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Review: New Surface Pro X With First impressions

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Microsoft Surface Pro X: is it worth your purchase?

The Surface Pro X is Microsoft’s new 2-in-1 hybrid device, which along with the key features of the Surface Pro 7 makes it different and yet more elite.

Microsoft provides advanced specifications at the point that it is intended as a professional tool. Certainly, it offers some interesting features compared to the Surface Pro 7, such as the Autonomy section, others.

Can Microsoft now compete with the iPad Pro in this area?

Retail price (PVP)

From $ 999, Slim Pen $ 144.99, Slim Pen + Signature Keyboard $ 269.99

Review: New Surface Pro X With First impressions

Price and availability

Microsoft’s new 2-in-1 laptop, the Surface Pro X, is already in reserve mode in the official Microsoft Store, with the possibility of choosing and reserving the configuration.

The most basic configuration of the Surface Pro X starts at € 1,149, with a final availability date of November 19. If you book before 22 October, you can save up to € 600 by distributing your old laptop (see conditions here).

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Additionally, this time Microsoft wanted to explicitly separate the Surface Pro X mode for the end user from the corporate version. The new generation 2-in-1 device combines a range of advantages for workers with prices from € 1,249.

The Surface Pro X can be purchased with 8 or 16 GB of RAM as well as 128 or 256 GB of storage. This improved configuration costs € 1,449, while topping the range with a single processor, 16 GB RAM and 512 SSD storage amounts to € 1,999.

The real value of the Surface Pro X

One of the areas in which the new Surface Pro X will undoubtedly have the most impact on artists and designers. While Adobe is creating Photoshop for the iPad, Microsoft has been busy creating an “iPad” that runs Windows with all programs.

There is no one else to be able to use the version of Photoshop you already have, or Illustrator, or InDesign, XD and perhaps hundreds of other creative applications that have not yet reached the Apple iPad.

In short, the really new Surface Pro X is very similar to the Surface Pro that Microsoft has been developing from year to year, and that we are analyzing and comparing with other devices.

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But now, beyond the possibilities of the Surface Pro 7, the Surface Pro 7, a tablet hybrid that runs Windows 10 and becomes a laptop when you connect a keyboard that is almost identical to the Surface Pro.

That’s why it seems to us that in many ways it approximates the idea of the iPad Pro, now its rounded, lighter and lighter design makes it easier to use as if you were holding a tablet.

Features and specifications

The Surface Pro X is thinner and lighter than the Surface Pro 7, and has a much more professional and high-end style that differs markedly from the more corporate or business feel of the previous design.

It now gives you a slightly larger screen, with a thinner bezel (13 inches vs. 12.3 inches on the Surface Pro 7) and slightly higher resolution (2,880 x 1,920 vs. 2,736 x 1,824).

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Without the folded and Microsoft Type Cover Keyboard Case, you’ll probably confuse it with Apple’s current 12.9-inch iPad Pro, unless you locate an additional USB-C port that is the Surface Pro X.

Slim Pen replaces the Surface Pen

There is also a new slim pen that comes to replace the Surface Pen, which you only get with the Surface Pro X mode, not the Surface Pro 7. This is likely to divide opinion, although some users like it and others do not so much.

In any case, Microsoft takes it a step further by modifying its structure, offering a flatter solution to a slim pen that has the great novelty of being able to fix it on a computer keyboard so that it Do not lose or leave it anywhere.

It feels good on the hands, though apparently it weighs more than a traditional surface pen. Its flat design feels more like a pen than a traditional digital pen.

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The reason for its size is none other than being able to fit it on top of the keyboard, so that it is removed for not using it. In addition, the charge is produced by induction, while remaining in this state.

The specifications of the slim pen are the same as the surface pens: 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt detection, although without rotation, we’ve already seen the most advanced Wacom pencils.

Differences between Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 7

However, the real difference between Surface X and Surface Pro lies in the background. The main Surface Pro line uses an Intel Core processor with 10th generation chips in the new Surface Pro 7.. However, the Surface Pro X uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon model, the type of chip you’d expect to find on a mobile phone like my Huawei P30. Supporter.

This gives the Pro X a much longer lifespan than the Pro 7 (on paper). Microsoft describes it as a battery for “all day”, but with slightly lower performance so that performance / power dissipation / power consumption can match the sources.

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Don’t forget that most of the core applications developed for professional environments have been designed to run on Intel chips so far, where better performance can be offered.

We were able to run Photoshop, and drawing and painting was easy, even with oil brush tools. It responded well, although when we tried to enlarge the five-layer image at 500% zoom, we realized its true power (we have tried the preproduction model).

We have negotiated with Adobe to see if you have plans to support this model and we will update this information when the company gives us your opinion. One tool that Adobe has confirmed will work well on this device is the new Adobe Fresco digital painting application, which was first released for the iPad.

When we obtain a test unit, we will test the Surface Pro X with a wide range of applications. This is when we can recommend this product or not, depending on whether developers can offer full support for the new architecture.

Microsoft acknowledges that the Surface Pro X is designed to make things easier for designers and creatives, and in fact, it may be the first Windows tablet to compete with the iPad Pro. But we will preserve the final decision that we have a unit to try.

Surface Pro 7

In fact, when you look at the Surface Pro 7 with the new Surface Pro X, you get a sense of the development of the product, especially in design. While the first follows the natural evolution of the Surface Generation, the new Pro X slips for good and evil.

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What’s new here on the Surface Pro 7, the USB-C port, as well as the tenth-generation Intel Ice Lake chips. On paper, this will increase performance and extend battery life, though not as much autonomy as promised by the Pro X Snapdragon chip.

While the Surface Pro X has a black color option, the Surface Pro 7 is available in black or platinum gray. There are many more keyboard color options with the Pro X.

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