adding a 3.5 mm disk or SSD with SATA interface, or reaching the value of 64 GB of RAM if we use memory modules and 32 GB DDR4-2400. 

Shuttle has also provided this test unit with 802.11 n Wi-Fi connectivity, and it is also possible to add an LTE module if you want the equipment to have connectivity wherever the equipment is installed, no matter how remote the place is. 

Shuttle DS10U5 Wifi module

Thinking in these environments, there will be many stores or warehouses that choose to connect video surveillance cameras in a network so that the equipment can send the signal in real time or send alerts when an intruder is detected. 


Next, we can see the values ​​that the different benchmark tests that we have run on the Windows 10 computer have offered us. However, we must analyze them from the point of view of a computer that is very energy efficient speaking. 

With tools such as Cinebench, FutureMark and AIDA64 Extreme, we have tested the performance of the CPU, obtaining results even better than those offered by laptops that run with the same Intel U-series chip, based on optimization made on its setting.

Shuttle DS10U5 PCMark10

An example is the data obtained from 3634 with PCMark 10, where the tests associated with essential and productivity programs obtained high values ​​within their category. Now with CineBench R23 it is clear how in multi-core performance, the team manages to measure up. 

Shuttle DS10U5 Cinebench R23

They are optimistic values ​​to tackle any self-respecting task associated with an office use of the PC or web management, but with few possibilities for games. The fact of relying on the graphics power of the Intel UHD Graphics 620 chip limits it for other purposes.   

That does not mean that we can use a triple monitor configuration, aided by the video outputs it offers, with DirectX 12 support and AVC and VC-1 hardware decoding. Both the HDMI output and the DisplayPort, both support Ultra HD resolutions at 60 Hz with handling of 4K resolutions. 

If you need higher performance, Shuttle still allows you to choose a higher processor configuration. The Core i7-8565U manages to increase the values ​​if you are thinking of tackling multitasking environments where the handling of different CPU cores prevails. 

Front Shuttle DS10U5 LED

For its part, the Shuttle XPC Cube configurations maintain the essence of compact equipment but with the possibility of using PCIe-X1 type expansion slots with which it is possible to install external graphics cards to improve the graphics area. 

In any case, whatever your choice of XPC Slim, the brand guarantees you a totally silent computer whose working temperature can range between 32 and 45 degrees Celsius when we subject the hardware to stressful situations. 


We have already commented previously that these professional Shuttle equipment are marketed in the form of barebone, so that the variety of configurations is very wide, with the possibility of acquiring the basics and saving money on the purchase.

Of course, you will have to calculate if it is worth purchasing the rest of the components separately. Installation is extremely simple even in cases where computer skills are the most basic. 

The configuration that we have tested and that you can check in the specifications sheet, corresponds to the Shuttle XPC DS10U5 model, so that it includes the Intel CPU, but without the RAM, the M.2 unit and the Windows operating system. 

In this way, the final price of the DS10U5 equipment amounts to € 610. The company has diversified the equipment so that it now has solutions based on AMD Ryzen processors, such as the DA320 , or 10th generation Intel Core processors, such as the DH410 and DH410S. 


If you have been interested in the format of these ultra compact, silent and low energy consumption equipment, you can take a look at the manufacturer’s website , since it has different product lines depending on your needs. 

It also has models for home and gaming , although the strength of Shuttle’s Mini PCs seems to lie in the professional environment, providing stores, points of sale, kiosks, offices or industrial buildings, with computers that will work in 24×7 mode. . 

You may find other similar options on the market at a lower price, but it is unlikely that they will guarantee you the same level of robust design and energy efficiency that you will find here with the corresponding European certifications. 

It handles carefully assembled components to withstand any type of harsh environment. Its size is also conducive to installing it anywhere or in the box, with the added attraction that the consumption is only 6 W in light mode (34 W in intense mode).

The configuration that we have tested can be used to tackle any office task, as well as to handle various panels or monitors that you have connected in a shop window or store. 

To the two Gigabit Ethernet network ports offered as standard by the equipment, greater connectivity has been added with the dual-band Wi-Fi connection module and the two external antennas with which it guarantees a much higher signal coverage. 

If your tasks do not demand graphic performance, the DS10U5 may be the configuration you were looking for, with the possibility of expanding certain sections such as RAM and storage, which is not bad for a computer of this compact format. 


  • Shuttle XPC Slim DS20U model
  • Intel Core i5 Whiskey Lake U Series Processor
  • Memory: 2 DDR4-2400 sockets (max 64GB)
  • Storage: 1 x 2.5mm bay and M.2-2280 SSD
  • Graphics: Intel HD 640 chip
  • Video outputs: HDMI 2.0a, DisplayPort 1.2 and D-Sub VGA
  • Front connectors: Card reader; 2 USB 3.1; 4 USB 2.0 and microphone and headphones
  • Rear connectors: 2 USB 3.1; COM serial port; 2 Gigabit Ethernet; Kensington
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 n connectivity (optional LTE module)
  • Compatible VESA mounting 75/100 mm
  • Windows 10 operating system (not included)
  • Dimensions: 200 x 165 x 39.5 mm
  • 1.3 liter capacity

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