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Review: Nuki Smart Lock 2.0, Bridge and Opener

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0: is it worth your purchase?



  • Remote opening for guests
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit
  • Great autonomy with standard use of 4 AA batteries


  • The use of a double clutch lock is recommended
  • Large dimensions
  • High price, although without competition

The Nuki smart lock is a firm step towards the use of mobile phones to open and control access to your home and monitor access. With the appropriate Bridge and Opener accessories you will multiply by a hundred the modalities and possibilities of use.

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Nuki Smart Lock 2.0, Bridge and Opener Review

It is not the first time that we talk about Nuki’s smart lock, based on the firm’s product, but this time we wanted to publish its review thoroughly. 

Thus, we are going to focus on the operation of the device, in its greater or lesser complication when installing and starting it up, and our experience after several months of use in a private home with four members in the family. 

Design and qualities

From the outset, you should know that Nuki sells these solutions in the form of products or multipacks, since you can buy accessories from the beginning, or choose the most economical solution to add them later. 

Nuki Smart Lock unboxing

These Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 accessories, as seems evident, come to make your life easier, so that in addition to being able to control your smart lock through your mobile, you can also do it with a remote control or Keypad keyboard that requires the use password. 

The product itself is the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 whose current price is € 199, which has seen its price lowered compared to the € 229 it initially cost. With this you receive what is necessary for the start-up in your home and to be able to open the main door from your mobile and from those that you authorize. 

The dimensions of the device are somewhat large, but in part it is understandable, since the installation consists of covering the lock and the cylinder of the main door with its frame, for which it includes two different trims that can be screwed or glued, depending on your model. 

Nuki Smart Lock 2

In our case we had to use the one that is attached to the lock. We had suspicions that it would be well fixed, but after months of use and the occasional door slam, we have verified that the adherence is maximum. 

Installation and commissioning

Installation takes no more than 10 minutes with clear instructions on the process. In any case, you can always use illustrative videos created by Nuki herself where no detail is missing. 

If, with the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 smart lock, you acquire the Nuki Bridge, whose price is € 99, ​​you can manage the entrance to your home remotely, so that you can open someone remotely if your child cannot open it, or a family member who comes home when no one is home.

The Nuki solution is installed in the lock inside your home, so your neighbors or onlookers will never suspect what you have installed in your home, unless they see you handle your mobile before entering your home on a daily basis. 

Nuki Smart Lock lock

Aesthetically, the solution is elegant although you can only choose at the moment for some finishes in black and silver. Nuki has announced that it will market a model with white finishes to meet the demand of users with this type of doors. 

The system has an access from the bottom to replace the batteries that power the system, which consists of 4 standard AA batteries that you will find in any establishment.

From our experience, after more than 6 months of use, it must be said that we have barely had to change them a couple of times (each a little more than 3 months) with what is a more than satisfactory autonomy. 

Initially, the application did not report on the battery status, but a firmware update has solved the problem, with the possibility of checking the percentage in the mobile app settings. 

Nuki App battery

Either way, the motor that turns the lock makes a characteristic noise that over time makes it easier for you to realize that the batteries are starting to run out and must be replaced. 

The cheekbone of the Nuki lock can also be operated manually, turning it to one side to allow closure, or to the other to open the door. It is something that usually goes unnoticed and that initially you may not realize it. 

However, if you press the central circular button located inside the circle of light, the system will proceed to unlock the door if it is closed, or to lock it if it is open. All very intuitive, really. 

Nuki Smart Lock LED Ring

This circular LED indicator also lets you know if the door is unlocked (it flashes), or if the door is locked. However, the most comfortable thing is to use the smartphone for any task and take advantage of its automation facet. 

One last recommendation on the installation, before proceeding with the operation, is that the Nuki lock is superimposed on the original lock, so that you will have to leave a key inserted for the system to work, turning it to function.

Nuki Smart Lock battery

Personally, with the passage of time, I realized the importance of changing my original lock for one of the so-called double clutch, that is, those that allow you to open the door from the outside even if you have left the key in it. inside. 

The Nuki system is very reliable, but it can happen that you go on a trip or vacation and when you come back and want to open the door from your smartphone, the batteries have run out. With this double clutch locking system, you can use the manual key to open it. 

The other assumption is that you will run out of battery on your mobile, although Nuki has thought about these situations and allows you to access the system and open your door from any device with Internet access, using Nuki Web .

In the case of homes with multiple members of a family, as we will see below, it is also possible to grant privileges to other users so that they can open the door using their own smartphones, or even open them remotely from anywhere. 

Nuki packs also solve this situation by offering different remote controls or numerical keys with access code. They are interesting if what you want is to grant the opening to the person who comes to clean or your parents if they come on time. 

Configuration, management and management

IPhone users are in luck, since Nuki supports the HomeKit API, so you can integrate the smart lock into your ecosystem of smart devices that can be controlled from the iOS Home App. 

In any case, the Nuki App has been designed from the point of view of simplicity of use, with a widget included for iOS so that you can display it on the main screen of your iPhone and make it easier to use as soon as you unlock the mobile. 

Nuki Smart Lock Mobile App

Smart Lock management is very complete and detailed, with the possibility of modifying all kinds of aspects. Unlock duration, night mode to deactivate the light, calibration, notification management or aspects associated with HomeKit. 

User management is also parameterizable, with the possibility of allowing them to manage the remote access function, or set access for a limited time, very useful in the case of a rental home or Airbnb. 

Within the closing protocol, it is possible to consult a history of the opening and closing of the door, with details of the schedule for each case. Notifications will allow you to be aware of when your children return from class or are absent. 

Nuki Opener Set as add-on

It is an additional accessory that you can install next to the doorman of your house to also manage the access entrance to your portal or property of the community of owners. 

Nuki Opener and Bridge

Its installation requires a little more skill than the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 of your main entrance, since depending on the brand of the doorman, you will have to handle the colored cables of the same. However, the result is not dangerous. 

Nuki Opener installation

It is very useful for those cases in which you leave without house keys, or to activate the continuous mode for the rental of vacation apartments, so that automatic opening periods of the portal door can be defined by simply pressing the bell. 

Nuki Opener wiring installation

The price of the Nuki Opener Set is € 169. Its configuration requires its integration with the home Wi-Fi network to contemplate connectivity and you can use the ‘Ring to Open’ mode to open the front door of the house by pressing only the button. 

Nuki Opener installation guide

The Nuki Opener detects that you are approaching home and activates the door opener as soon as you ring the bell, thus avoiding having to take your mobile out of your pocket, for those moments when you come loaded with the week’s purchase. 

Price and where to buy

We have already seen that the purchase possibilities of the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 lock are very diverse depending on the number of accessories with which you accompany it. Initially, the main installation kit costs you € 199 as a solution for access and management from your mobile. 

Surely, and from the experience we are having with the system, once you get used to the convenience of using it without keys, it is like when you make payments by NFC with your mobile and you have to go back to cash or card use. There is no way back. 

For a slightly higher price of € 269, you can opt for the Nuki Combo 2.0 that, in addition to the Smart Lock 2.0 smart lock, you also have the Bridge system that will allow you to open the door remotely by connecting your Smart Lock with your home’s Wi-Fi .

The € 339 Nuki Combo Family also adds three compact remote controls that can be carried by family members or the smallest of the house who do not have a mobile, in order to perform the functions of a traditional manual key, but without having to actuate it manually . 


Among the solutions that exist today to digitize your home, Nuki’s is not designed precisely as an alarm or security system like a video surveillance camera can be. 

However, with the passage of time you realize that the fact of being able to do without the use of keys to access your home is a blessing. You can use them if you wish or as a specific solution, but it is not an imperative. 

With this smart lock solution, Nuki manages to make life easier for us, while offering interesting alternatives for situations such as being able to go for a run outside the home and going out with what is on and a cell phone, or even do without a cell phone to open the door. door of your house from your smartwatch or Apple Watch. 

The arrival of widgets on iOS is another great incentive to achieve that door-opening immediacy, despite the fact that, as we have already mentioned, Nuki is also compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and with the voice assistants Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. 

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