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Review: RHA TrueConnect 2 headphones

RHA TrueConnect 2

RHA TrueConnect 2: is it worth your purchase?


As long as noise cancellation is not a must, the TrueConnect 2 are hard to beat when it comes to sound quality, coupled with incredible battery life and build quality. 


  • Battery duration
  • Improved sound
  • Touch controls


  • No variety of colors
  • Not including foam tips

Retail price (RRP)

$ 149.95

Review: RHA TrueConnect 2 headphones

After a first generation of TrueConnect, the RHA company returns with its version 2 of what are considered the first truly wireless headphones. And is that the RHA brand is back with an improved version in design and sound quality.

The wireless headphone market has exploded in recent years since Apple launched the original AirPods, and it’s easy to see why. This style of in-ear headphones you can take anywhere with you, charge up with the carrying case and you get excellent sound quality. 

That’s exactly what RHA has done with its new TrueConnect 2, earning a five-star recommended product rating. In some ways, this second-generation model is even better and, as you will see, its price is even cheaper.

Design and manufacturing

The TrueConnect 2 looks exactly like a pair of original headphones with a great design due to the fact that they adapt perfectly to the ears of different users, preventing them from falling or loosening at the first change. 

Although they may appear identical to the previous ones, RHA has made some improvements that may be insignificant in design, but which, for practical purposes, turn out to be decisive in strengthening the sound quality. 

For starters, they have an IP55 waterproof rating, which means that they are protected against sweat and water splashes, as well as rain. That is great news for all those who go jogging outdoors in any weather. 

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It also means that they are easier to clean if they get dirty or dusty. This is estimated by the first IPX5 numbering, which means that they are now also fully dustproof.

To highlight the update of the touch controls. The first pair consisted of push buttons, which meant having to press the earphones into the ear canal for the action to be responsive.

Controls now offer great feedback, plus they don’t kick in the first time you switch them to the ear or touch them for any reason. The touch-sensitive area is in the main circle of the handset where the RHA logo is traceable to the touch. 

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There are a number of touches that you will need to learn but the good news is that it doesn’t take long and most are very intuitive. Weighing just 6 grams, RHA has created very lightweight headphones, bringing comfort in long wear sessions. 

The case is also one of the best in sleek and compact design as it can be operated with one hand and with a good level of magnetic force to hold the headphones even in the event of drops or bumps. 

We would only add a fourth LED indicator to be able to associate it with the battery charge and that each one was 25% of its capacity. Here we have only 3 indicators. The RHA TrueConnect 2 are available with finishes in Carbon Black and Navy Blue. 

Sound quality and features

Before going into the details, you should know that there is no active noise cancellation here yet, so the wait continues for RHA’s first pair of ANC headphones. However, the fit means that at least you get very good noise insulation.

Not surprisingly, they don’t have ANC considering the price has dropped compared to first-generation TrueConnect.

A couple of hidden updates start with improved bass, as RHA says it has “refined the sound signature.” The drivers are still 6mm, but there’s certainly more power at the low end when compared to the originals. 

Still, it’s not over the top, and the tuning accommodates a wide range of genres with a clear, dynamic midrange and a brilliant top end. There is more good news as the RF (radio frequency) has been improved to gain additional meters in range (now 15 meters). 

We did not experience any loss of connection during the period we use them, just over a month. More importantly, TrueConnect 2 supports the AAC codec so they sound better when connected to the iPhone. 

Call quality has also been improved, with two microphones in each earpiece. One in the stem near the mouth, and the other in the main part to achieve improvements in the cancellation of background noise. 

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Last but not least, RHA has performed a miracle when it comes to battery life. While the originals lasted 5 hours on a single charge and a total of 25 hours on the base, TrueConnect 2s can last 9 1/2 hours and up to 44 hours on base charge.

This is an increase of more than 75% which is frankly incredible. That puts them on par with the most durable wireless headphones on the market. With short usage sessions, you will forget when the charger was last used. 

Price and availability

These spectacular TrueConnect 2 headphones have recently been put on sale by RHA at a recommended price of € 159.95, both the black model and those with a bluish tone. 

The brand offers a 3-year international guarantee, with the possibility of testing them for 50 days if you are not satisfied with the purchase. Of course there are cheaper wireless headphones, and others of a similar price,

However, the score received by the TrueConnect 2 is no coincidence when it scores with excellence in key aspects such as the design, the audio quality and the autonomy they present. 


It is not easy to improve the quality of a product in a new generation to which you also reduce the price and here RHA seems to have achieved this achievement. That means the five-star wireless headphones are even better than the previous ones.

The firm has made a ton of updates, including AAC codec support for better sound when connected to iPhone. The improved durability should not be overlooked either, in addition to getting more powerful bass. 

Also noteworthy is the ease of use as a result of adding touch controls, a change that we all appreciate to better interact with calls and functions. Although they don’t have active noise cancellation, their rivals don’t measure up to TrueConnect 2.

If you’re looking for a versatile pair of wireless headphones, you’ve probably found them.


  • Dynamic 6mm headphones
  • Noise isolation: passive
  • Frequency range: 20-20 KHz
  • Wireless range of 15 meters
  • Controls: touch sensitive
  • Dust / sweat / splash resistance: IP55
  • Headphone battery: 9 hours 30 minutes
  • Box battery: 44 hours with base
  • Weight (headphones): 12 grams
  • Manufacturer warranty: 3 years

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